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BluePhonic DeepBassX HD Wireless Headphones Review

BluePhonic’s DeepBassX’s may look like your average pair of wireless headphones but they are anything but. Sure, they have the look that most headphones do but it’s what underneath that counts. The DeepBassX’s come in either black or white depending on your color tastes and still have a clear finish. The multifunction button on the right headphone pressed deeper into the body of the headphone so you know it actually works.

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As the name suggests, the DeepBassX’s deliver crisp and quality sound at a quarter of the price of name-brand competitors. What’s handy for iOS users in particular is that increasing or decreasing the volume will bring up the volume bar on the iOS home screen. If you prefer to see what volume level you are at this way, the DeepBassX’s  deliver.

These headphones are marketed primarily for smartphones and tablets, but can also be used on computers. This process will be a bit more tricky than pairing the headphones with a phone or tablet. You have to make sure your computer or laptop has the correct adapter to identify the headphones when they begin searching for a pairing device.


Like the Z2’s, another BluePhonic wireless headphone, the DeepBassX’s have a variety of small tools in addition to being wireless earphones. You can pick up and reject calls with the multifunction button. The smaller buttons on top allow you to change volume and play the next or previous track.

Should you choose to do so, you can also pair them with multiple devices. This is handy if you want to receive notifications from two different smartphones or tablets.


The  DeepBassX’s are waterproof at IPX7, mean they are suitable for splashes and rain. If you are overexposed to water up to one meter for around thirty minutes, they also work fine. Try not to push that limit however! They are NOT good for swimming, so avoid pools.

The over ear strap has a tiny bulge at the end of it to secure the headphones around the ear. This is to ensure that they do not shake too much when you are jogging or running. You shouldn’t have a problem with comfort when you’re lifting or performing horizontal exercises on the ground.


For a very affordable price, the DeepBassX’s will give you the right sound and comfort to make your workouts ideal. There’s little need to spend hundreds of dollars on well-known brands when the sound quality (the biggest factor) is just right.

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