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Winter Workouts During COVID-19

‘Tis the season for New Year’s resolutions and new health goals. Resolving to eat better or work out is one of the most common objectives people set in January, but like most of 2020, things won’t look exactly the same this year. After months of lockdown and self-quarantine, many gyms are still unopened as a… Read More

Preparing Your Body For COVID-19

Like clockwork, millions of people set resolutions for themselves as a tradition for ringing in the new year. While many of the goals people set for themselves at the start of a new year are health-related (to quit smoking, lose weight, eat better), most of those resolutions have fallen apart by the time we reach… Read More

Virtual Workouts Are Here To Stay

The coronavirus has forced us to learn the extent to which we can live our life online. Working, going to school, and even exercising remotely have all become not only normal, but essentially our only option. Especially during the current public health crisis, exercise and physical fitness are as important as ever. Just because your… Read More

Masks During Exercise

With brick-and-mortar commerce slowly emerging from its coronavirus-induced slumber, not all businesses are recovering in the same way. Many restaurants, cafes, and retail shops have found their stride within the parameters of the “new normal,” but fitness centers are navigating particularly complex waters. From barbells and free weights to treadmills and elliptical trainers, gyms are… Read More

Workplace Fitness Culture

When it comes to business productivity, almost nothing is as important as employee retention. Minimizing turnover means eliminating the downtime between losing one team member and replacing them with someone else (and the many hours or training it can take to bring them up to speed) and the high cost of talent acquisition businesses incur… Read More

Workout Music

Key Takeaways •  Lady Gaga is the most popular workout artist. •  YouTube is the most popular way to listen to workout music. •  Respondents who listen to hip-hop/rap while exercising have the most intense workouts. •  Respondents listening to music while working out are more likely to work out regularly and feel more motivated…. Read More

Exploring Work Lunch Etiquette

Food brings people joy. Whether it’s sharing a meal around the family dinner table, splitting a fruit salad with a pal on a park bench, or having last night’s leftover curry goat at your work desk, eating can be a source of pleasure. It’s especially a positive experience now, during the pandemic, as more people are… Read More

Let’s Get Physical

The root of sexual attraction is sometimes shrouded in mystery: What actually draws one human being to another? While there’s research suggesting who we are attracted to is decided before we’re born, most of us are aware of what gets our blood pumping. For some, it’s brains. But for others, it’s how great their partner’s neckline looks in… Read More

olympian vs citizen header

Olympians vs. Citizens

Olympians Vs. Citizens On Aug. 5, athletes from 206 countries competed against each other across 42 sports in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We’ve analyzed the heights, weights, and BMIs of 10,000 Olympians to see how their bodies compare to the average American citizen from 1960 to today. Since the first… Read More

Is Your Trainer Scamming You?

Having a personal trainer certainly sounds wonderful: dedicated one-on-one time, customized workouts, and a deep well of fitness knowledge never more than a phone call away. What’s not so wonderful, however, is the elite price tag trainers often come with. We decided to find out what a roundup of paying customers had to say about their… Read More