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Best Sole Exercise Bikes of 2023

Comfort meets quality! Sole exercise bikes earn praise from customers and professional reviewers. The collection includes eight upright and recumbent designs. Four carry residential warranties only and four are suitable for light commercial use. Online sale prices are as low as $599 although full prices start at $1,199. Warranties for all Sole exercise bikes include in-home labor, which is a rare perk in the world of fitness equipment.

Originally Sole Fitness specialized in making light commercial fitness equipment; the brand earned its good name by producing treadmills for the hotel industry. The brand is owned by Dyaco International, which also owns Fuel, XTERRA and several other brands of fitness equipment. Sole is headquartered in the US and provides high quality customer service from Los Angeles; their reps are friendly, helpful and readily available on the phone.

Which Sole exercise bike is best for your needs? The comparison chart below gives an overview of similarities and differences among the eight models. We recommend that shoppers consider the light commercial Sole exercise bikes even for home use; these provide noticeably smoother rides and are reasonably priced. For details read the Sole exercise bikes buying guide below.

Sole Exercise Bikes Comparison Chart

Sole exercise bikes all have some commonalities such as “whisper quiet” magnetic resistance, adjustable seating (up/down and forward/backward) and strong frames with lifetime warranties. They differ in terms of their drives, monitors, seats and other features. Get an overview with our Sole exercise bike comparison chart.

Top 5 Best Rated Sole Exercise Bikes

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Sole SB900




SOLE Johnny G Bike

Sole Johnny G Bike


Our custom rating considers all of the bike's features, specs, warranties, and 100's of user & expert reviews, to save you time!

Rating: 96%
Rating: 93.25%
Rating: 93%
Rating: 92.5%
Rating: 91%

Type refers to the style of the ride: Recumbent bikes allow you to lay back, while Upright bikes are more like road bikes (lean forward).

RecumbentIndoor CycleSemi-RecumbentUprightIndoor Cycle

The flywheel in an exercise bike is what creates resistance. You can choose the level of resistance to increase your workout intensity.

40 Levels1-100 variable20 Levels40 Levels20 Levels

Display refers to the screen you'll look at to monitor workouts. LED and LCD displays are similar to TV screens.

10.1" TFT LCD3" x 4" LCD9" Backlit Blue LCD10.1" Backlit Blue LCD6 data metrics, multi-color HR & power zone indicator LEDs

Bike Programs allow you to complete a workout with changing speeds and inclines, without changing anything manually.


Suggested retail price, typically higher than the price you'll pay with our recommended retailers.


After carefully evaluating each online retailer that offers this bike, this is the website we recommend purchasing from.

See Best PriceSee Best PriceSee Best PriceSee Best PriceSee Best Price

Sole Exercise Bikes Buying Guide

Sole Fitness offers a range of exercise bikes to fit different workout needs and settings. This buying guide presents all eight upright and recumbent bikes that Sole makes for residential and light commercial use.

Sole Upright Bikes for Home Gyms

Sole B94 Upright BikeThe two upright Sole exercise bikes with residential-only warranties are called the B74 and B94. Each offers 20 levels of resistance and is best for beginning to intermediate-level trainees; the bikes’ drives are relatively light. Ten preset programs are provided including one that’s user-defined. Heart Rate Control is among the preset workouts and these exercise bikes are compatible with wireless chest straps. Each has a gel seat, which many bikers consider a “must-have” for comfort.

Sale priced at $799 and carrying a three-year warranty on parts and electronics, the larger and sturdier B94 might strike you as the better buy; the B74 has an eye-catching sale price of just $599 but a mere one-year parts and electronics warranty. However, despite its higher model number the B94 isn’t quite as challenging as the B74 at its uppermost resistance levels. The B94 has a 15-pound drive and the B74 has an 18-pound drive. The other difference between these units is screen size. The B74 has a 7.5″ display and the B94 has a 9″ display.

That said, we recommend checking out the light commercial Sole exercise bikes too. Sole’s website sometimes offers these advanced options for as low as $799.

