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Sole SB900

Rating: 93.25%

Sole SB800 Review

This product has been discontinued

Quick Summary

The Sole SB800 is a fan air bike built for light commercial and residential use.

Durable and suitable for virtually any strength level, it can deliver an excellent return on its $899 sale price.

Key points are customized fan air resistance, optional upper-body training, preset and tailored workouts, and wireless heart rate monitoring.

See below for our complete Sole SB800 Bike review.

Our Rating

Rating: 87.75/100. The new Sole SB800 fan bike with moving handlebars is virtually the bike for everyone, from cautious physical therapy patients to athletes in peak condition. Three key points help create widespread appeal: adjustable seating, infinite resistance levels and low-impact motion. This bike adjusts for user height and can hold up to 300 pounds. Sale priced at just $899 the SB800 can add plenty of value to a home gym or light commercial workout facility.

In two major ways the SB800 Bike stands out from competitors: It’s a fan bike, and it’s a total body trainer.

  1. Fan Bike: The SB800 is the only Sole exercise bike to generate resistance with a fan blade. Rather than using gears or preset tension levels, it builds up air resistance as the rider pedals a fan wheel. As pedaling speed increases, so does the resistance. This makes the SB800 Bike a natural match for any strength level. Furthermore the unique style of resistance helps create a low-impact ride. Fan bikes are gentler on joints and ligaments when compared with standard stationary bikes.
  2. Total Body Trainer: The Sole SB800 is a total body trainer thanks to optionally moving handlebars. You can pedal while resting your arms… pedal and move the handlebars simultaneously… or get an upper body workout and rest your feet.

Programming on the Sole SB800 can help any trainee meet their goals. Seven preset workout programs let you quickly begin interval training, exercise for time/distance/calorie goals and more. Additionally four customized programs can be saved to the computer. The feedback provided are time, distance, speed, RPM, Watts, calories and pulse. Pulse is measured wirelessly with a chest strap (not included).


  • Light commercial quality
  • Low impact
  • Infinite resistance levels
  • Moving handlebars
  • Adjustable saddle
  • Data monitor
  • Preset and personalized programs
  • Chest strap compatible
  • Generates a breeze
  • Heavy steel frame
  • Compact dimensions (50″ L x 26″ W x 52″ H)
  • Transport wheels
  • Sole customer service


  • No media ledge or on-board entertainment
  • No water bottle holder
  • One-year parts warranty


The Sole SB800 Bike is an exciting new cardio trainer for all ability levels and training intensities. This 172-pound fitness machine has light commercial quality (suitable for apartment complexes, office workout facilities and other non-membership gyms) but also has a small footprint for convenient use at home. Residential and light commercial warranties are available.

For lower body exercise the SB800 Bike supports ultra-smooth pedaling against air resistance, which increases progressively with the rider’s speed. For upper body exercise the fan bike has moving handlebars. A rider can choose between upper body training, lower body training and total body workouts.

The introductory sale price for the Sole SB800 is $899. Full price is $1,399.

Workout Programs

The Sole SB800 Bike has seven built-in workout programs. The programs make it easy to quickly start exercising for a target heart rate, distance goal, calorie goal and other objectives. Additionally four user-designed workouts, such as interval training routines, can be saved to the console.

The LCD monitor is 3″ wide and 7″ tall. It shows time, distance, speed, pulse, calories, RPM and Watts. The calorie readout is an estimate; it isn’t customized to user weight or gender.

Fan Bike Features

The SB800 provides remarkably smooth motion for an upright exercise bike, having the advantage of friction-free air resistance. Its seat is adjustable both vertically and horizontally to help ensure a comfortable stride length.

Moving handlebars are provided for upper body toning and to increase calorie burn while cycling. Footrests are provided above the pedals so that the handlebars can be used without lower body training if desired.

This bike is compatible with wireless chest straps for accurate and convenient heart rate monitoring.

The frame is made from high-grade steel and carries a lifetime warranty with home use.

Warranty & Guarantee

The Sole SB800 warranty includes:

– Frame: Lifetime residential, 5 years light commercial

– Parts: 1 Year

– Electronics: 1 Year

– Labor: 1 year

Service is performed in-home or at the light commercial facility.


The Sole SB800 Bike can serve virtually any trainee regardless of their physical strength and desired workout intensity. It’s more than a bike too, offering optional upper-body training and head-to-toe workouts. For the $899 sale price it can add great value to home gyms and light commercial workout centers.

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