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The Best Tennis Shoes for Men

Hit the courts with confidence wearing the right tennis shoes to match your game style.

Tennis is a great sport that is open to all levels of play, from novice to expert. Like many sports, the equipment you use will have an impact on the quality and enjoyment of your game. Many people focus on the racket, the balls and the clothing they need while preparing to play. Having the right tennis shoes is an integral part of that equation.

Buying sporting footwear can seem confusing, especially if you are starting out in the tennis arena. Many people wonder what the difference is between sneakers and tennis shoes. The simple answer is that tennis shoes are made specifically for use on a tennis court, while sneakers are designed for casual wear. When it comes to a tennis shoe, you have to consider your level of expertise when playing the game, since this will affect your choice, as well as the surface you are playing on – hard courts, grass or clay. A good tennis shoe will have the kind of lateral support needed for you to make quick start and stop movements across a flat surface.

To help you in your search, we’ve curated a list of some of the best tennis shoes for men you can purchase online. Read on to find a pair that best suits your style and level of play.


Editor’s Choice: Nike Men's Court Lite 2 Tennis Shoe

Rating: %

Our Top 5 Best Recommended Tennis Shoes for Men





Best Overall
Editor’s Choice: Nike Men's Court Lite 2 Tennis Shoe

Sizes: 8-15

# Of Colors: 3

Best Budget Pick
Best Budget Pick: Adidas Men's Grand Court Tennis Shoes

Sizes: 6-13

# Of Colors: 43

Best Cushioning
Best Cushioning: ASICS Men's Gel-Dedicate 7 Tennis Shoes

Sizes: 8, 8.5, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 12, 14

# Of Colors: 6

Best Color Variety: DYKHMATE Men’s Tennis Sports Shoes

Sizes: 7-13

# Of Colors: 7

Best for Wide Feet: New Balance Men's 1006 V1 Tennis Shoe

Sizes: 7-15, Including Half Sizes, Wide And Extra-wide

# Of Colors: 3

What to Look For When Choosing Tennis Shoes for Men

If you’re serious about the game of tennis, then you’ll want to invest in a pair of shoes that have been specifically designed for the sport. Some people confuse tennis shoes with sneakers, so it’s important to note the differences. Tennis shoes are specifically made for use on the tennis court while sneakers are designed for casual wear. No matter how you play the game, you will need tennis shoes that offer lateral support to help you with all the quick movements you need while playing. The shoes also need to be constructed from a shock-absorbent material to protect your feet from all the back and forth and stop and go movements during a challenging game. Without the right amount of cushioning, your feet will begin to ache long before the match is over.

Tennis shoes should have a flat and stable bottom to reduce the risk of you rolling an ankle while moving from side to side, with a non-marking rubber outsole that won’t leave marks on the court floor. Uppers should be made from real or PU leather, with some mesh for breathability. 

You may want to also check out the pattern on the sole of the shoe to see if it is designed for a specific court surface. For example, herringbone is the most common and is appropriate for hard surfaces, but grass courts can be slippery, so a dimpled or nubbed sole may be a better choice. If you play on a hard surface, you will need tennis shoes with a lot of cushioning and shock absorption. 

Size and Fit

One of the most difficult things about buying tennis shoes for men online, is getting the right size and fit. When choosing a pair, it’s best to read the reviews to see what other people have to say about sizing. Are the shoes true to size, or are they narrow, sized small or sized large? Even the best pair of tennis shoes won’t help you on the court if they don’t fit properly.

1. Editor’s Choice: Nike Men's Court Lite 2 Tennis Shoe

These men’s tennis shoes have a padded collar and tongue to add comfort around your ankles for those long competitive (but friendly) matches.

Whether you’re a novice ready to take your first tennis lesson or you’ve been playing at the club for years, wearing the right tennis shoes is priority number one to guarantee a good game. Why? Because even with the best racquet and the right balls, if your feet are killing you due to your shoes, then it’s pretty much game over.

Our top pick comes from one of the leading brands in sports footwear, Nike. These tennis shoes are made from durable synthetic leather and breathable mesh and are designed to cushion and support your feet during practice and play. These tennis shoes are best suited for hard courts, with a unique rubber outsole that offers up an excellent grip to absorb all your quick starts, stops and jerky movements when you reach to hit that ball.

