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VYBE V2 Massage Gun Review

You’ve probably seen advertising for muscle massage guns. They’re all the rage with celebrity endorsements and increased exposure. But, do they actually work? I tried out the V2 Percussion Massager by VYBE, and I’m here to walk you through both the pros and cons. 

There’s objective data supporting the use of muscle massage guns in terms of increased range of motion and reduction of muscle soreness following exercise. If issues like soreness, swelling, and low flexibility impact your ability to meet your fitness goals, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation can be an effective alternative. However, if electrical stimulation isn’t a type of therapy you and/or your physiotherapist think is right for you, keep reading to learn more about percussion massage features.


I Recommend the VYBE V2 If:

  • You suffer from muscle tension following exercise.
  • You want to increase your range of motion and mobility.
  • You’re an endurance athlete. 
  • You have sagging skin due to weight loss.
  • You suffer from plantar fasciitis.


60-lb stall force
Includes a backup rechargeable battery
16 mm stroke length
Broad speed range


Limited bullet heads for serious athletes

What Is a Muscle Massage Gun?

Also known as percussive massagers, muscle massage guns resemble a power drill and deliver high-frequency vibrations directly to impacted muscles via a variety of head attachments. Depending on the attachment, you can target various muscle groups. VYBE’s V2 provides three popular attachments, which we’ll detail in a bit. If you’re a serious athlete or someone with very specific needs, check out my review of the VYBE Pro which vastly expands your options with eight attachments.

VYBE V2 Head Attachments

The delivery of vibration to the muscles varies depending on the type of head you use, and V2 offers three options that screw onto the device. It’s important to understand how they work so you can most effectively target specific muscle groups, so let’s take a look at each.

VYBE V2 Large Ball Attachment Head

The large round head is designed to target broader surface areas. This would include areas like the quads, glutes, and hamstrings. It’s my go-to on leg day, and you can also use it on muscles that are too tender to apply the more targeted, smaller round head and cone options. 


The ball design also allows you to employ graded control. By tilting the head away from the target area, you can use angles to adjust the massage pressure according to your comfort level.

VYBE V2 Small Ball Attachment Head

Much like the large round head, the small round head is useful to address areas like the biceps, triceps, and calves. You could also use it to more directly target areas of larger muscle groups like the quads, hamstrings, and glutes. 


The shape of each round head delivers more pressure at the center, allowing it to relieve tension in specific areas. However, if you have very targeted areas of concern, the trigger cone is best while round heads are perfect for larger surface areas.

VYBE V2 Deep Tissue Attachment Head

The trigger cone is designed for the precision necessary to address trigger points. This is because the pointed tip is able to target smaller areas more directly and push deeper into the muscle. 


Because of its more targeted effect, the trigger cone will likely be used less often. Furthermore, application of pressure should be restricted to shorter periods than the ball heads to avoid adverse effects like bruising and increased tension.

VYBE V2 Features

VYBE V2 Massage Gun

VYBE V2 heads are attached by screwing onto the machine. (Photo by Jessica Jones)


When it comes to a massage gun’s power, there are three metrics we have to consider: stroke length, speed, and stall force. Let’s see how the VYBE V2 stacks up. 


Also known as stroke length, the amplitude of a massage gun is the distance the arm moves back and forth. The longer the amplitude, the more pressure the gun applies with each hit. It’s similar to when you hit something. The closer the object is, the less force you can apply due to the lack of full extension of your arm. It’s important to understand stroke length so you can differentiate a product that provides actual percussive massage versus vibrational therapy that only delivers massage benefits at the surface level. 

So, how does the VYBE V2 stack up against the competition? Across the board, amplitudes for full-sized massage guns range from 9-16 mm. The V2 features a 16 mm stroke length, so it’s right up there with high-end products like Theragun G3Pro that runs $599. For a mere fraction of the cost, you can enjoy the same amplitude with VYBE’s V2 gun. High-amplitude massage guns can be effective in treating issues like plantar fasciitis in addition to the proven benefits in tension relief.