Sole Recumbent Bikes for Home Gyms

Sole R72 Recumbent BikeThe two recumbent Sole exercise bikes with residential-only warranties are the R72 and R92. They have sale prices of $799 and $999, respectively. Each is designed with attention to comfort: Sole’s patented pedal design supports a healthy biking posture that minimizes stress on the body, and the bikes have adjustable padded seats that provide good lumbar support.

Each model has 10 preset programs and supports wireless heart rate control. Their consoles have cooling fans and speakers for MP3 players.

Comparing these Sole exercise bikes we’ve noted four key differences. First, the R72 is more compact than the R92. Second, it has a lighter drive, which weighs in at 18 pounds versus the R92’s 25-pound flywheel. A third difference is the screen size. The R72 has a 7.5″ LCD and the R92 has a 9″ LCD. Finally, the R92 has a three-year parts and electronics warranty whereas the R72 has a one-year parts and electronics warranty.

All in all, the R92 is a better value. Do consider the light commercial choices too. Sometimes they’re priced like residential-only exercise bikes.

Sole Light Commercial Upright Bikes

Sole SB900 Bike Light Commercial SB900 Exercise Bike Light CommercialSole’s three light commercial upright bikes / Indoor Cycles are the SB700, the SB900 and the LCB. These exercise bikes are big steps up from the residential Sole exercise bikes. Most importantly the SB models have impressive 48-pound flywheels and the LCB has a robust 30-pound drive. Each has a three-year warranty for parts and electronics and a one-year service warranty.

Of the three, avid outdoor bikers often prefer the $799 SB700 or $999 SB900. These options feel the most like road bikes, and the SB900 gives trainees the option of using toe clips. Both have adjustable handlebars too. However, neither has preset programs. Workout data are shown on 3″ x 4″ screens.

The Sole LCB is favored by those who want preset workouts. It has 10 programs and a 9″ screen. A water bottle holder and cooling fans are built in. Also, the LCB has self-generating power. This Sole exercise bike has a $1,299 sale price.

Sole Light Commercial Recumbent Exercise Bike

Sole LCR Recumbent Bike Light CommercialSole’s light commercial recumbent bike is the LCR. This $1,499 fitness machine is one of the industry’s best buys for light commercial settings. It’s appropriate for people at all fitness levels, and thanks to its self-generating power it won’t add to electricity bills.

The Sole LCR has a 30-pound drive for smooth performance and a wide range of resistance. Its seating can accommodate just about anyone; there are 12 positions to choose from. The LCR console features a 9″ screen, 10 workout programs, wireless telemetry, cooling fans and a water bottle holder.

For in-home use this Sole exercise bike carries a five-year parts and electronics warranty, plus in-home service is free for two years. For light commercial use it has a three-year parts and electronics warranty and one year of on-site labor.

Where to Buy Sole Exercise Bikes

Sole Fitness sells exercise bikes to hotels worldwide and sells directly to consumers in the US and Canada. Their benefits include lower prices and free shipping, even for returns! Sales tax is only applied for customers in California and Utah.

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Sole B94

Rating: 90.5%
Price: $1,499 - Best Price: $799

The Sole B94 features a heavy-duty resistance system with 20 individual levels of resistance. The exercise bike is also extraordinarily comfortable with an adjustable gel seat and ergonomically designed pedals. Listen to music while you exercise with a built-in spartphone dock. Read Review »

7 Sole SB700

Sole SB700

Rating: 90.25%
Price: $1,399.99 - Best Price: $699

The Sole SB700 exercise bike offers adjustable resistance (48 lb. flywheel w/ Kevlar drive design), wireless chest strap compatibility, and an LCD display. It's an affordable trainer with the bare essentials required to burn calories and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Read Review »


Sole SB800

Rating: 87.75%
Price: $1,399 - Best Price: $899

The Sole SB800 upright exercise bike introduces the very popular air bike. It has 12 total program options and a heavy-duty frame. The high performance air bike is built with durability in mind and features two different warranty packages. Read Review »