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Best Rowing Machines Over $ 1,500

We’re now at the peak of the category, folks, and things are getting interesting. As we all know, expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better, though in some cases you’re getting a much different caliber of machine than you would in the $300 or $600 category. In this section you’ll find rowing machines with the best the industry has to offer—more programming, more resistance settings, commercial grade construction, and other features and details that aren’t necessarily found in any lesser priced models. In our top three we’ve got a bit of diversity, with the intention of giving you a broader view of the price segment.

Best Overall

Hydrow Rower

Rating: 94%

Best Rowing Machines Over $1,500



Resistance Type

Weight Capacity


Resistance Levels



Interactive Training Champ Hydrow Rowing Machine
Hydrow Rower


375 Lbs



Tried & True Brand NordicTrack RW900 Rower
NordicTrack RW900 Rower


250 Lbs



Commercial Grade waterrower-m1-high-rise
WaterRower M1 HiRise Rower


700 Lbs



technogym skillrow rowing machine
Technogym Skillrow


352 Lbs



Rowing Machines Over $1,500 — What To Expect

This is basically as good as it gets, folks. For your average user you don’t need to necessarily be up in this price bracket, but there are certainly some benefits to be had if you can. On one end, the Peloton-like interactive training element of the RW900 from NordicTrack is an engaging and almost addictive means of getting into rowing. On the other, there’s value in the beefy and over-engineered equipment that comes at the commercial price level. Those obsessed with quality and longevity will be well served in this price category for that exact reason.


What to Watch Out For

At this price category you’re welcome to be a bit more picky in terms of what you prefer in functions, features, and even finishes, so the decision making is less about ‘what’s a good machine’, and more about ‘which machine suits my wants and needs best’. Be wary of new entrants into the category, above all else. With the interactive training craze happening we’re starting to see startups coming into the rowing machine space and setting their sights on the top segment of the market. While their flashy and tech-focused gear might seem appealing, but we always have our reservations, as new/tech brands have a knack for disappearing as fast as they appeared.



All the bells and whistles
Improved warranties
Lifetime purchase


Larger and/or heavier equipment

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are streaming workouts worth the extra spend?
A: If you're new to establishing a workout routine, having streaming workouts available from iFit or others act as a great motivator, and help give you guidance as you get used to the rowing experience.
Q: Why should I consider a rower over a treadmill or exercise bike of similar price?
A: Rowing machines have their share of advantages. They're easier on your knees, and work out many more muscle groups than either of those alternatives.

1. Hydrow Rower

Founded by the former U.S. National Team coach, Bruce Smith, Hydrow is an innovative electromagnetic rowing machine that answers the growing consumer demand for interactive fitness streaming at home. Hydrow is currently the only company on the market offering a Live Outdoor Reality™ experience consisting of live and on-demand rowing workouts delivered by world-renowned athletes on the water. At $2,199, the Hydrow isn’t cheap. That said, you get what you pay for. From the brand’s philanthropic efforts to the machine’s club-quality components and ever-improving software, Hydrow—both the brand and its eponymous sole rower—has the potential to revolutionize the indoor rowing game.

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2. NordicTrack RW900 Rower

The NordicTrack RW900 Rower lands at the top of our best rowers over $1,500 list for a couple of key reasons. It’s not as ‘commercial grade’ as some of our other picks, but it’s still very well build for heavy home use, it’s backed by a brand that’s basically a household name in the fitness space, and it’s also the first rowing machine to bring the ‘Peloton model’ interactive streaming training into the category at the same level. The machine boasts a large 22-inch high definition touch screen through which you can stream tons of iFit classes. Users can follow along with studio rowing classes, as well as pre-recorded sessions that follow a real rower out on the water. The service can also be used to follow other kinds of programming, like yoga, stretching, and strength training. The machine uses a mix of air and magnetic resistance to deliver 26 adjustable resistance levels. Aside from iFit, the unit also has 30 built-in training programs if you need to operate offline.

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3. WaterRower M1 HiRise Rower

The M1 HiRise is effectively WaterRower’s peak level commercial/club rower, with an aluminum frame and (as the name hints) a raised profile. The added height makes this rower a prime option for those with any sort of mobility issues, whereas the aluminum frame makes the unit incredibly strong, stable, and durable, all while staying relatively lightweight and easy to tip up vertically for storage. It does not feature adjustable resistance (not a dealbreaker with water rowers), but it does come fitted with the brand’s S4 monitor, loaded with built-in training programs as well as the ability to pull your rowing data from the console via USB.

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4. Technogym Skillrow

Technogym has been the official Olympic supplier of training equipment through the last six olympic games, and though Concept2 remains most popular amongst pro rowers, the Technogym Skillrow is a very competitive offering (albeit with a steeper sticker price). With this unit, you get a combination if air and magnetic resistance, with the ability to alternate between cardiovascular workouts and strength training. It syncs up to the brand’s TEAMBEATS and SKILLROW apps to offer training programs and other training metrics for you to stay on top of your routine. It’s bulkier than the RW900 from NordicTrack, with a weight capacity of 352 lbs, and in many respects could be considered as a bit of a hybrid unit between NordicTrack and Concept2. Build with commercial gyms in mind, this isn’t the kind of equipment you’ll have to consider replacing after 4 or 5 years of use.