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Best Echelon Exercise Bikes of 2023

Echelon was launched by Viatek Consumer Products Group in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The relatively new brand has found its place in the fitness industry by offering affordable home-gym equipment that supports interactive training.

They released their first ‘Flex’ Bike in early 2018, and now make an entire series of affordable ‘Connect’ bikes. Retail prices for these bikes range from $1,199 to $1,999, but you can often find the models on Echelon’s site with hundreds of dollars knocked off. The brand also makes two interactive Smart mirrors, a rower, and other fitness accessories. Their Echelon Fit app supports each of their offerings, with spinning routines, ‘Reflect’ mirror workouts, and rowing videos for every ability.

Their tech-savvy cycling equipment responds to the Peloton revolution. The difference? Their bikes have a very enticing sticker price. You still get access to interactive workouts and an online community much like the Peloton offering, but at a much lower price. Most of the bikes are “bring your own tech models”, so you have to dock your own tablet to stream interactive workouts. This is one of the reasons they can keep their costs down. You’re only paying for the bike, not the flashy tech. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly spin bike that supports interactive training, Echelon is a great option for you.

Compare our top Echelon exercise bike picks in the chart, and learn more about the models in the buying guide below.

Top 5 Best Rated Echelon Exercise Bikes

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EX-8s Connect Bike

Connect Bike EX-7S

Echelon Connect EX5

Connect EX5 Bike

GT+ Connect Bike

Echelon EX5S Connect Bike

Connect EX5S Bike


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Type refers to the style of the ride: Recumbent bikes allow you to lay back, while Upright bikes are more like road bikes (lean forward).


The flywheel in an exercise bike is what creates resistance. You can choose the level of resistance to increase your workout intensity.

32electronic magnetic323232

Display refers to the screen you'll look at to monitor workouts. LED and LCD displays are similar to TV screens.

24-inch Curved HD Touchscreen21.5"No, but Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect your mobile/tabletIntegrated tablet-holder10" or 22" HD Touchscreen

Bike Programs allow you to complete a workout with changing speeds and inclines, without changing anything manually.

Echelon Fit appEchelon FitPass0, only interactive workouts via Echelon Fit app0, only interactive workouts via Echelon Fit app0, only interactive workouts via Echelon Fit app

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Echelon Exercise Bikes Buying Guide

Since Echelon released their first bike in early 2018, they have been making affordable indoor cycles designed for interactive training. Paired with their Echelon Fit app, their bikes let you experience connected fitness from home without breaking the bank. The brand is a great choice for you if you want the Peloton experience on a tight budget. Just keep in mind that you will have to pay the ongoing monthly subscription to Echelon Fit to access the interactive training, just as you would with the Peloton or any other connected spin bike.

Learn more about each of the Echelon Connect bikes below, and read our individual model reviews for a more detailed analysis.

Echelon Connect Bikes

The Echelon Connect bikes were built for interactive training. All of the models are Bluetooth enabled. As for the design, each of the tablet holders (and the EX5S’s touchscreen) can flip 180°, allowing you to hop off your bike and try some off-machine workouts like yoga, kickboxing or Zumba. Each bike has a USB port which can be used for charging the device you use for interactive training.

Each bike is on par when it comes to resistance and flywheel weight, offering 32 levels of magnetic resistance from a 13 KG flywheel. Whatever your pedalling style, the Echelon Connect bikes can accommodate. They’re all SPD compatible with fully adjustable toe cages. The bikes are shipped with a 1-year limited parts and labor warranty, and the brand offers a 30-day return policy.

Connect EX1

Echelon EX1 Connect Bike

The Connect EX1 is Echelon’s entry-level indoor cycle. The bike is 22” wide by 42” long, and weighs 105 lbs. It features a 13 KG flywheel which gives a smooth and quiet ride through the 32 levels of resistance.  The padded seat makes for a comfortable ride even during your most intense workouts. When paired with the Echelon Fit app, you can try a range of spin workouts and scenic rides. It’s a great spin bike for new riders who are looking for a lightweight at-home indoor cycle. Experienced riders may prefer a bike with different frame positioning to mimic the feel of a road bike more closely.

Connect EX3

Echelon EX3 Connect Bike

Second in the Connect Series lineup is the EX3. Like the EX1, the EX3 is 22” wide by 42” long, and weighs 105 lbs. As well as a 13 KG flywheel and 32 levels of resistance, the EX3 boasts a competition seat with 6” lever-style adjustment, an indexing resistance adjustment knob, and a new motor for precise magnetic resistance. It’s a top-class indoor cycle for its price point, especially when it comes to interactive training at home. 

Connect EX5 

Echelon EX5 Connect Bike

Dubbed their ‘most advanced connected bike’, the Connect EX5 also features a 13 KG flywheel and 32 levels of resistance. The bike is 20” wide and 54” long, and weighs 112 lbs. Like the EX3, the EX5 features a competition seat, an indexing resistance adjustment knob, and a new motor. But where the EX1 and EX3 feature ergonomic handlebars, the EX5 features a competition Aero handlebar system. The handlebars have a different structure and shape, and the main difference between the two types is the capability of adjustment. The competition Aero handlebars allow for a greater range of movement, for either performance or comfort setup. Also, where the EX1 and EX3 have adjustable consoles to hold your tablet, the EX5 has a new smart device mount. Its more sleek arm design fits with the handlebar upgrades, which also feature dual water bottle holders.

Connect EX5S

Echelon EX5S Connect Bike

Echelon’s top-of-the-line spin bike is the Connect EX5S. Like the EX5, the bike is 20” wide and 54” long, but this model weighs 124 lbs. The most striking difference between this bike and the rest of the models is the 21.5″ HD touchscreen. It’s the only model with a built-in screen for interactive training. Like the tablet holders on the other models, the EX5S’s touchscreen can also flip 180° for you to enjoy off-bike workouts. Other than that, it’s much like the EX5 bike. A competition seat, indexing resistance adjustment knob, and new motor are all part of the package. Like the EX5, it features the competition Aero handlebar system with dual water bottle holders, and the new smart device mount for the touchscreen. Unlike the EX5 however, it features new kick guards, as well as back and front power ports.

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7 Echelon EX1 Connect Bike

Echelon Connect EX1 Bike

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