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XTERRA ERG650W Water Rower Review

Quick Take

The ERG650W is XTERRA’s top-spec water rower. Much like its slightly lower-spec sibling—the ERG600W—this rower is well equipped for its $899 price. Highlights include 6 water-based resistance levels and 15 programmed workouts built into its 5.5” LCD console. The variable water resistance will provide enough challenge for just about any trainee. Resistance is determined via user effort, and unlike the ERG600W, this rower’s tank is angled at 45-degrees for an increased range of resistance. You can fold it vertically against a wall after use too, but stability isn’t sacrificed for this feature. The ERG650W features a solid steel frame with dual aluminum slide rails and can hold up to 350 lbs. The manufacturer’s confidence in the durability and quality of the machine is illustrated by the impressive lifetime frame warranty; something which is few and far between these days. Explore the XTERRA ERG650W water rower in more detail below.


Variable Water Resistance
Preset Programs


Resistance Adjustments
No Interactive Training

Our Review

With the ERG600W and ERG650W, XTERRA have created two impressively high-quality water rowing machines that won’t break the bank. You get a lot of bang for your buck with these machines. Solid steel frames and dual aluminum rail systems make for a smooth and stable row. The ERG650W can hold up to 350 pounds: 50 pounds more than the ERG600W. Although it’s a sturdy rower, it’s easy to move around with the built-in transport wheels. You can also fold the frame vertically against a wall for storage after workouts.


Both rowers also have 6 water-based resistance levels determined by the amount of water in the tank. It will be enough to challenge most trainees because the resistance is basically down to user effort. The faster and more intensely you row, the harder the challenge will be. The levels of adjustability allow you to alter the feel of the rowing stroke. Much like the ERG600W, these adjustments have to be done manually. You have to fill or remove water from the tank to adjust the resistance. This rower is slightly easier to adjust than the ERG600W, however. The ERG650W’s tank is angled at 45-degrees and described as ‘easy-fill’. As well as making it easier to adjust the water level, this angled design allows for an increased range of resistance. Although manual adjustments are not ideal, it’s not a huge problem here. Once you find a suitable level you feel comfortable with, you’ll likely stick to that anyway. 


As well as the tank design, there are some other differences between the two rowers. The ERG650W’s console features 15 workout programs for you to diversify your training; that’s 10 more than the ERG600W. Like the ERG600W, this rower only features onboard workouts; you won’t be able to connect your tablet for interactive training. This also means, however, that you won’t be tied to ongoing subscription costs. It does have a device holder if you want to dock your phone or tablet to row along to YouTube rowing videos though. Although simple, the 5.5″ LCD monitor still displays all your essential workout data including pulse if you connect your own wireless chest strap (sold separately). It displays more data than the ERG600W’s console, adding drag force and watts into the mix. Its programmable modes include: Quick Start, 5 Standard Modes, 4 Target Goals, 3 Work/Rest Modes, 4 Custom Work/Rest Modes, Repeats, and Race. It also has a slightly higher seat (15″ high as opposed to the ERG600W’s 13.5” high seat) for easier access. A lifetime frame warranty (and 2 years on parts) is another impressive addition to the package. Explore the pros and cons of the XTERRA ERG650W rower below.



  • Price: At just $899, the ERG650W is affordable for such a high-quality water rower.
  • Storage: You can fold up the ERG650W vertically against a wall after workouts. It also has transport wheels for easy portability.
  • Sleek Design: Its practical but modern design will complement any home gym.
  • Resistance: The 6 levels of water-based resistance allow you to find your perfect rowing stroke. The 45-degree angled tank delivers an increased range of resistance. It will offer enough challenge and variety for most trainees.
  • Quiet: It features a belt instead of a chain drive, delivering a smooth and quiet row.
  • Comfort Features: It has many comfort features including a raised, contoured seat, adjustable Flex Pedals, and a padded rowing handle.
  • Workout Data: The ERG650W’s 5.5” LCD console looks basic, but it provides a good variety of workout data including performance measurements such as drag force and watts. It’s adjustable (height and angle) too.
  • Preset Workouts: The ERG650W has 15 programmable training modes. This allows you to mix up your training routine without committing to fitness app costs.
  • Sturdy Build: The aluminum and solid steel construction makes for a stable row. The ERG650W rower can hold up to 350 pounds.
  • Heart-Rate Monitoring: Connect your own Bluetooth heart-rate strap to track your pulse wirelessly.
  • Warranty: The warranty is impressive. It includes lifetime coverage on the frame, 2 years on parts, and 1 year on labor.



  • Resistance Adjustments: You have to manually adjust the water resistance on the ERG650W. You do this by removing or adding water to the tank. Although not great, this isn’t a huge deal as you will probably find a level you prefer and stick with it.
  • No Interactive Training: You can’t connect the XTERRA ERG650W’s console to third-party apps for interactive training or workout data transfer. You do have 15 preset workouts to enjoy, however, and you won’t be tied to pricey ongoing subscription costs.

Our Conclusion

The XTERRA ERG650W is a solid water rower that doesn’t break the bank. Much like its slightly lower-spec sibling, it prioritizes quality and durability over tech-savvy bells and whistles. Interactive training isn’t a feature of this rower, but you do get 15 preset workouts to mix up your fitness routine. There’s also wireless heart-rate monitoring so you can attain more in-depth workout feedback to make your sessions more efficient. The variable water resistance will offer enough challenge for most trainees, and the foldable design means this rower will also suit most home gyms.


One thing to consider however, is whether you’re willing to pay the $300 extra for this rower as opposed to the $599 ERG600W. On this rower you get 10 more pre-programmed workouts and better data feedback, a slightly different tank design (for increased resistance), and a better warranty. These features may be worth the additional few hundred dollars for you, but if saving money is your top priority you could easily opt for the ERG600W and get a similar rowing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does the ERG650W Water Rower weigh?
A: The XTERRA ERG650W rower weighs 76 lbs.
Q: What is the weight capacity of the ERG650W Water Rower?
A: The XTERRA ERG650W rower can hold up to 350 lbs.
Q: Does the XTERRA ERG650W rower fold?
A: The XTERRA ERG650W does not fold in half but does fold vertically against a wall for easy storage.

Rating: 89%

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Dimensions (inches)

79.5" L x 20.7" W x 33.9" H



Maximum User Weight Capacity

350 lbs

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