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Can Cryptocurrency Motivate More People to Exercise?

Cryptocurrency can motivate people to spend millions of dollars on a single digital image. It can motivate people to risk (and even lose) their entire life savings. But can it motivate people to exercise? In one of the least fit countries on earth, the team at FitRated put this “meta motivation” question to the test…. Read More

Athletic Young Man Running

Most Negative Fitness Communities

Key Takeaways The martial arts online community had the most toxic online behavior (66.2%). The pilates online community exhibited the least toxic online behavior (41.6%). The bodybuilding online community had the highest percentage of posts containing vulgar language (5.8%). Overall, 51.6% of respondents claimed that a supportive fitness community was very important to them, however… Read More

Woman looking at health app on smartphone

Which Health Apps Gather the Most (and Least) User Data? [Study]

Key Takeaways Just over 1 in 5 health-related mobile applications share its users’ data with third parties. Over 2 in 5 health-related mobile applications collect their users’ data for their own use. Over 2 in 5 health-related mobile applications track their users’ data across other companies’ apps and websites. Fitbod Workout & Fitness Plans, FollowMyHealth®,… Read More

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Best Cities for Fitness

America’s Best Cities for Fitness Fanatics When seeking out a new place to live, you are likely already considering factors such as housing costs, crime rates, or proximity of schools – but what about the overall quality of the city’s fitness culture? Further, would you know how this is measured? Unfortunately, “ability to conveniently join… Read More

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Best and Worst Hiking Trails

Hiking in the U.S. has never been more popular, according to the most recent available data. On leading hiking app AllTrails, for example, the total number of hikes logged for 2020 was more than 170% higher than the number logged for 2019. Perhaps with quarantine and social distancing requirements in place, hikes offer a way… Read More

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Burning Off Drinks

Many of us enjoy a few drinks when we go out for the night – but how do alcoholic beverages fit into a healthy, balanced lifestyle? How many situps would it take to burn off the calories in a gin and tonic? And how many miles would you have to jog to shed a mojito? To find… Read More

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Working Out High During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed a great deal of day-to-day life. People have had to get innovative with how they work, shop, eat and exercise in order to adjust to the new normal. For 67% of Americans, the pandemic meant forming better habits. Fitness companies also took a serious look at change, with online classes… Read More

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Impact of Time Spent Indoors vs. Outdoors

When the pandemic first started, there wasn’t much fuss about being cooped up inside, as we were led to believe it would only be for a short period of time. Now, a year later, staying indoors has become unbearable for many, and spending time outside is crucial for the betterment of both our physical and… Read More

AI Creates an Exercise Plan

AI Creates an Exercise Plan

Excitement cut across Silicon Valley when the region first developed their constantly improving text generator, GPT-3. This technology can take text-based information from humans and quickly use it to create an original text of its own. This type of artificial intelligence (AI) has already been used to create everything from original song lyrics to speeches… Read More

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Health and Fitness Resolutions

As the calendar resets, it’s time again to think about what we want to achieve in the form of New Year’s resolutions. This year is different, though, as COVID-19 has followed us into 2021. The lockdown experience has limited people’s capacity to be as active as they’d like, and while restrictions don’t seem to be… Read More