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  The ProForm Studio Bike Pro and MYX Fitness Bike make for an interesting contrast of differences as screen size and resistance type come into play. With home fitness ever in vogue, customers are finding cooler and more tech-laden options than have ever been in the marketplace. And while both bikes offer smart screens, streaming… Read More

man and woman doing a rowing workout

Shopping for the best home cardio machines can be a bit of a trick these days. With so many great models on the market, and equipment to match any interest imaginable, it can be tough to choose. That said, knowing the different categories of cardio machines is the first step, and we’ve gone yet one… Read More

woman on elliptical

For some, using the elliptical might seem like a lazy workout option compared to a higher intensity piece of equipment, like kettlebells, treadmills, or spin bikes. But actually, this low-impact cardio machine can give you a hell of a workout–if you use it right. Elliptical machines have the unfortunate reputation as providing a “lazy” workout… Read More

Woman doing bicycle crunches

The best exercises for abs don’t just help burn calories, but rather strengthen the core muscles which stabilize the entire body. The Internet is rife with lists of workouts claiming to build supermodel abs in a matter of seconds per day, but everyone knows that nothing of value comes easy. Most lists of core exercises… Read More

woman with shoulder pain

Tight deltoids can develop for various reasons. They are a common sign of overuse, which often occurs within 24-72 hours of an intense arm/shoulder workout, especially if you skipped your warmup and/or didn’t get enough sleep to allow the muscles to repair. While many tend to overlook tight muscles as a mere inconvenience, there are… Read More

Introduction Wondering if you can get rid of fat in specific sections of your body such as your midsection, on your thighs, arms, or elsewhere on your body? You’re not alone. Many people are under the impression that there are certain exercises you can do to “spot treat” areas you’d like to target for fat… Read More

There’s no arguing that the fitness space is more crowded than ever, and in the larger equipment space (exercise bikes in particular), new fitness startups are popping up more frequently than we’ve ever seen before. Unlike other workout trends, there’s a level of commitment involved in adding an exercise bike to your home workout routine,… Read More

Mother’s Day has crept upon us once again. As a mom myself, I will tell you what yours definitely won’t want. She doesn’t want a gift that reminds her of housework, and flowers are just one more thing to take care of. What the active mom really wants is something to take her workouts to… Read More

If with but one wish granted by the Gym Genie, a garage could become a gym, it might very well produce either the Force USA G9 All-In-One Trainer, or the French Fitness FSR70 Dual Cable Smith & Half-Rack System. They’re both priced at $2,999, and it’s about as close a match-up as one can find…. Read More

foam rollers

The ill effects of Covid-19 linger as governments issue stimulus checks to offset the financial impact of a year in quarantine. That said, tax refunds are also soon to be issued, and this has millions of health-conscious fitness fans thinking big. Jump to: Treadmill: Horizon 7.0 AT Treadmill Bike: MYX Fitness Bike Trainer: NordicTrack Commercial… Read More