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Woman with trainer on treadmill

Choosing the Right Machine: Mitigating Body Pain Through Appropriate Exercise Machine Use

By NICKI KARIMIPOUR, PHD   Body pain can be a frustrating side effect of certain medications, overuse of muscles, aging, or a host of other factors. However, many people who suffer from body pain also want to continue getting regular exercise and may be wondering how to do that without further aggravating their bodies. Understanding… Read More

Best Meal Prep — Guide and Strategies

Meal Prepping 101   Whether to lose a few pounds for your health, or in preparation for a bodybuilding contest, the concept of meal prepping represents a solid opportunity for anyone with a goal. Meal prepping constitutes planning out and preparing the meals you’ll eat in advance, whether for the day, or perhaps even the… Read More

myx fitness bike echelon ex3 exercise bike

MYX Fitness Bike vs. Echelon Connect EX3:

Both the MYX Fitness Bike and the Echelon Connect EX3 hit the market with one thing in mind; delivering a Peloton-like experience with a lower price of entry is the name of the game. Priced within roughly $100 of each other ($1,199 for MYX, and $1,039 for Echelon, not including delivery), the bikes take two… Read More

peloton vs myx fitness bike

Peloton Vs. MYX Fitness Bike: Can a Budget Bike Compete?

The Peloton and the new MYX Fitness Bike are two stationary bikes designed to deliver an unparalleled interactive spin class workout experience straight into your home, but not all bikes are created equal. Both bikes have large HD screens, streaming programming, and other niceties to get the job done, but there are other details that… Read More

Build Your Own Home Gym From Amazon Basics Equipment

Exercising from home has a whole host of benefits. For one, it’s easy to make your home gym space hygienic with some fast and simple steps. That way, you’re escaping the hotbed of germs you will find on shared gym equipment and those lurking in the gym locker room. Then there’s the convenience aspect. You… Read More

Couple Working Out

A Starter Guide To Creating Your Own Home Gym from Amazon

With the rise of streaming workouts, it’s no surprise that more and more people are choosing to exercise in the comfort of their own homes. From strength training routines, to yoga flows, flexibility moves, there are so many types of workouts you can do in your own living room. And if you prefer your own… Read More

At Home Training

Everything You Need to Know About iFit

iFit is an innovative fitness brand that offers interactive virtual workouts with a personal training twist. A subscription to iFit opens the doors to a variety of global workouts, studio classes, and Google Maps trails across the world. You may have come across iFit in the form of interactive training software on home gym equipment… Read More

Best Home Cardio Machines for 2020

Looking for a new cardio machine to diversify your at-home training routine? There are so many different types on the market, from indoor cycles, to treadmills, to vertical climbers. Knowing what will be best for you and where to get the best deal can be overwhelming. We’ve rounded up the best cardio machines of the… Read More

woman using rowing machine

Best Rowing Machines of 2020

Looking for a new indoor rower to recharge your current at-home exercise routine? With so many types on the market—as well as the ever-growing popularity of interactive training to consider—knowing what to look for and where to get the best deal can be overwhelming. We’ve rounded up the best rowing machines of 2020 and organized… Read More

Hydrow vs. Echelon Row

Hydrow vs. Echelon Smart Rower: Which is the Best Rowing Machine?

  Interactive training has touched every corner of the fitness industry, and indoor rowers are no exception. The indoor rowing machine space has been slower to adopt immersive training than other parts of the industry such as indoor cycling. This is all changing, however. There’s now a variety of interactive rowers on the market at… Read More