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WaterRower Classic Rower Review

Quick Take

Crafted from sustainably sourced black walnut and using natural water resistance, the WaterRower Classic will add a warm, rustic feel to any workout space. It features WaterRower’s unique WaterFlywheel design which provides enough challenge for most trainees, from novices to advanced rowers. Even though there is the occasional maintenance to do on this machine (as with other water rowers), customers note that this is completely worth it for the WaterRower Classic’s zen-like, smooth rowing experience. At 82.25” long by 22.25” wide,  it’s not a small machine. That said, you can easily store it upright to save space.


Water Resistance
Easy Storage



Our Review

Naturally, water resistance is the best type of resistance to simulate the physical experience of boating with an indoor rower. Like the other indoor rowers from this leading water rower brand, the WaterRower Classic features a unique water resistance system. The WaterFlywheel uses a specially formed paddle which cups the moving water. This helps to emulate a real-rowing feel, and also gives you sound of splashing water as you row.


The WaterRower Classic is equipped with an S4 monitor. This user-friendly computer monitor displays all your essential workout data including time, distance, speed/intensity, stroke rate and heart rate (if you purchase the optional heart-rate sensor and kit separately). Although the S4 monitor does not come with any preset programs, it’s capable of storing up to 9 programs you create. Just set a desired time or distance, and get to work!



  • Good Looking: The WaterRower Classic is crafted from solid American Black Walnut and finished with danish oil for luster. It adds class and warmth to any workout space.
  • Resistance: The WaterRower Classic indoor rower uses water resistance to help simulate the feeling of rowing a boat. It is outfitted with a WaterFlywheel which provides smooth, quiet resistance and is more durable than mechanical alternatives.
  • Low Impact: The WaterRower Classic relieves pressure from joints in the hips, knees and ankles while supporting a full and healthy range of motion for the upper body.
  • Data: The S4 Monitor displays a range of essential exercise session data. It can also show heart rate with an optional, additional kit (sold separately).
  • Workout Programs: The S4 Monitor makes it easy to set up a workout based on a desired distance or duration. It can store up to 9 workouts so you can hop on the rower and get started with one of these straight away.
  • Heart-Rate Data: You can purchase an additional heart-rate kit with the WaterRower Classic to access advanced heart-rate data while you row.
  • Eco-Minded: Built from sustainable wood and using water for resistance, this fitness machine has a relatively light carbon footprint.
  • Long-Lasting: This rower has a durable frame and resistance system. Black walnut, like all woods used in WaterRower machines, has excellent longevity and dimensional stability. The water resistance system cannot wear down.
  • Easy to Store: The frame for this rower flips upright for easy storage.
  • High Capacity: The WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine has a user weight capacity of 700 pounds.
  • Good Warranty: The WaterRower Classic is initially backed by a one-year warranty on the frame and components. WaterRower will upgrade the warranty to five years on the frame and three years on the components when you complete a registration form.


  • Larger Size: At  82.25” long by 22.25” wide, the WaterRower Classic is larger than many other fitness machines.
  • Price: Due to their high-quality components and water resistance systems, WaterRowers are relatively expensive.

Our Conclusion

The WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine is a beautiful and very effective fitness machine. It will complement any workout space, and challenge basically any trainee. It’s one of the best rowing machines on the market, and is truly worth the investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does the WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine weigh?
A: The WaterRower Classic rower weighs 66.5 lbs. without water and 103.5 lbs. with 17 l of water.
Q: What is the resistance on the WaterRower Classic rower?
A: The WaterRower Classic uses water resistance to mirror the sensation of rowing a boat.
Q: Does the WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine fold?
A: The WaterRower Classic does not fold but can be stored upright.

Rating: 88%

Resistance Type


Dimensions (inches)

82.25" L x 22.25" W x 20" H



Maximum User Weight Capacity

700 lbs

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