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NordicTrack Rowers

The NordicTrack brand was established in Minnesota in 1975. This fitness equipment company was initially limited to cross-country ski machines, but today NordicTrack makes treadmills, incline trainers, rowing machines, and more. To this day the brand remains a bit of a household name, and is a leader in the majority of the categories it competes in.

The brand is now owned by, an international company with a variety of fitness equipment labels under its belt. It distributes NordicTrack equipment throughout North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Nearly all of the brand’s equipment these days comes iFit-enabled. iFit is an interactive workout app which can be downloaded onto devices and smart televisions, providing thousands of virtual and live training options, as well as automatic trainer control of the device being used. For a complete read up on iFit, check out my review here. As a subscriber myself, I’ve used it extensively for both cardio and strength activities.

And as you’ll see below, the biggest difference between the brand’s three rowers this year is screen size and iFit opportunities. The RW700 comes effectively free when purchased with a four-year subscription to iFit. Read more below to get the details.

NordicTrack RW700 Rower

Rating: 93%

Top NordicTrack Rowing Machines



Resistance Type

Weight Capacity


Resistance Levels



Best Overall
NordicTrack RW700 Rower


250 Lbs



Best Screen
NordicTrack RW900 Rower


250 Lbs



Best Value
NordicTrack RW600 Rower


250 Lbs



NordicTrack Rowing Machines

NordicTrack fitness machines appeal to shoppers seeking “extras” and NordicTrack’s RW600, RW700, and RW900 rowing machines entirely fit that profile. The brand’s trio of rowing machines all come with 26-level adjustable resistance, and some membership package to iFit—the brand’s sleek interactive/streaming training platform.

Both the RW600 and RW700 offer a 10-inch HD touchscreen whereas the RW900 really brings the size with a whopping 22-incher. The prices of these machines range from $999 up to $1,800, or free with purchase of a four-year iFit package as with the RW700.

The Great

  • Silent Magnetic Resistance: The NordicTrack indoor rowers provides 26 levels of magnetic resistance. Smoother and silent than the alternatives, SMR is rapidly becoming the go-to for many resistance machines on the market.
  • HD Monitors: The NordicTrack monitors are dynamic and touchscreens which allow users to interact with live trainers or Google Maps workouts. Built with a 30W premium sound system, the rowers are compatible with Bluetooth headphones.
  • iFit workouts: One of the most diverse workout programs on the market, the benefit to iFit is affords automatic trainer control whereby the machine, or live trainers, can control your resistance. Priced at $39 per month, it has a virtual library of nearly 12,000 programs with more generated daily.
  • Higher Profile: The seat is positioned relatively high from the ground. This makes the rower easier to access for users with any movement limitations.
  • Easy to Use: The NordicTrack rowers are all simple and easy to assemble, as well as use. Not much experience needed.

The Not-So-Great:

  • No Built-In Programs: These rowers are built to work with iFit and their screens don’t work with other programs. That said, one can always park the rower in front of a television set or use another device if they’d like.


Yet again, there are ample reputable machines to choose from in the NordicTrack catalog. Those wanting a budget friendly rower without sacrificing features and functionality will appreciate the RW700, whereas the RW900 is clearly geared towards users who want all the bells and whistles, and aren’t afraid to pay a bit more to get them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do NordicTrack rowers work without iFit?
A: Yes, the machine can work in manual mode.
Q: Are NordicTrack rowers easy to assemble?
A: Actually yes. Rowers are among the easier pieces of equipment to assemble.
Q: Can I get fit with a rower?
A: Absolutely. Rowing is one of the best workouts around.

1. NordicTrack RW700 Rower

The NordicTrack RW700 rowing machine is actually the brand’s midpoint rower, but now it comes free with a four-year subscription to the iFit workout app. Priced at $39 per month, customers need only keep up those payments, or make a one-time payment of $1,872, to row onward.

And it is a top-flight machine. Built with a 10-inch HD touchscreen that tilts and pivots, the rower comes with a 30W sound system and Bluetooth headphone connectivity. With Silent Magnetic Resistance and 26 levels digitally controlled, rowers need not fear outgrowing this unit. The big value to the iFit-enabled machines from NordicTrack is they feature automatic trainer control and either live trainers or the programs used can control resistance. This app features thousands of virtual and live workouts, including Google Maps, and has yet to disappoint.

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10” iFit-enabled Touchscreen
Magnetic Resistance
Free with iFit subscription


Locked into iFit
No built-in workouts

2. NordicTrack RW900 Rower

The NordicTrack RW900 is the brand’s top-flight rowing machine. Purchase includes a 30-day membership to the iFit workout app, valued at $39. The big feature here is the 22-inch tilt-and-pivot HD touchscreen with a 30W premium sound system. Compatible with Bluetooth headphones, the rower works off of Silent Magnetic Resistance and has 26 levels digitally controlled.

Equipped with front-mounted transport wheels, the rower measures 82″ x 22″ x 54″ and sports a 250-pound user weight maximum. Like its siblings in the NordicTrack family, the RW900 comes with a 10-year frame warranty, two years for parts, and one year for labor.


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22" HD touchscreen
Magnetic Resistance


No built-in programs

3. NordicTrack RW600 Rower

The brand’s entry-level rower, the RW600 is priced right for budget-minded folks and does come with 30 days of the iFit workout app free. Equipped with a 10-inch HD touchscreen and adjustable console, the unit features an auxiliary audio port and two 2-inch digitally amplified speakers.

Using Silent Magnetic Resistance, the RW600 offers 26 digital levels of resistance and sports a 250-pound user capacity. With measures nearly identical to the other NordicTrack rowers, it also offers a 10-year warranty on the frame, two years for parts, and one year for labor.

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Great price


Smaller screen
No built-in program