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Bowflex TreadClimber TC200 Review

Quick Summary

The Bowflex TreadClimber TC200 is the top-rated of the TreadClimber family and includes a helpful Goal Tracking feature (G.O. Coach) to help set, track and achieve your fitness goals. As the premium option in the lineup, the Bowflex TC200 is definitely not the cheapest product on the market, but if you want the best TreadClimber on the market with top of the line features, this is the one for you. In addition to the G.O. Coach technology, it also features 12 levels of resistance, 5 electronic functions, and Wireless Chest Strap Heart Rate. Most importantly, it burns a ton of calories with very low joint impact.

Learn more in our complete Bowflex TreadClimber TC200 review below…


ModelBowflex TC200

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Resistance is what determines calories burned per stride. The more levels, the more precisely you can control the difficulty.

12 Levels

Top speed is lower than a typical treadmill, but it burns about 2.5x the calories at these speeds because of the 3-in-1 motion.

0.5 - 4.5 mph

There are 5 main functions included: Speed, Distance, Time, Calories and Heart Rate.

5 Functions

The Display refers to the screen you'll look at to monitor workouts. LED and LCD displays are similar to TV screens.

Backlit LCD
Max Weight

Max User Weight is the amount of weight, in pounds (lbs), that it can safely support, which can represent durability.

300 lbs

The warranty is an important part of your investment. The longer the warranty, the longer you can get free/discounted repairs.

3 Years, Full-Coverage

Dimensions are included to help you determine how it will fit in your workout space. They both have a smaller footprint than a treadmill.

Length: 55"
Width: 31.5"
Height: 62.5"

How many users can this model track with the Goal Coach progress tracking feature?

Goal Coach

G.O. Coach, or Goal-Oriented Coach, is an interactive feature to set goals, track progress, and compare your results.

Climb Indicator

The Climb Indicator will visually track the distance you have traveled in miles.

HR Monitor

Does this model come with a Heart Rate Monitor? If so, it's a Wireless Chest Strap, which can be purchased separately.

Quick Controls

Quick Controls allow you to select options with the touch of a button.

Accessory Tray

Some include an accessory tray for holding items such as water bottles, wallets, keys, or MP3 players like iPods.


Is the machine easy to move? Does it have wheels? Portability is a great feature for space flexibility.

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Rating: 96%

Our Rating

Rating: 96/100. The TC200 is a top-ranked treadmill alternative for serious walkers. This calorie torcher is relatively low impact on joints and has the most advanced features in the TreadClimber lineup. Highlights include a wide range of incline settings, built-in training programs and wireless heart rate monitoring.


  • Innovative design burns lots of calories
  • Setup custom user profiles
  • Progress tracking and coaching technology
  • Wireless chest strap included for heart rate
  • New Climb Indicator feature included
  • 5 electronic functions (can track heart rate)
  • 3 years coverage (best package of all TreadClimbers)


  • Bigger and heavier than the TC100
  • Less bells and whistles than most treadmills
  • Top speed not competitive with running treadmills


The TC200, formerly the TC20, is the top of the line model by Bowflex.

TreadClimbers offer the “3 for 1” package meaning not only do you get the forward motion of the treadmill, but also the stepping of the former stair masters and fluid motion of the ellipticals. The concept works for burning a lot of calories and is at its best here.

This model is what you would consider a light-commercial grade product with high quality production and parts, and it’s backed by a good warranty and guarantee.

Workout Programs

The Bowflex TC 200 provides three individual workouts in one fluid motion thanks to the combination of treadmill, elliptical and stairclimber technology. Bowflex is able to accomplish this effect thanks to their patented Dual-Treadles design.

It also comes with an accurate Wireless Heart Rate monitor which tracks your heart rate and helps you to stay in the optimal fat burning zone.

TreadClimbers are proven to burn twice as many calories as standard treadmills at the same speed, so some say they are some of the best weight loss machines on the market.

Treadclimber Features

This high-end model is highlighted by the G.O. Coach Console, a first-of-its-kind interactive program that interacts with the user to establish goals, monitor progress and compare results with previous weeks as well as other users. In addition to the standard workouts, the G.O. Coach has 9 Challenge Landmark Workouts.

Users begin with three landmarks (Lady Liberty, Space Needle, TransAmerica Tower) and earn six additional world landmarks by completing the goals they set with the program.

G.O. Coach is an incredible feature and really makes working out appear worthwhile. You will enjoy earning trophies and unlocking additional landmarks as you progress. The feature makes the TreadClimber one of the most personalized on the market.

It also reduces your exercise time with a super-efficient, low impact workout.

Warranty & Guarantee

The Bowflex warranty package covers the entire machine for three years.

Return Policy: 6 weeks, 100% money-back.


The Bowflex TC200 is the top-rated model in one of the most innovative product lines to hit the fitness market in a long time. Consumers are no longer forced to pick between treadmill, elliptical or stairclimber, because the TreadClimber provides a 3-in-1 workout motion for an efficient calorie-burning exercise.

The G.O. Coach technology, user profiles and a 3-year full-coverage warranty set this apart from the other models.

Still not sure which one is right for you? Compare both models side-by-side here.

Where (and when) to Buy

To get the best deal right now on a TC200, enter the coupon code for $850 off + Free Shipping A savings of $1049.

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