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The Fitbit Surge Review: A Portrait In Excellence From A To Z

The Fitbit Surge was the most highly anticipated new smartwatch and with good reason: Fitibit epitomizes excellence and this latest offering is nothing short of perfection. Thanks to powerful engineering and the latest technology this is a smartwatch that will transform the way you work and play. With so many smartwatches and tracker currently available figuring out what each has to offer and what will work best for you can be confusing (not to mention overwhelming). That’s why we have put together this full spectrum Fitbit Surge review to tell you everything you need to know about the newest and hottest device on the market.

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The Fit Bit Surge: A Revolutionary New Smartwatch

Smartwatches are everywhere, but few, if any can stand up to Fitbit’s latest entry in this field: The Surge. This is Fitbit’s first foray into the world of the smartwatch and it was an instant success. Thanks to killer combination of modern styling and creative technological components Fitbit managed to create a smartwatch that is also a fully integrated fitness tracker, giving consumers everything they need in a trendy, high-powered device. Most impressive is The Surge’s GPS capabilities, giving users accurate, up-to-the minute stats and information and Bluetooth features that keep them connected when they’re on the go.

The Key Features of A Fitbit Surge

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What makes The Surge so radical and groundbreaking? In addition to performing standard tracking activities( counting calories, tracking steps, tracking distance, recording floors climbed and recording active minutes) it has a few stand-out functions that can’t be beat. Let’s take an up close look at these key features:

  • GPS Programming: Since most trackers/smartwatches currently available do not have GPS built in this is gives The Surge a clear advantage and is one of the devices most prized features. GPS allows the smartwatch to pinpoint where you are and give precise numbers in regards to calories burned and distance traveled. It eliminates the guesswork some trackers must use to estimate your calories or steps, helping you to streamline and maximize your fitness routine to get in the best possible shape.
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  • PurePulse Heart-rate Monitoring: The Surge offers continuous heart-rate monitoring 24/7 automatically thanks to wrist sensors that detect how hard your working. This gives you a clear picture of how physically fit you are, how efficient your workout is and where you need to improve. You no longer have to wonder if your hitting the right stride or exercising at your peak level because The Surge will tell you.
  • Multi-Sport Functionality: Unlike other fitness watches The Surge allows you to program what sport your participating on and can differentiate different movements, for improved information like calories burned and distance traveled. As you know, walking and climbing exert different amounts of energy and burn calories at a different rate, so being able to distinguish whether your walking or climbing makes a big difference in your daily calculations. Programming the proper activity also allows the device to give you workout tips and show your overall progress in each individual sport.
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  • “Smart” Notifications: The Surge is designed to mimic the key components of your smartphone and work with it. It syncs with your device and uses an app to show you detailed statistics of your daily movements. It alerts you of incoming text messages and calls, so you never have to be out of touch, or carry an extra device to stay connected. This is convenient for anyone who has kids, needs to stay close to the office or needs to be on call, like a doctor. It also can control and work your smartphones audio files, so you can listen to your favorite tunes while your running, biking, or just taking a casual stroll.
  • Silent Alarm/Sleep Tracking: The device is fitted with a vibration function to quietly wake you without disrupting anyone else in your home. It also automatically monitors and records your sleep patterns, telling you how long and how deeply you sleep for, so you’ll know if you need more rest.
  • Water Resistant: The Surge is IP68 certified and is water resistant up to 5 meters, so you can wear it in the pool or get caught in the rain with no worries.
  • Exclusive Features that other Smartwatch doesn’t have.

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The Surge: Crafting Perfection

All of these key features are only part of what makes The Surge the top choice of consumers. The design and inner working of this super smartwatch also play a pivotal role in why it’s so popular. Let’s examine how The Surge is built:


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The Surge is the largest device in the Fitbit family, but it is deceptively light and airy for it’s size. That’s because only the best materials were used to make it:

  • The Band: Other trackers use band materials that can dig in or use rubbers that are solid and don’t give, making them difficult to wear throughout the day, let alone sleep with, but not The Surge. The band is composed of an elastomer material that is neither bulky or cumbersome. It is fluid so it moves with your wrist and fits snugly without feeling constricting. It also won’t crack or wear out no matter how vigorously you workout or what the weather might be.
  • You can easily wear it for weeks without noticing, making it an excellent choice when it comes to comfort. The band also comes in 3 colors: blue, black and tangerine as well as 3 sizes, from small (wrists measuring 5.5″ to 6.7″) to large (wrists measuring 7.8″ to 9.1″) for the perfect fit.
  • The Display: The Surge has a 1.25″ LCD touchscreen in a square shaped, monochrome casing. It has a backlight built into it, so you can see the screen clearly indoors or out at any time. The screen is thin and fits flush against your wrist, so it won’t rub or irritate.
  • The Battery: It comes with a lithium polymer battery that lasts an average of 5 to 7 days, even with several functions running continuously. This is a big plus because it means you won’t be hassled with having to constantly having to take it off to charge.

Pros & Cons

All devices have their good and bad qualities and The Surge is no different. Let’s examine the good and bad features of The Surge to see how it stands up.


  • It uses GPS to show you how your body is reacting and moving in real-time. GPS enables it to show if you are climbing flights of stairs or walking down the street, showing how your bod reacts when you perform certain moves. This can help you realize what movements burn the most calories and which are providing you with little or no benefit. This can help you fix a move you are doing wrong as well as show you what exercises you should be doing more often. GPS also gives you access to thousands of maps, which you can view on your smartphone for expanded areas to workout. You can discover new hiking tails or places to walk without fear of getting lost.
  • It shows you how your heart is working. Heart-rate is an integral part of working out smartly and efficiently, so this is a huge bonus. Unlike other fitness trackers The Surge uses your heart-rate to determine if you are getting too much or too little activity. Since it monitors heart activity around the clock it gives an accurate depiction of just how effectively you are moving every hour of the day.
  • It has smartphone functions, so you can get in your daily exercise without carrying around your entire desk. It can be cumbersome to have to carry your phone when you head out for some exercise and can even detract from your focus. So being able to go for a run or walk without worrying about missing an important call or message is a big help. Thanks to the built-in notifications you never have to worry about being too far away or unreachable.


On the downside The Surge is on the large side, so it’s noticeable and doesn’t always look good if your getting dressed up for a fancy night out in an expensive restaurant or attending a wedding. However, those events don’t happen often, so it’s a small issue and if you removed it for that one occasion it wouldn’t be a big deal.

Also, it isn’t able to receive social media notifications from Facebook, Twitter and other outlets, but really is that such a big deal? The last thing you want to be bothered with when your biking or jogging is liking a post or tweeting about your workout gear. There is such a thing as being too connected and in all honesty those things can wait until after you get your exercise in, so you can keep your focus where it belongs: on your physical activity.

The Surge: The Right Choice For Everyone

As our review shows The Surge is a masterpiece when it comes to fitness smartwatches and a great choice for anyone who wants to get on a healthy track. The technology inside let’s it put you on the right track when it cones to exercising and it’s sleek outer shell looks great with almost anything you wear. It is a Super Smartwatch that can help first time exercisers and life-long fitness fanatics make the most of their time and energy. Consumers everywhere agree that The Surge is the prefect “fit” every time.See Best Price