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Sole B94

Rating: 90.5%

Sole B74 Review

This product has been discontinued

This model has been discontinued. See our best alternative option, the Sole B94.

Quick Summary

The Sole B74 Upright Bike is an ergonomic and no-frills exercise bike for novices. Its web price is just $599.

Key specs for performance are an 18-pound flywheel, 20 resistance levels and 10 preset workout programs.

Elements added for comfort are gel seat cushioning, seat adjustability and oversized pedals.

Get the details from our full Sole B74 review below.

Our Rating

Rating: 73.5/100. Sole Fitness values performance over flash. This brand first earned respect by producing light commercial fitness machines, which are showcased in fine hotels worldwide, and then expanded to the home fitness market. The Sole B74 is a lightweight compared with other Sole exercise bikes. Overall it’s an entry level upright exercise bike that lets you avoid paying for extras. Its full price is $1,199 but the $599 sale price is a better match for its profile. Here are pros and cons to consider about choosing the Sole B74.


  • Steel frame
  • 18-pound drive (Good for beginners)
  • Comfortable gel seat
  • Adjustable seat (Vertically and horizontally)
  • 10 built-in workouts (Two user-defined)
  • iPod-compatible speakers
  • Wireless pulse receiver (Chest strap not included)
  • Grip pulse monitor
  • Cooling fans
  • Water bottle holder
  • Low price ($599 on sale, $1199 MSRP)
  • Compact frame (Footprint is 48” x 23”)
  • Good reputation for customer service


    • Short warranty
    • Weak speakers
    • Not powerful enough for strong cyclists
    • Not heavy enough for bigger riders (Weighs 88 pounds)

Compared with the Sole B74 an exercise bike with more power and heft might better suit your needs. That’s a challenge to find for just $599, but for $799 you can get the Sole B94. This bike is similar to the B74 but its flywheel weighs 26 pounds, the machine weighs 123 pounds, and the parts and electronics are under warranty for three years


Sole built the B74 for newcomers to indoor cycling. Unlike competitors at its $599 sale price, this upright bike is built from steel instead of plastic, so we don’t see many complaints about broken parts.

It cares for riders’ comfort with a gel seat and ergonomic pedals. It’s household-friendly too; the B74 demands little space and operates quietly with friction-free magnetic resistance. Ten workout programs are included.

Workout Programs

Lose weight and build strength with built-in training support. The Sole B74 provides six standard bike workouts such as “Hill” and two workout programs that are controlled by your heart rate. There’s also room to save two bike workouts that you design.

Exercise Bike Features

Bike seats matter! The more comfortable you feel, the longer you can exercise. The Sole B74 bike seat has a gel top for comfort.

The preset workouts and exercise data are shown on a 7.5” screen.

Music can motivate, so the Sole B74 supports your favorite tunes. It has an iPod-compatible port and speakers.

For heart rate monitoring the bike is compatible with a wireless chest strap (not included). A contact pulse monitor is built into the frame..

To help keep your body cool, the Sole B74 has a water bottle holder and fans.

To make transport easier, this bike has attached wheels.

Warranty & Guarantee

The Sole B74 upright bike warranty includes:

– Frame: Lifetime
– Parts: 1 Year
– Electronics: 1 Year
– Labor: 1 year


The Sole B74 is a sensible choice when your exercise bike budget is low. Sole Fitness has focused on providing the best components possible for the price instead of adding attention-getting extras. This bike isn’t as robust as the typical Sole product, but it’s more durable than its $599 competitors.

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