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We strive to help you find the right fitness equipment to meet your needs and budget, and that’s why we’ve partnered with Horizon to keep that budget at $0. That’s right. One lucky subscriber will receive the Horizon 7.0 AT treadmill free of charge. A quality piece of cardio equipment for your home gym, this… Read More

GIrl in yellow tanktop with blue towel around neck drinking water on a beach

With temperatures rising, it can be hard to continue making your workout routine a priority while also safely beating the heat. The average temperature in the United States in the summer of 2020 was record-breaking. In fact, that summer was the fourth hottest and in the driest one-third of all summers in the historical record,… Read More

Tired woman holding a yellow cup of coffee

Although the concept is counterintuitive, exercising can give you more energy. Our natural circadian rhythm responds to the afternoon hours with increased sleepiness and decreased level of alertness for a number of reasons, primarily having to do with core body temperature. In order to enter into the deepest stages of sleep, our body temperature has… Read More

peloton vs myx fitness bike

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been regularly using both the DeskCycle elliptical and bike. These products provide a viable way to burn more calories if you otherwise are unable to perform a more traditional workout. This could be the case if you’re stuck in an office all day, face physical challenges, or are elderly. … Read More

Man and Woman Jumping Rope

Benefits of the Weighted Jump Rope Unlike a speed rope that’s designed for more rapid movement, a weighted jump rope opens up new challenges and works the body in different ways. It’s a go-to piece of equipment when I’m training two very particular types of clients.  Novice Clients When training new clients, I prefer to… Read More

Couple high fiving in workout gear

As the weather gets warmer in many parts of the country, it can be an opportune time to shift workouts from the gym or the studio to the great outdoors.Benefits of exercising outdoors include the built-in connection to nature, ability to make it into a social activity, and the fact that it is a low… Read More

Let’s face it, looking good is among the top reasons people work out and the bodybuilding diet is key to achieving that goal. We spend a lot of time reviewing and choosing the best strength training gear, but how much attention is spent on nutrition? Many a gym-goer will admit they don’t care how much… Read More

Whether hitting the weights at a commercial gym or training at home, one of the key considerations is the purpose. Some lift to gain strength, others use weights to improve athleticism, and of course we all know those that seek to improve their overall health and physical appearance. To that end, it’s worth considering the… Read More

Love handles seem impossible to conquer. These fatty deposits on the sides of the hips and obliques build up when, to put it simply, you consume more calories than you burn. While simple math dictates calories in must be less than calories out, that’s a whole lot easier said than done. Today, we’re going to… Read More

girl doing push ups

Whether seeking strength, fitness, or the physique of a champion, there’s no question people want to know the best exercises for chest. Anatomy fans will recognize the four major muscles of the chest to be the pectoralis major, pectoralis minor, serratus anterior, and subclavius. But as any gym-goer knows, chest exercises are nearly always compound… Read More