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Best Protein Powders for Women

If you read our Protein Powder Buyer’s Guide, you may have noticed the two goals that were focused on, namely, muscle gain and weight loss. Most women may not be as interested in bulking up as their male counterparts, and most are more interested in developing lean muscle mass and shedding fat.

Different protein powders have been marketed to different populations and we are here to help you sort out which powders might benefit the female body and their unique goals. This article will focus on the best protein powders for women with an emphasis on supplements that may support fat loss.

These protein supplements can be used as meal substitutes, pre or post-workout fuel, or can even be mixed into meals and shakes to add a few extra grams of protein into your day. These powders are low in overall calories to help assist weight loss and provide the user with ample protein to support metabolism and keep hunger at bay.

Getting enough protein while cutting calories and working out will ensure that your muscles have plenty of protein to rebuild and recover. Not only will you be able to live an active lifestyle, but you will also maintain muscle mass instead of using lean muscle mass as fuel.

Here are our recommendations for the best protein powders for women:


Fitmiss DelightFitmiss

Starting off our list is Fitmiss Delight, one of the more popular protein mixes on the market for women looking to lose weight. This powder is designed to help you manage your appetite because of the high protein (16g) and low sugar (1g) content.

This product is advertised as “made for women”, and many users have reported that Fitmiss has helped them curb their cravings while trying to lose weight. The powder mixes well with milk and is a great addition to fruity smoothies.

    • Approximate cost per serving (2lb tub): ($.55)

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IdealLeanIdeal Lean

IdealLean sports contains whey protein isolate, a more concentrated version of whey protein. This concentrated whey makes the supplement a little more pricey, however the 20 grams of protein per scoop might make it worth it.

There are only 80 calories per serving and no grams of fat, making this supplement ideal for people trying to cut calories while getting enough protein. Users have also raved about the taste, which is always important if you are planning on using it daily.

    • Approximate cost (30 servings): ($30.00)

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NLA for Her – Her WheyNLA

Like IdealLean, NLA contains whey isolate as the primary protein source but features other components to support muscle growth as well. This supplement more closely resembles the other protein powders we reviewed for the goals of “muscle growth” instead of weight loss, as the calories are higher. One serving provides 190 calories and 28 grams of protein (the highest on this list so far).

    • Approximate cost per serving (2lb tub): ($2.13)

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Regardless of your gender, goals, or activity level, protein powder is going to affect everyone differently and you may have to try a few products before finding one that makes you look and feel great. Hopefully after reading this article you have a better idea of where to start in terms of finding the best fit for you. Make sure you read the nutrition fact panels and ingredient labels to help you make an informed decision.

As with any supplement, protein powder is not a magic bullet. These products are meant to “supplement” the diet, and should not replace other healthy foods. It is important to realize that a healthy, prudent diet paired with a consistent exercise program is going to be the best way to reach your fitness goals. Protein powder is just a tool that might help you reach those goals a little faster!

Disclaimer: Dietary supplements are NOT regulated by the FDA for strength, composition or purity. Taking supplements of any kind is always done at your own risk.