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Exploring Work Lunch Etiquette

Food brings people joy. Whether it’s sharing a meal around the family dinner table, splitting a fruit salad with a pal on a park bench, or having last night’s leftover curry goat at your work desk, eating can be a source of pleasure. It’s especially a positive experience now, during the pandemic, as more people are… Read More

Let’s Get Physical

The root of sexual attraction is sometimes shrouded in mystery: What actually draws one human being to another? While there’s research suggesting who we are attracted to is decided before we’re born, most of us are aware of what gets our blood pumping. For some, it’s brains. But for others, it’s how great their partner’s neckline looks in… Read More

olympian vs citizen header

Olympians vs. Citizens

Olympians Vs. Citizens On Aug. 5, athletes from 206 countries competed against each other across 42 sports in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We’ve analyzed the heights, weights, and BMIs of 10,000 Olympians to see how their bodies compare to the average American citizen from 1960 to today. Since the first… Read More

Is Your Trainer Scamming You?

Having a personal trainer certainly sounds wonderful: dedicated one-on-one time, customized workouts, and a deep well of fitness knowledge never more than a phone call away. What’s not so wonderful, however, is the elite price tag trainers often come with. We decided to find out what a roundup of paying customers had to say about their… Read More

Gym Hygiene in America

It’s no secret that Americans love to work out. People in the United States made over 6 billion trips to the gym in 2018, while the U.S. health and fitness industry is valued at roughly $30 billion and counting. But aside from scouting out a fitness club’s dumbbell selection or group training classes, gymgoers are best advised to… Read More

Strongest World Leaders

When it comes to measuring a nation’s power, what do you think is more important: military might or economic strength? Throughout history, the destiny of nations was often decided by who had the most chariots, soldiers, and swords. Today, many leaders embrace the value of diplomacy and use it to prevent physical fighting; it goes… Read More

Career Benefits of Self-Care

Self-care has become synonymous with everything from nature and baths to eating doughnuts and drinking wine. But we’re not here to tell you what it means to take care of yourself, which is what makes this study so interesting. Instead, we asked more than 1,000 people who actively practice self-care what that means to them. Our primary… Read More

Exercising During the Workday

Is there anything exercise can’t do? A regular workout routine can keep your weight in check, reduce your risk of heart-related diseases, strengthen your bones, and so much more. However, despite the myriad health benefits of frequent exercise, a shocking number of Americans aren’t moving nearly as much as they should. One of the most significant roadblocks for many… Read More

Road Games and Performance

Home-court advantage has long been lauded as a big deal in the sports world. But in recent years, its effectiveness has dwindled. In fact, the winning percentage of home teams in the NFL has dropped to its lowest point since 1972. The ability to weather the storm of opposing fans and win on the road has… Read More

In the Name of Health

The weight loss industry hit a new peak in 2018, reaching a $72 billion all-time high. With millennials being the industry’s largest growing target, the market projects a 2.6% annual growth through 2023, and companies also seem to be priming children. Although maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a good thing, experts are concerned about where we’re headed: Are Americans… Read More