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Best Vertical Climber Machine Reviews and Comparison Buying Guide 2019


Best Vertical Climber Comparison Buying Guide

Whether you want to lose weight, maintain it, or just stay healthy, the key to success is exercising faithfully. Committing to work out every day, when you want to and the way you need to, is the best way to get results. The problem is that too many of us find excuses not to do it. We complain there’s no time before work, or that the gym is too expensive, or (and I’ve used this one) that it’s boring and takes too long. It doesn’t have to be that way. There’s a way to get a complete body work out at home, so not only can you exercise where and when you want, but you can work your body from top to bottom. You can do it in less time than with traditional home machines. Providing aerobic, toning and core exercises, a vertical climber is just what you need to get in shape and stay that way.


To help you find one that’s right for you, check out my top vertical climber buying guide, an in-depth analysis of what these machines can do, how to choose one and a rundown of the best of the best.


What is a Vertical Climber?

A vertical climber is a low-impact exercise machine that provides cardio exercise, along with toning and strength training, giving you full work out experience in the comfort and privacy of your own home. And since you are working your body in unison, it burns more calories in half the time than regular fitness routines.

Slim and upright, with leg grips and arm pulls, vertical climbers are designed to engage your upper and lower body, along with your core, mimicking the motions of you climbing a steep mountain. As a result, your heart rate increases, you burn more calories and you build muscle in a way that is easy on joints, so just about anyone can use it. Best of all, they provide variety thanks to the engaging and varied routines available, challenging your body and mind.


Our Top Rated Vertical Climber Selection

The Top Vertical Climber: And the Winner is…..

So which is the top vertical climber? Well, there are a few contenders:


Maxi Climber Vertical Climber (Best Vertical-Climber for the Money)


See Best Price

Designed with quality construction and equipped with enhanced work out features, the Maxi Climber is lightweight, compact and built to last. Coming in at just under $200, it can fold up for easy storage and fits in any room, so you can put it in a dorm room, office or the bedroom.

Fitted with isometric grips, you can step and pull down securely, ensuring smooth motions and keeping your concentration where it belongs: on your form. The machine is stable on any surface, and has a work out timer that starts and stops with you, so you can see precisely how long and hard you exercised.

Best of all, it uses your own body weight for resistance, so you can effectively tone and tighten without putting too much pressure on your lower body. Great for, beginners and advanced exercisers, it works in any space big or small.


Merax Vertical Climber


Merax Vertical Trainer black handles and black base


Durability is the name of the game for the Merax vertical climber. This machine uses industrial-grade black steel that can keep up with the user’s weight. In fact, this device can support people up to 300 pounds! It also comes with a height adjustment feature to accommodate a variety of body sizes! This vertical climber is ideal for high-intensity aerobic exercises.


FEIERDUN Folding Climbing Machine 


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This vertical climber is durable and made with your convenience in mind. With a price tag of just over $150, it is made of high-quality black steel that will last you for years to come. The fact that is can support up to 400 lbs., coupled with the adjustable height feature, means it is great for all body types. The height feature allows for a customized fit to your body, so you can exercise the right way and reduces the risk of injury. In addition, this unit can be used for high-intensity aerobic sessions, ramping up your heart rate and metabolism, for more calorie burning abilities. Coupled with the ability to fold and store it in your closet or under the bed, this machine can get results for anyone serious about getting in shape.

Why You Should Own a Vertical Climber


There are a lot of great benefits to owning one of these machines, the most important being they give you a complete work out in half the time. These machines burn more calories than a treadmill, rower, or any other machine, so you will see results with just 30 minutes of exercise.

Which brings me to another great benefit: convenience. You can do it before work, after work, early or late. There are no limits and no reasons not to do it. Plus, they are compact and fit in any room of any home, so you can have one no matter where you live.

Climbers also challenge and push your body, which keeps you focused and spurs you to stick with it. There are a wide range of exercises to do, so boredom is never an issue and many come with pre-programmed routines to guide you.

Safety is also a benefit of using a climber. Since these machines are low-impact, they won’t put pressure on knee or hip joints, allowing you to strengthen weak muscles and improve stamina. Finally, they cost less than most gym memberships, making them a smart financial investment that more than pays for itself.


What to Look for When Buying a Vertical Climber

Knowing what you want and need is only part of figuring out which climber is right for you. There are so many options, from price and function to sizes and extras, that it can be hard to figure out which is the best fit for you. To help you narrow down your options, here are the key features to look for:


Ideally, you want a machine that allows you to adjust the height so you can maximize your workouts. Having a machine that can be fitted to your height ensures you will feel comfortable when using it. It also means you won’t strain or pull a muscle reaching for the handgrips or hurt your back crouching to fit right. You don’t want to spend money on a machine you feel awkward on, and climbers can be punishing, so you need to use it correctly.


The size of the machine is another major consideration. It doesn’t matter what the machine can do if you can’t fit it in your place. Figure out where you plan to put the machine, as well as if you need to fold it up each day. Then measure the space you plan to use it and pick a model that fits, with enough room for you to move around on it. If you have a tiny place and need to fold it up every day, you may want a smaller, lighter model that folds easily.


Cost matters. While most machines are considerably less than it costs to go to the gym, they still can be costly, so know your budget before looking. Shopping within your price point saves you money and also puts your needs in focus. For instance, you may want the fancier model that looks pretty, but not if it means sacrificing quality. The point of the machine is to get in shape, not be stressed because you paid too much or because the machine broke down.


Extra features can also help you pick the right machine. Some machines come with built-in stat timers, great for athletes, or pulleys, a good option for those looking for more upper body work. The more a machine offers within your price range, the more likely you are to use it.


Different Types of Vertical Climbers

Not all vertical climbers are the same. Yes, they all have the same purpose and work the same way, but there are several different design elements available when purchasing one. It is important to know what’s available so you don’t settle and get exactly what you need.

  • Traditional Climbers: Traditional climbers have pegs, similar to the ones you would find on the back of a bicycle on the bottom for your leg and towards the tops for your arms. You pump your arms and pull down on the pegs while stepping up and down on the bottom ones, working your full body.
  • Transitional Climbers: These climbers are just like a traditional climber, except they have ropes or pulleys to work your arms. This gives you the added benefit of being able to spot train select body parts and giving you a greater range of exercise programs to use.

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