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CITYROW GO Classic Review

The Synopsis

Direct from the CITYROW GO line of exercise equipment comes the Classic, and fitness fans seeking that nexus of quality and simplicity should consider a look at the under-$1,500 unit. Compacted, connected, and yet completely cordless, the CITYROW GO Classic features a stand-and-store design and is built using sustainability-minded wood. Powered by the original WaterFlywheel from WaterRower, the wood and powder-coated rower affords the very real feel of hitting the river in your own home.


Great price
Unique water-resistance system


Interactive screen not included
Water-resistance system requires some effort to maintain
Assembly required

Our Review

Rowers are undoubtedly among the most popular pieces of home exercise equipment on the market today, and with technology advancing at the nano pace, more options keep coming along. The CITYROW GO rowers come in both the Max and Classic format, with the former priced at $2,195, and the latter at $1,495. The most glaring difference between the two models is the Max comes complete with an integrated 19.5-inch touchscreen while the Classic is a bring-your-own-screen machine. That said, it does match up well with competing rowers such as the Sole SR500, which at a MSRP of $1,799 can be found online for $999.

Made of sustainable American Ash wood and black powder-coated aluminum, the CITYROW GO Classic measures 83.5 inches long, by 22.25 inches wide, and 45.25 inches high. Smaller and more compact than the Sole SR500, which measures 94 inches long, by 18 inches wide, and 46 inches high, the Classic can be folded up and stored at a depth of 24 inches, 22.25 inches in width, and 83.5 inches in height. Users up to 375 pounds in weight, and having up to a 39-inch inseam, will find the machine suitable.

One of the defining features of the CITYROW GO line-up is its water-based resistance system. Designed to afford users the rushing whir of water passing by oars aboard a wood and metal craft, the feel of the rower is unique and truly classic. Completely dry, the unit weighs 61 pounds, but when filled with water for the WaterFlywheel, it weighs in at 98 pounds. Equipped with a custom QuickStart WaterRower monitor, the machine is fully-equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, and can display real-time performance data, or pair seamlessly with another device, be it smartphone, tablet, or even smart television set. Another unique feature is the fact that machine requires no outlet, but in point of fact comes with long-lasting recharable batteries, meaning the relatively compact little unit can be moved just about anywhere. Meanwhile, the Sole SR500 is likewise equipped with a relatively small 5.5-inch blue backlit LED screen. As opposed to water, it operates against air and magnetic resistance, which means for about the same price the customer has the choice between genuinely different experiences in terms of the feel.

Irrespective of the screen used, the CITYROW GO Classic Rower comes complete with the subscription-based CITYROW GO app which affords users access to hundreds of on-demand classes taught by professional trainers from their New York City studio. Classes range from Signature HIIT and Power Row, to Total Body Strength, with new courses uploaded daily.

Light assembly of the unit is required as it ships in two separate boxes. A 5mm allen wrench, syphon pump, water purificatoin tablets, are included with the package, and the rower comes with a free upgrade to a five-year warranty on the wooden frame, and three-year warranty on all components with product registration.


  • CITYROW GO app included: Hundreds of workout programs led by professional trainers, and more added daily.
  • Water-based resistant: Unique water-based resistance offers the sound and feel of live rowing.
  • Attractive machine: Built with sustainable American Ash wood and powder-coated aluminum.
  • Solid Unit: Handles up to 375 pounds in user weight, and accommodates up to 39-inch inseams in leg length.
  • Fold-And-Store Design: The unique design allows users to stand the rower upright for storage.
  • Battery-powered: Rechargeable batteries allow a cordless unit to be used anywhere.
  • Warranty: The CITYROW GO Classic upgrades to a 5-year frame warranty, and 3-year guarantee on components with product registration.


  • No interactive screen included: A small display is affixed to the rower, otherwise it’s bring-your-own screen.

Our Conclusion

At $1,495, the attractive wood rower with water-resistance is a darn good buy relative to the competition. Rivals like the Sole SR500 typically retail for more. Whether one likes, or dislikes, the water-resistance system would be the big question. Otherwise, the issue of the interactive screen is fixed simply enough given that most users today have plenty of alternative options already within their home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the rower require electricity?
A: No, the unit comes with rechargeable batteries.
Q: How do I get water into the rower?
A: In addition to instructions, the unit comes with a syphon pump and water purification tablets.
Q: Am I limited to the built-in programs?
A: The machine's monitor is Bluetooth-enabled. The only officially supported connection is with the CITYROW GO app (subscription required), but the machine is fully functional without the app.

Rating: 93%

Resistance Type




Dimensions (inches)

83.5" L x 22.25" W x 45.25" H



Maximum User Weight Capacity

375 lbs

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