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Best Fitness Mirrors

Welcome to the brave new world of workout tech. Tired of watching YouTube workouts on your smart TV or iPad? Looking for better tracking, improved metrics, or increased personal guidance in your workout journey? Enter the fitness mirror. These units deliver on all the things that a simple video cannot. Hiding a high definition screen behind a tall (typically 6-foot) mirror, These units stream live and/or on-demand workout sessions, often tracking your heart rate as well as your reps and form in the process. Between the fact that not everyone can afford a personal trainer, and also that many gyms/personal trainers are not in operation while the pandemic rages on, these fitness mirrors arrive as a price-conscious substitute. Yes, the initial cash outlay to get started can be steep, but in the long run those costs are drastically offset by what you would be spending on workout classes and/or personal training sessions every month.

Best Overall

NordicTrack Vault

Rating: 88%

Best Fitness Mirrors



Workout Types



Monthly Fee



Best Overall Nordictrack-vault-review
NordicTrack Vault

Strength, Yoga, Recovery, Mobility, Stretching, And Hiit

72.65” H X 24.25” W X 14” D



Most Programming Options Echelon FItness 50" Smart Mirror with touch interface showcasing different categories of fitness activity.
Echelon Reflect

Strength, Meditation , Pilates, Core, Boxing, Cardio, Yoga, Tone, And Stretching

47.75" H X 24" W X 2"d



Best Value tempo studio
Tempo Studio

Strength, Cardio, Recovery, Hiit, And Mobility

72" H X 26" W X 16" D




50+ Types

52.6" H X 21.1" W X 1.7" D





50.9" H X 21.5" W (depth N/a)



Why Buy a Fitness Mirror?

To put it simply, fitness mirrors aren’t for everyone, but they are a welcome addition to the fitness category nonetheless. If you’re considering purchasing one, we suggest you take a moment to review the breakdown below.

A fitness mirror might be for you if:

  • You live in an apartment or smaller home that doesn’t have room for a treadmill or exercise bike.
  • Your fitness goals including improving strength and tone, as well as weight loss, mobility, etc.
  • You get bored when doing the same thing over and over again when working out.
  • You aren’t always super motivated to work out, and like the workout class model.
  • You like being able to track your progress and see your overall health improve.
  • You want to improve your recovery/stretching plan, but don’t know where to start.

A fitness mirror, both individually and collectively works towards all of the targets above, and then some, and as you can see from this guide, each mirror has its own benefits and quirks. Which one is right for you will really come down to goals and interests above all else.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I watch other programming on a fitness mirror?
A: Generally fitness mirrors are locked to only run their respective app software.
Q: Are fitness mirrors expensive?
A: Compared to spin bikes and treadmills, fitness mirrors can be a little pricey. They can range from Roughly $1,500 to $3,000.
Q: Can the mirror see you?
A: In some cases, fitness mirrors use a camera similar to what the Nintendo Wii uses to track your movement and provide feedback. It's their way of monitoring your form during a workout. That said, they don't record full video, it's more of a motion capture technology.

1. NordicTrack Vault

The NordicTrack Vault is currently the newest competitor in the fitness mirror space, taking position as both one of the most comprehensive ones, as well as being the most expensive on this list. Available in either Standalone of Complete configurations, the vault can be had as an empty storage unit that can be filled with your own workout gear, or as a complete kit that includes weights, resistance bands, yoga blocks, and other goodies. It’s nice to see an established pillar brand in the category get into the mix, as some consumers still remain weary of the longevity of some of the other startups in the category.

Really the key stumbling blocks of the Vault come down to pricing for the fully loaded unit ($2,999), and the lack of form monitoring, which means users have to self-monitor their form when lifting/stretching etc.

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Swivel design
Established brand


Delivery timeline

2. Echelon Reflect

The Echelon Reflect arrived as an earlier entrant to the space, which comes as little surprise considering how focused the brand is on the interactive training space. Offered in two sizes (the 50″ screen, and a smaller 40″ variant), this unit can either be wall-mounted or left freestanding on its rolling base. If space is a point of concern, this is a solid option, as it isn’t really any bigger than a typical flatscreen TV (hung in portrait format rather than landscape).

In terms of programming, the offerings are extensive. All told, 9 categories of workouts are on offer, including strength, meditation , pilates, core, boxing, cardio, yoga, tone, and stretching. Its classes are available both live and on-demand, with the catalog growing on a regular basis.

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Workout options
Compact design


No gear included

3. Tempo Studio

One of our favorite upstarts in the category, Tempo Studio is the affordable freestanding competitor to the NordicTrack Vault. It comes with all the weights and gear you could possibly need, it tracks your movement to make sure you’re lifting safely and correctly, and it covers strength, cardio, recovery, HIIT, and mobility. Though it doesn’t hit as many categories as some of the other units in this list, the ones that it does, it does quite well. Between the value proposition and the precise guidance, it’s a great option for those who are just getting started on their fitness journey.

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Budget friendly
Comes with gear
Built-in storage


Fewer workout categories

4. Mirror

Based on what we’ve seen so far, the simplest name is the starter of the category. Meet Mirror, the first ever fitness mirror (as far as we know), and the fuel behind this growing segment of the industry. Similarly to the Echelon Reflect, Mirror can be wall-mounted or left freestanding, with the intention of it blending into the background as just another fixture in your house. Where Mirror continues to set itself apart is in workout diversity. According to the brand, they’re up to over 50+ workout types, covering everything from the usual strength and stretching, to pre/postnatal exercise, boxing, tai chi, ballet, barre, and plenty more. Being in the category longer means a bigger library, and Mirror promises thousands of on-demand workout classes, with new live classes taking place weekly. As an odd aside, the Mirror is the only unit in this list that is not a touchscreen, but rather is run by its partner app on your phone or tablet.

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Workout diversity
Smartly priced
Good monitoring/metrics


Not touchscreen
Mirror size

5. Tonal

Our last entrant in the pack is a bit of an odd duck in the fact that it combines the fitness mirror concept with a magnetic resistance cable rig. Though its focus is clearly on strength training overall, streaming sessions for recovery, stretching, HIIT, and others are also available. It’s the most expensive unit of the pack, coming in at just shy of $3k for the base unit, and another $495 for the bench, handles, bar, roller, and workout mat. Again, a bit of a jab considering you really need these items to use Tonal effectively, but it’s still quite the clever piece of kit. Tonal also carries a higher membership cost than any of its competitors, though it can be used without a membership for basic at-home workouts. The unit will still count reps and let you do any exercises/adjust resistance like a normal cable rig would.

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Workout diversity
Built-in weight unit


Expensive to buy
Expensive subscription