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Top Rated At Home Workouts for 2018

Program Rating Skill Level Program Duration Workout Style Benefits Pricing



Rating: 84%
All LevelsVariesVarietyVarietySee Best Price


Rating: 83%
IntermediateVariesHigh IntensityVarietySee Best Price

Brazil Butt Lift

Rating: 81%
IntermediateVariesHigh IntensitySculptingSee Best Price


Rating: 80%
IntermediateVariesYoga/PilatesVarietySee Best Price

21 Day Fix

Rating: 80%
Intermediate21 DaysCardioWeight LossSee Best Price

About Home Fitness Videos

Today’s best home fitness videos are diverse, meant for everything from revving you up to winding you down for a good night’s sleep. But all bring these important benefits: convenience and privacy! Convenience and privacy help promote your success by terminating pesky culprits that promote procrastination: finding time for a gym commute; arranging childcare; feeling self-conscious in workout clothes; and so forth.

Read on for other common advantages and some differences among programs for help choosing your best home fitness workout plan.

Video Formats (How to Watch Fitness Videos)

Today’s home fitness videos are delivered on DVDs and streaming. “Streaming” means over the web or with mobile apps. It’s good to know about the following options:

  • Two In One: Many popular DVD workout collections give owners the bonus of online access. Fitness video sites explain how with online access, you can stream exercise videos to a tablet computer, traditional TV, Apple TV and other devices.
  • Digital Fitness Subscriptions: Increasingly popular are digital subscriptions for workout videos on demand. The best subscription fitness plans have free trials. A main benefit over DVDs is variety: For less than the price of a gym membership or DVD set, you can choose from hundreds or thousands of workout videos anytime. We review popular choices in-depth to help you understand what to expect.

Minimal Exercise Equipment Needs

Many home exercise videos involve minimal exercise equipment (such as a yoga mat) or none at all. This includes a surprising number of strength training workout videos; personal trainers show how to use bodyweight resistance for whole-body sculpting and strengthening. If you get a digital fitness subscription, you can easily filter for equipment-free exercise.

In other cases though, strength training is aided with resistance bands, dumbbells or weight stacks. Some programs use pull-up bars, such as the kind you can install in a doorway.

Home Workout Equipment Tips

  • Adjustable Weights: For strength training at home we recommend adjustable weights instead of a traditional dumbbell set. Adjustable weights take less space in a home gym, plus they make it easier to transition according to a personal trainer’s instructions.
  • Cushioned Flooring: For most workout styles a cushioned exercise surface is helpful. This might be a plush Neoprene mat or interlocking rubber floor tiles. Along with a well-made pair of workout shoes, a cushioned workout surface will help make your workouts lower-impact (easier on your frame), helping you exercise for longer time periods before tiring.

For All Fitness Goals & Abilities

Whatever your fitness goals and current ability levels, there are workout videos made for you. The best fitness video classes can help you progress efficiently, in large part because their personal trainers know the science of fitness and how to keep you motivated.

Browse or search our home workout reviews for help with these and other goals:

  • Bodybuilding
  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Flexibility
  • Muscle toning
  • Stress management
  • Weight management

List of Home Workouts by Review Score

The following models aren’t featured on the “Top 5 Best home workouts” chart but are still worth a look.


Body Beast by Beachbody

Rating: 80%
Price: - Best Price: $49.95

Body Beast is a popular at home 90 day DVD fitness program Read Review »


Country Heat by Beachbody

Rating: 78%
Price: - Best Price: $42

Country Heat is a popular streaming subscription fitness app Read Review »


Cize by Beachbody

Rating: 74%
Price: - Best Price: $14.95/mo

Cize is a popular streaming subscription fitness app by Beachbody. Read Review »



Rating: 70%
Price: - Best Price: $14.95/mo

Grokker is a popular streaming subscription fitness app Read Review »