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Best Sport Headphones of 2019

You might be asking yourself, what are the differences between headphones for running, sport, and working out? The truth is we are all very picky about the types of headphones we use for what purpose. Would you take your hundred dollar beats headphones running with you, or perhaps sweat in them? Companies have recognized that we like to split up our headphones based on where we want to go and what we want to do.

Sport headphones work well in a variety of conditions but aren’t specialized like workout or running headphones are. These headphones are both wired and wireless and many users have raved about them regardless of power source. Some people are pretty picky about having headphones specifically for the gym or running. If you’re not one of these people, then these sport headphones will work best for you.

Without further ado, here are our recommendations for the best sport headphones on the market:

The Best In-Ear Headphones

ROVKING Sport Headphones 

 It’s difficult to find a pair of wired headphones that take phone calls that aren’t headphones of any sort. The Rovking’s basically cover all the features of wireless headphones regardless of size and are pretty simple in general. The areas of the headphones where sweat might accumulate are small, unlike larger headphones.

The Rovking’s earbuds are small to start out but they come with a variety of sizes to suit different sized ears. While most Bluetooth headphones have some sort of strap that wraps around their ear, the Rovkings are simply in-ear like the classics.See Best Price


The MDRAS800AP, if you can get past its long name, is a very reliable piece of Sony hardware. They come in two different configurations—bluetooth and wired depending on your preference. Downloading the SmartKey app on your smart device will give you further access to personalize the MDRAS800AP’s audio and microphone capabilities.

These headphones are actually splash-resistant, which is different from something else that might be proof. Splash resistant means water is repelled away from the headphones and keeps liquids from seeping into the delicate electronics. Overall, one thing you shouldn’t do with these headphones is go swimming. However, going through puddles or light rain shouldn’t be a problem.See Best Price

SENSO Bluetooth Headphones

The Senso Bluetooth Headphones are similar in design the wireless headphones we’ve already reviewed, but why are they so popular? Apart from being remarkably cheap and the option of a warranty (for a small price increase), the Senso’s deliver some pretty nice sound quality. You’d think you’re wearing over the ear, noise-canceling headphones when in fact the Senso’s are just that good of quality.

Their battery life is also quite appealing, delivering close to eight hours of music with only a one and half hour charge time. They also have a small light on the front that indicates when the headphones are searching for a Bluetooth connection, when the battery is charging, and when it is charged.See Best Price


Philips ActionFit

Philips makes its entry to the headphone world with the ActionFit, a superb looking piece of hardware that is adjustable according to the user’s ear. Combined with the ability to switch out earbuds, there’s no doubt that these headphones are made to be comfortable. Plus, a right angle connected will keep the cord straightened out and keep it from fraying over time.

The ActionFit gives you the option of purchasing a version with or without the microphone. The latter version is going to be more expensive no doubt, but it’s easier than reaching down and pressing the buttons on your smart device in your pocket during your workout/run.
See Best Price

Swimbuds SPORT

The Swimbuds are the most unique pair of headphones on our list because they are specialized for swimming above 3.05 meters. This also means that they are sealed tight to prevent any sort of water or moisture getting in the interior of the headphones. The cord is also half as long as normal workout cords which makes it perfect for a shoulder strap, one-piece suit. You can expect water and bubbles to interfere with the sound to some extent, but not on the level that it would become uncomfortable.

If you’re looking to take these outside the pool, it would be a good idea to invest in an armband that can hold your smart device, otherwise the cord won’t reach far enough to connect.See Best Price


The Best On-Ear Headphones

SoundBot SB221

The SoundBot SB221’s are some pretty nifty headphones that minimalize much of the bulk that comes with traditional headphones. As a result, much of the play/pause and volume controls are on one of the ear cuffs. The band that connects the two ear cuffs is the only “wiring” that you’ll have to deal with.

Because they are classified as “headphones” and not “earphones”, they have extra battery life but are still element and sweat resistant. These headphones would be a game changer for those looking to completely engross themselves in their music.See Best Price

Skullcandy Grind

Skullcandy is well-known brand and their products are certainly not limited to your friends that perform in punk bands or spend all day at the skatepark. The Grind’s

The Grind’s aren’t the best in terms of water/sweat resistance, and they’ll probably be your last choice for taking on a run. That’s why they’re perfect for low-intensity days.See Best Price

Koss KSC75

The Koss KSC75 are a classic throwback to some of the early days of headphones. These headphones don’t just remain on your ear, they adjust to the movements of your ear with pivoting joints. These headphones would be ideal for running or warm up where you’re moving your head or body around.

While it is a corded headphone, make no mistake that the KSC75’s don’t aren’t lacking sound quality. With a cushioned earphone, you’re sure to be comfortable no matter what exercise you’re engaged in.See Best Price

Koss SportaPro

The SportaPros are similar in design to the KSC75’s but feature a headband for increased stability during exercise. As a result, they can be worn atop or behind your head. They are also quite easy to pack if you plan on taking them on trips. Most head or earphones can get tangled or crushed if placed against larger objects. The SportaPros fold neatly to accommodate any position.

The sound quality of the SportaPros is absolutely astounding. Seeing that these are indeed stereo headphones, you can expect to be totally engrossed in your favorite tunes.See Best Price