In order for a massage gun to effectively reduce muscle soreness and tension, a speed of between 1,500-2,400 RPMs is sufficient. The Vybe V2 has six speeds that range from 500-2,500 RPMs, and this means you’re covered very well. Whether you want a less-intense massage or a more therapeutic session, this range is more than adequate. Speed is incremented into five zones and very easy to adjust using the dial located on the side of the V2.  

VYBE V2 Speed Controls

VYBE V2 speed is controlled with a dial on the side of the handle. (Photo by Jessica Jones)

Stall Force

Stall force describes how many pounds of force you can apply to the gun against your body before the motor stalls. While lower-budget guns can run as low as 20 lbs, higher-quality products typically top out around 60 lbs with elite-level products checking in as high as 80 lbs. The VYBE V2 has a stall force of 60 lbs, which is excellent for the price.


Shaped much like a power drill, the VYBE V2 is designed to allow 90 degree rotation, helping you get to areas of the body that can be hard to reach. While ergonomic and constructed using durable plastic, the V2 is a bit on the heavier side when compared with other products on the market, some as light as just over a pound. The V2 weighs in at around three pounds. Sure, that’s not a lot, but, when holding in a static position for 30-60 seconds, you can become fatigued, which could negatively affect the quality of your massage. 


The average battery life for a massage gun is around 2.5 hours. The V2 battery lasts around two, which is a little below average. However, the gun comes with a backup battery, so, if both are fully charged, you could have at your disposal four total hours of battery life. So, could you spend more and have upwards of 10+ hours of battery life? Yes, they’re out there, but expect to pay a pretty penny. For less than $60, V2’s battery life is within expected range. 

If the slightly less-than-average battery life is a concern, there are things you can do to make the battery last as long as possible:

  • Don’t run your battery too low. It can begin draining the life of your battery if you continually use it when it drops below roughly 20%. With a two-hour battery life, it’s a good idea to recharge after about 1 ½ hours of use. 
  • Don’t leave a fully-charged battery sitting for long periods of time. 
  • To internally recalibrate, fully charge and drain the battery once per month.
  • Alternate use of both batteries.


The V2 can’t be described as quiet. However, it’s not overwhelmingly loud. I’ve read other reviews that, in my opinion, exaggerate the noise level. Sure, it’s louder than some others on the market, but it won’t burst your eardrums as some reviewers suggest. With that being said, it’s notably louder than the VYBE Pro.

Noise is a bit subjective, so I used a noise meter on my phone to measure the decibels to put things in perspective. At the lowest speed, the V2 produced 57 dB, which can be compared to an air conditioner 100 feet away. At the highest speed, I measured 77 dB, which is comparable to a garbage disposal. 

My Final Verdict

VYBE V2 In Use

The VYBE V2 trigger cone provides precision targeting for muscle tension. (Photo by Jessica Jones)

So, is the VYBE V2 worth it? I’ve found it to improve my performance during strength training classes with increased range of motion and quicker recovery time. If you’re a very active athlete who engages in a wide variety of training models, I’d recommend something with more massage heads like the VYBE Pro. However, if you’re on a tighter budget and/or maintain a moderate training regimen, the VYBE V2 offers the variety you need to target the primary muscle groups. 

If you buy a VYBE V2 massage gun, you have to login to their website to register your warranty.You also get 30 days to try it out before your purchase is final. With scientific backing and a slew of benefits in athletic performance and recovery, muscle massage guns can prove a strategic addition to your arsenal.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do muscle massage guns break down fat cells?
A: No, but they can prove effective in reducing sagging skin that often results following fat loss.
Q: Does VYBE offer a warranty on the V2?
A: Yes, but you have to login to their website and register.
Q: When should you use a muscle massage gun?
A: You can use it before, during, or after your workout. For best results, pre-workout massage gun use should last around 30 seconds. If used during your workout, target the muscle for 15 seconds. Post-workout use should last two minutes per target point.
Q: Can pregnant women use muscle massage guns?
A: You should always consult with your physician before use. If given the all-clear, it’s recommended to use the V2 on the lowest setting.
Q: Where should you avoid massage gun use?
A: Avoid using the VYBE V2 on areas of the body that are bony, injured, or inexplicably/severely painful.

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