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Best At Home Workouts of 2023

Top Rated At Home Workouts for 2023

Program Rating Skill Level Program Duration Workout Style Benefits Pricing

1 Apple-Fitness-plus


Rating: TBD%
All Levels5 - 45 minutesVarietyVarietySee Best Price


Rating: 84%
All LevelsVarietyVarietyVarietySee Best Price


Rating: 83%
IntermediateVariesHigh IntensityVarietySee Best Price

Brazil Butt Lift

Rating: 81%
IntermediateVariesHigh IntensitySculptingSee Best Price
5 PiYo by Beachbody


Rating: 80%
IntermediateVariesYoga/PilatesVarietySee Best Price

Home Fitness Videos

When you invest in today’s home fitness videos, you’re getting a complete workout right at your fingertips. Whatever your goals and preferences happen to be, you can find a program that will cater to your workout needs.

Best of all, you get the same great guidance that you’d get from a personal trainer or group fitness instructor right in the comfort of your own home. This is perfect for parents who don’t have childcare, busy executives who simply don’t have time to travel back and forth to the gym, or anyone who prefers exercising at home but wants that extra motivational push and guaranteed results.

Read on to learn more about some of the different types of workout programs you can choose from and how to ensure you’re making the most of them.

Video Formats (How to Watch Fitness Videos)

These days you can watch fitness videos in a variety of ways, with streaming subscription fitness apps now being the most popular option. Although some people may prefer to watch the workouts on DVD, streaming subscription fitness apps offer you an ever-expanding workout collection, real-time sessions, and the chance to start streaming workouts as soon as you purchase a membership.

Generally speaking, you’ll find two different setups for most of our fitness videos:

  • Two In One: This usually provides you with the DVDs as well as some additional bonus online content you can use. This might include how-to videos that teach you how to perform the exercises or some additional workouts or tips to help you stay fit. In some cases, you may also be able to stream the workouts from the online website as well.
  • Digital Fitness Subscriptions: These are online subscription based services. Some of the best offerings have a free trial, which allows you to try it out for yourself and decide whether to invest in it. If you wish to go ahead, you’ll then be charged a small monthly fee to continue using the service. This set-up typically has the advantage of giving you loads of variety and an expandable workout collection – far more than you would get from a mail out DVD.

Minimal Exercise Equipment Needs

One of the best things about home workout videos is that most of them require very little equipment, so you can get started immediately. You don’t have any other expensive machines or fitness tools to buy – they can be performed right in your living room. No matter what your goal happens to be, you’ll find some great bodyweight-only options in our database. 

This said, it can be helpful to make a few equipment purchases. These are very reasonably priced and can help you see even better results, examples of which include things like resistance bands, dumbbells, weight stacks, and pull-up bars.

Home Workout Equipment Tips

  • Adjustable Weights: If you’re going to perform strength training activities, adjustable dumbbells are great for adding extra resistance and improving your strength gain potential. They take up minimal space and are easy to store as well.
  • Cushioned Flooring: Many home gym users also find that having a cushioned floor is very helpful. This adds extra padding to your knees and joints, helping you exercise with ease. Many have interlocking tiles to ensure a seamless layout and ease of use.

For All Fitness Goals & Abilities

Whatever your current fitness ability level and future goals, you can easily find the right workout video for you. The best fitness video classes can help you progress efficiently, in large part because their personal trainers know the science of fitness and how to keep you motivated.

Browse or search our home workout reviews for help with these and other goals:

  • Bodybuilding
  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Flexibility
  • Muscle toning
  • Stress management
  • Weight management

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21 Day Fix by Beachbody

Rating: 80%
Price: - Best Price: $72

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7 Body Beast

Body Beast by Beachbody

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Country Heat by Beachbody

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9 Cize by Beachbody Dance Workout

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