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Best TRX Workout Gear for 2022

After 15 years in the market, TRX workouts have gone from a niche system to having a presence in countless commercial and home gyms around the globe. First conceived by Navy SEAL Squadron Commander Randy Hetrick while on deployment back in 1997, it took Randy another 8 years to take the product from field workout to commercial product, but the idea quickly caught on and quickly became a popular addition to both strength training and cardio workouts.

The real challenge is sifting through the wide array of gear on offer from TRX. Equipment bundles, complete home, pro, and tactical-focused training systems—there’s a lot on offer. After taking time to review, We’ve narrowed down the field, providing insight on which bundles or packages are best suited to your workout goals and available space. Unlike many other lists we’ve covered, this is less about ranking the kits from best to worst, and more about getting into what kit works best for who.

Best Overall

TRX Home2 System

Rating: 84%

Best TRX Workout Gear



Anchor Type

Resistance Bands

App Included



Best Basic trx home2 system
TRX Home2 System

Door And Suspension

Pro Grade TRX Pro 4 system
TRX PRO4 System

Door And Suspension

Strength Training Focus trx builder bundle
TRX Builder Bundle

Xmount (structural)

trx rip trainer
TRX Rip Trainer


trx roller bundle
TRX Rocker Bundle

Door And Suspension


TRX Workout Gear: What You Need To Know

At a basic level, TRX is all about bodyweight exercise, executed in a way that’s both simple and incredibly clever. It’s not a replacement for all other strength training equipment, but rather a very useful supplement to your overall health and fitness routine. The core of the kit is the suspension straps, which have been thoughtfully designed to act as both hand and foot holds depending on the workout motion at hand. All kits come with some sort of mounting system, allowing the straps to be attached to either a door frame or some sort of overhead position in your workout space.


One of the things we especially like about TRX is the level of support that comes along with buying any of their systems or bundles. Users get a year’s subscription the the TRX app, which is jam packed with instructional workout videos (updated regularly). As simple as the system is, getting the most out of your workout takes some guidance, so it’s nice to know that you’ll be covered in that respect. On the TRX website, the brand also frequently adds new instruction in all sorts of categories, including strength training, HIIT, and even TRX yoga. These videos can be accessed without a subscription. After a year of ownership, an annual TRX app subscription is only $49, which is a far cry from the $39/month fees we see from many other fitness subscription services out there.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is TRX workout gear worth it?
A: If you use it, absolutely. The biggest challenge with any exercise equipment is getting oneself into the habit of using it.
Q: Can you build muscle with just TRX workout gear?
A: Strength for sure, but the TRX gear isn't likely to produce larger muscles or bulk of any kind. Think gymnast as opposed to powerlifter.
Q: Can I do TRX workouts everyday?
A: Depending on your workout routine, absolutely. The great thing about TRX is you can coordinate body splits the same way you would with barbells as the exercises are so diverse.
Q: What are the benefits of TRX training?
A: The biggest benefit is strength training and conditioning without the high-impact stress of barbells.
Q: How long does it take to see results from TRX workouts?
A: This largely depends on your fitness level, but you'll certainly notice a pump from the very beginning.
Q: Is TRX training a full body workout?
A: Yes, TRX training affords one the opportunity to hit every muscle in the body.
Q: Is TRX training good for weight loss?
A: Yes, by increasing activity one heightens their metabolic rate and burns calories.
Q: What should I consider when choosing TRX workout gear?
A: Where in your home or gym it will go. Keep in mind a solid mounting is required.

1. TRX Home2 System

The Home2 System is the basic package around which most TRX bundles are built, and it’s the recommended jumping-off point if you just want to keep things simple. You get the suspension trainer, door and suspension anchors, and a mesh carry/travel bag. Also, the company offers free shipping and a 6-year warranty on the product.

2. TRX PRO4 System

By upgrading to the TRX PRO4 System, the biggest difference here is in overall construction. The brand went with seriously over-engineered hardware and stronger stitching, as well as tossing in an extension set as part of the kit. This is more geared towards those setting up TRX in a professional gym setting, where the TRX rig is going to be used for hours on end, day after day.

Big benefits to this system include the adjustable foot cradles, theft-resistant carabiner, and mesh carry bag. As a heavier-duty product, it also includes barrel lock adjusters, suspension and door anchor, as well as a TRX Xtender.

Shoppers should note this unit comes with free shipping and a 10-year warranty.

3. TRX Builder Bundle

For those more focused on the strength training side of things, the Builder Bundle adds in a couple of smart perks for a minor premium over the standard Home2 kit. First off, their beefed up XMount bolts into your ceiling or wall (into structure/studs), allowing for a more permanent installation of your TRX kit. In addition, the brand rolls in four levels of resistance bands, in case they aren’t currently a part of your home workout kit.

4. TRX Rip Trainer

The Rip Trainer is something a little different from TRX, and something that stands well on its own, or as a complement to a TRX Home2 system. To explain it simply, you’re looking at a weighted bar with a heavy resistance cord, designed for a variety of strength training movements often involving rotation. Like the rest of the TRX system there’s ample video instruction on their site and through the app.

This unit includes a door anchor, medium resistance cord, and a safety strap.

5. TRX Rocker Bundle

Similar to the Builder Bundle, this kit takes the Home2 system, and adds resistance bands alongside TRX’s cleverly designed roller. Rather than a round roller—the more common and logical design—this unit has three curved ‘rocker’ sides with three different intensities of ridging. The idea here is to work your way up from mellow to aggressive when rolling out after your workout.

It’s a thoughtful setup and one that we’d recommend in a bundle if you don’t already have a good roller at home. That said, to buy it separately you’re looking at $45, which is a pretty steep sticker price. That said, the purchase includes four different grades of bands: X-Lite, Lite, Medium, and Heavy.