In terms of comfort, your ankles will be protected from the padded collar and tongue, while the foam midsole cushions your feet from impact.


Made from synthetic leather and mesh
Good price point
Foam midsole


Best on hard court surface
Some users found them to be too stiff

2. Best Budget Pick: Adidas Men's Grand Court Tennis Shoes

Ideal for anyone on a budget or who likes a real bargain, these brand-name tennis shoes for men are affordably priced and available in a large choice of colors.

Playing tennis regularly sounds like such a great idea, but what if you end up not liking it? Bad enough you spent a lot on a racquet; what a drag it would be if you spent even more on tennis shoes. With these grand court tennis shoes from adidas, you can love playing or you can hate it, but you won’t regret spending the money on these budget-friendly shoes.

The shoes are made from 50 percent PU coated leather and crafted with a suede upper and leather-like details, with the adidas signature three-stripe-flash along the sides. Plush midsole cushioning gives you comfort with every step and the rubber sole has the grip you need for those quick starts and stops.

A roomy boot opening measures six to 12 inches around that makes it easy to put on these shoes, and the lace closure gives you the ability to adjust the fit to your comfort level.  


Rubber outsole for good grip
Budget price
Easy to put on


Not all colors are available in all sizes
Fits small, best to size up

3. Best Cushioning: ASICS Men's Gel-Dedicate 7 Tennis Shoes

The GEL technology in these tennis shoes offers up superior cushioning for all your stop and start movements on the court. 

The thing that makes tennis such a challenging sport to play is all the unexpected lunges, stops and starts that are required to make your way across the court to return the ball back over the net. After a few matches, your feet can take a real beating, especially if you are wearing a pair of tennis shoes that don’t have the right amount of cushioning to absorb the shock of the impact.

ASICS men’s gel-dedicate 7 tennis shoes have a durable synthetic toe overlay, rubber soles for good gripping power and an advanced technology wrap-up outsole to give you the stability you need, while allowing your feet to move freely, regardless of your style of play. Change directions with confidence, even when moving from side to side. Couple that with the gel technology and you’re ready to chase down challenging shots game after game. 


Rubber sole
Gel technology for extra cushioning
Good stability for side-to-side movements


Limited sizes
Narrow fit

4. Best Color Variety: DYKHMATE Men’s Tennis Sports Shoes

Make a statement on the court in a pair of red, yellow or multi-colored tennis shoes.

Obviously the most important factor in a tennis shoe is how it will protect your feet from the impact of all your stop and go movements during game play. But if you also want to wear tennis shoes that are different than the standard white models, then you may want to consider these tennis shoes from Dykhmate.

The lightweight tennis shoe will aid in a quick response time when you’re going after challenging shots, and with its stretch knit mesh vamp and padded collar, your feet will keep cool and comfortable match after match. The shoe has a soft, removeable insole for added cushioning and the flexible TPU outsole provides good gripping power.

Super affordable and within the reach of even the tightest budget, these tennis shoes are available in red with gold or yellow with green for the player who wants to make a statement on the court, as well as black, black/red, grey/orange, white/blue and navy blue.


Budget priced
TPU and rubber sole
Breathable stretch mesh fabric


Narrow fit

5. Best for Wide Feet: New Balance Men's 1006 V1 Tennis Shoe

This tennis shoe is a smart choice if you have wide feet that are difficult to fit. 

If you have flat or wide feet, then you know how difficult it can be to find tennis shoes that fit comfortably. New Balance is a sports footwear brand renown for its large range of sizes, including wide and extra-wide. So, whereas some brands found on the internet come in on the narrow side, this 1006V1 tennis shoe is available in sizes from 7 to 15, including half-sizes, and in regular, wide and extra-wide options.  

The shoes are made from 75 percent synthetic leather and 25 percent flexible mesh, so your feet won’t end up sweaty at the end of a match. The non-marking rubber outsole aids in grip and traction and is also a good choice if you’re playing on an indoor court. For all your quick stops and starts, the shoe’s REVlite midsole delivers the kind of lightweight cushioning you would expect in a name-brand tennis shoe.

These tennis shoes are more expensive than the other models on our list, and they are only available in three colors, but if a good fit is what you are looking for, these should be minor issues.


Ideal for wide feet
Lightweight cushioning
Breathable mesh fabric


A bit pricey
Limited color choice