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Three women running together

Morning Workout for Weight Loss and Great Sleep When you workout first thing in the morning, your body’s better able to burn stored fat. This is especially true if you get your sweat on before breakfast. It’s shortly after waking when your cortisol and growth hormones are highest. Since both of these hormones are associated… Read More

Women working out on treadmill

Many people dread their workout routine for a simple reason. They plan on spending an hour or more at the gym, and this can be overwhelming. Adherence is key to a lasting fitness routine, and 15 minutes can prove incredibly beneficial if it means you’ll stick with it over time. Aside from a consistency standpoint,… Read More

Man on Rowing Machine

With a global pandemic disrupting supply chains around the world, the home fitness industry has been awash with updates, pricing changes, and product upgrades. Indoor rowers remain a top pick for folks deciding to ditch the commercial gym, or those who simply want options when it comes to exercise. The list of best rowing machines… Read More

Woman exercising with battle ropes

Introduction Much attention has been paid to the pre-workout routine–what to eat, the best time of day to work out, what supplements and products can give you the energy to get moving in the morning, but how about what happens after your sweat session? Post-workout routines are important, too. Taking certain steps can ensure you’re… Read More

  A completely different approach to the “Peloton Revolution” is seen when the comparing the MYX Fitness Bike and the Echelon Connect Exercise Bike series. The good news is, options are certainly abound. With the Echelon family of bikes first introduced in 2018, and the MYX Fitness Bike born in 2020, shoppers see two relatively… Read More

  The ProForm Studio Bike Pro and the Bowflex C6 Bike bring a tough choice to budget-minded bike shoppers, with a whole lot of options squeezed into a most competitive price range. Designed to deliver high-tech programming, these two bikes really differ most in terms of their virtual offerings. In terms of machinery, both offer… Read More

  The ProForm Studio Bike Pro and MYX Fitness Bike make for an interesting contrast of differences as screen size and resistance type come into play. With home fitness ever in vogue, customers are finding cooler and more tech-laden options than have ever been in the marketplace. And while both bikes offer smart screens, streaming… Read More

man and woman doing a rowing workout

Shopping for the best home cardio machines can be a bit of a trick these days. With so many great models on the market, and equipment to match any interest imaginable, it can be tough to choose. That said, knowing the different categories of cardio machines is the first step, and we’ve gone yet one… Read More

woman on elliptical

For some, using the elliptical might seem like a lazy workout option compared to a higher intensity piece of equipment, like kettlebells, treadmills, or spin bikes. But actually, this low-impact cardio machine can give you a hell of a workout–if you use it right. Elliptical machines have the unfortunate reputation as providing a “lazy” workout… Read More

Woman doing bicycle crunches

The best exercises for abs don’t just help burn calories, but rather strengthen the core muscles which stabilize the entire body. The Internet is rife with lists of workouts claiming to build supermodel abs in a matter of seconds per day, but everyone knows that nothing of value comes easy. Most lists of core exercises… Read More