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Best Wireless Headphones for Working Out

Combining music with lifting in the gym is a longstanding practice but with the introduction of more and more wireless headphones (along with earphones/buds), it’s no surprise that wireless headphones are top sellers at the moment. You’ll see less and less corded headphones nowadays because it’s easier for them to get tangled and frayed when they jumble around in your pocket.

Wireless headphones are becoming more and more common in gyms due to their accessibility and the increasing issues posed by cords.

But what makes a good pair of wireless headphones, specifically for working out? Let’s take some things into consideration.

When you work out, you will be—

  • Sweating
  • Moving
  • Leaning
  • Stretching

Among other factors, you need headphones that last longer than a couple of months. Sweat will be one of if not the major factor in determining which pair is preferable to the other because moisture and electronics just don’t mix at all. If you’re in the midst of a grueling workout and sweat is pouring down your head and ears, you want to know that your headphones can repel moisture buildup and prevent a damage to the vulnerable electronics.

In this guide, we will explore some of the best wireless headphones on the market including on-ear, over-ear, and in-ear.

The Best Over-Ear Headphones

Over-Ear headphones are going to provide you with the most sound cancellation of any type of headphone. They’ll be more expensive than most pairs but if you’re really in the zone in your workout, you want to make sure that nothing is interrupting you. Over-Ear can become uncomfortable the longer they stay on your ears, which is why you’ll want a pair that surrounds your ears, not crush them.

Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones

The QC35 comes in a single unisex size. Since we all have different sized ears, its worth noting that the earcups on the QC35 are memory foam that adjusts to your ears the longer and more often you wear them. For many people, the problem with headphones, in general, is ear comfort. You can’t enjoy your favorite tunes while lifting if your ears are getting squashed.Bose Headphones

The technology behind the QC35 is remarkable as well. You probably won’t be utilizing this feature as much while exercising, but the Multi-Point technology allows the headphones to be connected to two smart devices at once. We don’t see very many people carrying around their tablets at the gym, so a smart watch or GPS tracker would probably be the next closest device to attach your phone or mp3 device.

  • If you enjoy exercising at home, this would be the ideal place to connect to a larger device like a tablet. A full 20 hours of battery life (almost a full days worth) is almost unparalleled in the Bluetooth headphone market.

One drawback for the QC35 is that they are not sweat resistant. This doesn’t mean you can’t ever bring them to the gym, however. If you do sweat profusely during workouts, it’s good to carry a towel or rag to wipe yourself or the headphones to avoid moisture buildup.

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Mpow Bluetooth Headphones

The Mpow headphones are going to be a little more delicate and only have 13 hours of battery life (which is still a lot). Being delicate doesn’t mean they aren’t right for you at the gym. The Mpow sports skin-friendly memory protein leather that’s soft on your ears for about the 1-2 hours you should wear them. An anti-scratch surface finish will ensure that if you do happen to drop them or rub something hard against them that it won’t do lasting damage.

  • They aren’t completely noise-canceling but they’re the next best thing. Purchasing the Mpow will also give you a cord to be hooked up to a T.V., computer, or laptop that requires a hardwire connection.

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Dylan V4.1 Bluetooth Wireless Headset 

The Dylan V4.1’s are the cheapest Bluetooth headsets on our list, but not because they are of poor quality. Aside from affordable, users rave about the V4.1’s versatility as both Bluetooth and corded headsets.

The V4.1’s support full-volume music for eight hours (about the industry average) and fifteen hours for fifty percent volume. It’ll be up to you to decide what volume you want and what type of music you’ll be listening to. These headphones aren’t particularly flashy and don’t scream that you have deep pockets while you’re at the gym. A reliable Bluetooth headset, the V4.1’s get the job done while making sure you are receiving above average noise cancellation compared to earbuds.

  • The Dylan V4.1 has a slightly unusual design that is suited for the outdoors and diverse uses other than at home. The V4.1’s will remain on your ears no matter the position your body is in at the time of your workout. If you’re into yoga or stretching, then these are the pair for you.

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Soul Combat+ Ultimate Active Performance Over-Ear Headphones

It’s hard to find a pair of good wireless headphones for the gym, but Soul Electronics has designed specifically for exercise. The Combat+ has a unique design meant to stay on your ears even during the most grueling workouts.

If you find the need to clean the Combat+, simply peel off the ear cuffs to wipe some of the areas that are harder to reach. This feature is almost unheard of among Bluetooth headphones let alone headphones in general. Usually, if water or sweat seeps in deep, you’re almost out of luck. Soul Electronics has planned for this event to make sure your Combat+ has a long life.

  • The top headband is also split open to allow your hair to breathe. Most headphones have a closed top with an extra cushion that can become uncomfortable if you have a lot of hair.

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The Best On-Ear Headphones

Monster iSport FreedomIsport Headphones

Monster’s iSport headphones are some of the very few On-Ear, wireless headphones that are up to the challenge of a workout. They are sweat-proof and water-resistant (not water-proof) and have a flexible build not too unlike the Combat+. With a pair of on-ear headphones, you won’t get the same level of noise cancellation but they are little more generous in terms of lasting comfort on your ears.

  • Nearly every over-ear manufacturer recommends you remove over-ear headphones after about an hour or so. Monster’s iSport Freedoms are designed to last even longer than that if your workout requires it and don’t crush slowly swallow your ears.

The iSport has the ability to switch between Bluetooth capability and regular audio cables (for if you need to plug into a computer or laptop). Overall, the iSport is one of the view headphones designed specifically for workouts. The price is the middle ground between affordable and pricey but with that purchase comes all the benefits of having a dedicated pair of headphones to your workout.See Best Price

The Best In-Ear Headphones

SENSO Bluetooth Headphones

SENSO’s Bluettoh headphones are some of the most popular headphones on the market, and for good reason. Their innovative design, which more and more brands are copying, are made to fit around your ear without becoming a larger pair of on or over ear headphones. We can all relate to the days of corded earphones falling out of our ears or getting tangled in our pockets. SENSO wipes the slate clean and for a far cheaper price than on or over ear headphones, you get almost all the benefits.

  • Waterproof
  • HD Sound—not sound-cancelling, but close enough
  • Call answering
  • 1-year warranty

We found it difficult to find bad things to say about the SENSO’s, but you should always be careful with them regardless. They aren’t completely immune to wear and water damage, so it’s best to keep them in a safe place while you’re not using them.

Overall, they are ideal Bluetooth headphones for the gym for the fact that they won’t interrupt your workout. You won’t have to spend time readjusting them or making sure your sweat isn’t accumulating on the bands.See Best Price