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Water and wood combine for a high-tech, multi-sensory rowing experience by way of the CITYROW GO Max Rower. Part of the CITYROW GO series of machines, the Max Rower comes complete with a 19.5-inch, sweat-proof, interactive screen and the latest in Bluetooth connectivity. High-quality speakers offer a surround-sound effect for the trainer-led workouts, all performed by way of a unique Water FlyWheel which is designed to replicate the feel of pulling oars through water. Complete data feedback is also afforded users as they keep track of their progress, making the CITYROW GO Max Rower a top deck option for the home fitness enthusiast.


19.5" interactive screen
Water-based resistance
Storage friendly


Pricier than other models
Shorter warranty

Our Review

Designed around the question, “Why spin when you can row,” the CITYROW GO Max closes the gap between imagination and reality with both its unique feel and multi-sensory technology. Meanwhile, there’s no questioning the value of rowing as a home exercise. Researchers at Harvard University’s Medical School have demonstrated that even a 125-pound user can burn up to 255 calories in just 30 minutes with a vigorous rowing workout. And the heavier the user, the more calories are burnt, with 185-pound users working off 377 in the same time. This really does help answer the question of why row versus other types of exercise in that it hits more body parts with both resistance and cardio. But as with all home exercise, often the biggest obstacle to getting this done is simply doing it. The CITYROW GO Max makes that an easier sell with a number of its features, which match up quite well to the Hydrow Rower.

In addition to the rower itself, users get the benefit of professional trainers coaching them by way of the 19.5-inch, interactive screen, where thousands of live studio classes can be participated in, including Endurance Row, Signature HIIT, and Restorative Yoga. Meanwhile, new programs are generated daily to suit a diverse range of interests and people. Data provided users includes: Meters rowed; split time; personal records and badges; and total classes and minutes. And the rower is built with sustainability in mind. A beautiful piece, the frame itself is crafted form sustainable American Ash wood and black-powder coated aluminum. The attached 19.5-inch touchscreen comes with two 10-watt speakers and Bluetooth connectivity for headsets, monitors, or the user’s own devices. The screen can swivel up to 30 degrees to suit any positioning required. Meanwhile, the Hydrow Rower does feature a 22-inch screen which swivels 25 degrees.

Built for the space-conscious home, the rower in use measures 83.5 inches long, by 22.25 inches wide, and stands only 45.25 inches high. But with one quick switch up, the stand-and-store rower folds into a stored depth of 24 inches, some 22.25 inches wide, and 83.5 inches in height. Completely dry, the unit weighs 75 pounds, but when filled with water weighs 112 pounds. A bit more compact than the Hydrow Rower, which measures 86 by 25 inches, both afford  users up to 375 pounds. Home users can note that the rower also comes with a power adapter and cable. Connectivity with WiFI or an ethernet cable system is required.

The CITYROW GO systems utilize their patented Water FlyWheel system, which provides a water-based resistance as opposed to magnetic or weights. The effect is such that users can feel the rush of the water with every stroke, which does provide a very realistic rowing experience. The rower comes with a 5-year warranty on the machine itself which is priced at $2,195, with financing plans available.


  • Great Interactive Screen: At 19.5 inches, the sweat-proof screen is definitely among the larger units on the market.
  • Water FlyWheel: The water-based resistance gives a unique feel to the rowing experience.
  • Thousands of trainer-led classes: With variety to suit any user and new courses added daily.
  • High-Tech: Bluetooth connectivity allows for multiple accessories.
  • Multi-position screen: The interactive monitor can swivel up to 30 degrees.
  • Space Efficient: The stand-and-store design allows users to utilize the rower in multiple locations.
  • Good Sound System: Two 10-watt speakers provide a surround sound appeal.
  • Light-Weight Unit: The rower dry weighs 75 pounds, and only 112 pounds when filled, for easy movement.
  • Great Size Capacity: The unit affords a maximum user weight of 375 pounds, and users with up to 39-inch inseams.
  • Sustainability-minded: Built with American Ash wood.


  • Water Requirements: Users must fill the rower with water.

Our Conclusion

At $2,195, the rower comes in a little higher than some of its competitors, but is right on par with the Hydrow Rower at $2,199. That said, the big plus for the CITYROW GO Max Rower is the 19-inch screen and associated content. The 5-year warranty is lower than competing models which normally hover around the 10-year mark, but all in all, this is a unique machine with the water-based resistance and larger interactive display. We’d mark it a little lower than the Hydrow Row due to its slightly longer warranty of 6 years, and larger screen, but offer that the CITYROW GO Max Rower has unique features such as the wood frame and more compact size that makes for buyer’s choice.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is an internet connection required?
A: Yes, either WiFi or ethernet.
Q: Can I use my own device instead of the screen?
A: No, but there is a mobile companion app for use off rower. If you're interested in using your own screen, check out the CITYROW GO Classic Rower.
Q: Will this store my workout data?
A: Yes, the CITYROW GO programs offer workout feedback and data storage.

Rating: 90%

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Resistance Level




Dimensions (inches)

83.5" L x 22.5" W x 45.25" H



Maximum User Weight Capacity

375 lbs

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