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Best Sport Headphones of 2021

Some people are pretty picky about having headphones designed specifically for one type of workout. If you’re not one of these people, then a more versatile pair of sport headphones such as the ones below will do the trick. Brands have recognized this need for an inclusive pair of headphones that can do it all. You can now find plenty of such all-rounder models on the market, all packed with different features and at different price points. The best sport headphones should work well in a variety of conditions. Our top five recommended sport headphones for 2020 below will take you from the gym (or even the pool) to the street. You’ll find both wired and wireless options, on-ear and in-ear models, and pairs with or without hands-free capability on the list.

Best Overall



Rating: 90%

Our Top Five Recommended Sport Headphones



Color Options

Splash Resistant




Best Overall
Sony MDRAS800AP headphones
Best For Swimming
Swimbuds Sport Headphones
Swimbuds Sport
Best On-Ear
Skullcandy Grind headphones
Skullcandy Grind
SENSO Bluetooth Headphones
SENSO Bluetooth Headphones
Phillips ActionFit earhook headphones
Philips ActionFit

1. Sony MDRAS800AP

The Sony MDRAS800AP headphones are a high-quality, reliable pair of headphones which will take you from the gym to the street. They come in two different configurations—Bluetooth or wired depending on your preference. Downloading the SmartKey app on your smart device will give you further access to personalize the MDRAS800AP’s audio and microphone capabilities. This in-line remote and microphone feature allows you to answer calls on the go. They throw in a carrying pouch, cable adjuster, and clip too. The splash-resistant design means you never have to worry about sweat leaking in and damaging the product or if you’re caught in a light shower mid-run. Although not waterproof, water and sweat is still repelled away from the headphones to protect the delicate electronics. As for comfort, they have a 2-way wearing style depending on what feels more secure and comfortable to you. The hybrid silicone earbuds allow you to listen purely in-ear, and the attached arc supporters can be used for a more snug fit during your most vigorous routines. You can also position the cables up and over each ear and behind the neck during these more strenuous sessions.


High Quality
Bluetooth or Wired Option
2-Way Wearing Style

2. Swimbuds Sport

Want to listen to your favorite motivating playlists in the pool? The Swimbuds are the most specialized pair of headphones on our list because they can be used when swimming above 3.05 meters. Sealed tight to prevent any sort of water or moisture getting in the interior of the headphones, you’ll get all the 3rd gen HydroBeat optimized sound without the worry that water will damage the delicate electronics. Of course sound quality is sacrificed slightly for the waterproof feature as expected. Designed for swimmers, the 40cm cord is half as long as normal headphone cords. This makes it perfect for clipping onto the shoulder strap of your swimsuit or the back of your googles. If you plan on using these earphones outside the pool too, it would be a good idea to invest in an armband that can hold your smart device, otherwise the cord won’t reach far enough to connect. As for comfort, 11 pairs of earbud tips in 4 different styles are included so you can find a snug fit for your ear. If you’re a swimmer, these headphones will be a motivating addition to your workouts.


Diverse Fit Options
Short Cord


Sound Quality

3. Skullcandy Grind

The Skullcandy Grind headphones are an uber comfortable on-ear model suitable for low-intensity workouts. Although very affordable, they are constructed from high-quality components and materials which deliver a top-notch sound with powerful bass and warm vocals. There’s a button on the headphones which lets you take calls or switch tracks so you don’t need to reach for your device on the go. The plush foam ear pads mean you can listen to music or podcasts for hours in comfort, so they’re ideal for longer workouts. They aren’t the best in terms of water or sweat resistance, and they’ll probably be your last choice for taking on a run. Given this, they are best for low-intensity workouts, walks, and long hikes. For these types of exercises, they’re the perfect workout partner.


Great Sound


Not Very Water/Sweat Resistant
Low-Intensity Workouts Only

4. SENSO Bluetooth Headphones

Looking for a pair of affordable wireless earphones that can handle even your toughest workouts? The SENSO Bluetooth headphones with built-in microphone won’t disappoint. The sound quality is seamless due to the CVC 6.0 noise suppression technology: you’d think you’re wearing over the ear, noise-canceling headphones with this model. As they are completely sweatproof—with an IPX-7 waterproof rating—you won’t need to worry about damaging the electronics even during your toughest sweat-dripping routines. Their battery life is also stellar, delivering close to eight hours of music with less than two hours of charge time. They come with various silicone earbuds in different sizes and flexible ear hooks so you can find a comfortable and secure fit. At just $20 to $25, they are an absolute steal.


High-Quality Sound



5. Philips ActionFit

The Philips ActionFit earhook headphones are a comfortable and lightweight pair of in-ear earphones from a reliable brand. Designed for comfort, these earphones have adjustable earhooks and come with a variety of soft silicon caps so you can find the right fit. Plus, the way they are designed, the cord will remain straight so it doesn’t fray over time. The high-quality sound is generated by 9mm drivers. They don’t have a microphone, but we aren’t complaining when you look at the affordable price tag. Some people may even prefer this option. They’re sweat resistant and rainproof so they’re ideal for any type of exercise whether that’s hitting the gym or going for a run outdoors.


Secure Fit


No Microphone