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The Best Swimsuit Coverups

Why do women wear coverups over their bathing suits? Are they necessary, or just an accessory for fashion purposes only? A swimsuit coverup is a popular addition to many women’s wardrobes as it’s such a versatile piece of clothing. Coverups can be a simple sarong to wrap around the waist area, but they can also include kaftans, kimonos or full-length dresses for extra coverage. They’re a great way to protect yourself from the hot sun and take you from the beach or pool to running your everyday errands. Take a look at our top picks from Amazon below that include a range of coverups to suit your personal style!


Buyer’s Guide



Comfort, Fit and Style

The swimsuit coverup comes in many different styles – the first thing that comes to mind may be a simple sarong, but there are also kaftans, rompers or dresses that fit into this category. It’s essentially any piece of clothing that “covers up” your swimwear, whether only from the waist down or a full-body coverup. The most versatile and easiest to wear is the kaftan, but I’d recommend anything you can throw over your suit that won’t wrinkle or wear after too much sun exposure.

Your coverup should be comfortable enough to wear to and from the beach or pool, and ideally it will give you some sun protection. You’ll find that some coverups only come in one size, but these often have adjustable ties so you can tighten it or loosen to suit your figure. Most of the styles I own are either kaftans or short dresses, as these are the easiest to wear in public if I’m going for coffee or a quick shopping trip before a beach day. Anything that doesn’t look like it’s designed for the beach is a win in my book, as I’m all about buying versatile pieces that you can wear on many different occasions.



The best materials for swimsuit coverups are anything that incorporates lightweight, breathable fabrics. Cotton is good, rayon or linen is even better. Since you’ll likely be throwing yours in your bag while at the beach or in the water, go for these materials that prevent wrinkling. Although mesh or crochet kaftans look great over your bikini, these don’t do well in the sun-smart department. It all depends where you’re planning to wear your coverup – if it’s mostly indoors, the amount of coverage for your shoulders and arms won’t matter so much. But, if you plan to throw yours over a suit when sitting in the sun for longer periods, it may be worth investing in a kaftan that protects you from the harsh sun’s rays.


Maintenance and Care

It goes without saying that your beach or pool coverup will most likely get wet. Whether it’s from your wet swimsuit or getting into the ocean with you, you’ll need one that’s machine washable and won’t get damaged by saltwater or chlorine. Most coverups that are washable should be put through a gentle, cold cycle separately or with like colors. I’d also recommend air drying rather than tossing yours in the dryer. As with any other clothing in your wardrobe, it’s safest to take a look at the label and see what the cleaning instructions are.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can I wear to cover up a swimsuit?
A: There are many different ways to cover up your swimsuit, and styles of popular cover-ups include the sarong, kaftan, romper or jumpsuit, oversized shirt, blouse or maxi dress. You can essentially wear anything that makes you comfortable at the beach or pool, but the best cover ups are sun-smart (which protect your skin from the sun).
Q: Can you wear a cover up in the pool?
A: Many swimsuit cover ups can be worn in the pool or ocean, but you should always check that the material of your cover is machine washable and won’t be damaged by saltwater or chlorine.
Q: What should you wear over a wet swimsuit?
A: If you’ve just come out of the pool and don’t have time to dry off, it’s best to wear fleece sweats over your swimsuit which will absorb the excess moisture on your skin. These will keep you warm while your body adjusts to the temperature change from being in the water to outside.
Q: Are swimsuit cover ups one size fits all?
A: Not every swimsuit cover up is one size fits all, as everyone has a unique body shape and size. However, for kaftans and sarongs that are adjustable, these styles are often one size as they can usually be customized to suit your shape.

Editor's Choice – Ekouaer Women’s Swimsuit Beach Cover Up

Rating: 95%

Top 5 Best Swimsuit Coverups








Editor's Choice
Editor's Choice – Ekouaer Women’s Swimsuit Beach Cover Up



100% Rayon

Runner Up – Ekouaer Women’s Short Sarong Beach Wrap



100% Polyester

Customer’s Choice – Wander Agio Beach Swimsuit Cover Up for Women


One Size

Cotton And Lace Polyester

Best Versatile – Bsubseach Long Kimono Swimsuit Cover Up


One Size

100% Rayon

Best Plus Size – Fadalo Plus Size Spaghetti Strap Cover Up



Breathable, Lightweight Spandex

1. Editor's Choice – Ekouaer Women’s Swimsuit Beach Cover Up

This Ekouaer shirt coverup ticks almost every box – it’ll keep you protected from the sun, it’s breathable, and did we mention it comes in 53 colors? If you’re looking for a classic coverup to throw over your swimsuit, but also something that’s appropriate to wear while out and about, this may be the one for you. Available in 53 different colors and prints, this shirt is one of the most versatile out there. It’s made of 100% rayon which is one of the most breathable fabrics you can find, so even though your shoulders and arms will be covered, it’s lightweight enough that you won’t overheat.

A staple beach shirt can be styled to suit your personal taste – throw on a belt to accentuate your waist, or wear it over leggings for those cooler summer nights. Keep in mind that this is a mullet style (shorter in the front and longer in the back), so if you’re not a fan of this cut, go for a beach shirt that has even lengths on each side. I’d also recommend sizing up to get a looser fit – when you’re ready for a dip, the easier it is to take off, the better!


Huge variety of colors and prints to choose from (53 options)
Rayon is super breathable
Great coverage for shoulders and arms, perfect sun smart option


No adjustable ties at the waist – choose your size carefully by checking the size chart

2. Runner Up – Ekouaer Women’s Short Sarong Beach Wrap

If you don’t already have a sarong in your wardrobe, it’s time to get your hands on this classic style from Ekouaer. As you’ll see on the Amazon listing, you can style a sarong in many different ways. Wear it as a top tied around your neck, as a scarf, a belt for your loose beach shirt (like our pick from Ekouaer above) or wrapped around your waist as a simple beach wrap. It’s super affordable and comes in 43 colors including fun prints like leopard print, cow print or cute palm trees.

With sizes ranging from Small to 3XL, you’ll be sure to find your perfect fit. Sarongs are also adjustable as they simply tie at the waist, so you can tighten or loosen yours depending on your preference. The only downfall is that it’s not sun-smart whatsoever, particularly compared to fuller coverage options out there. But if you’re just looking for a simple coverup for the waist area, this is one of the best beach wraps you’ll find.


Big variety of colors and sizes
Adjustable to suit many different body types
Versatile – can be tied in different ways and worn as a top, headband or scarf


Least coverage on our list

3. Customer’s Choice – Wander Agio Beach Swimsuit Cover Up for Women

Look stylish at the beach or pool in this crochet-style coverup from Wander Agio. If you’re after a bohemian-chic dress that you can quickly throw over your swimsuit yet still look put together, this may be the perfect option for you. Although it comes in a huge range of colors and patterns (38 to be exact), it’s only available in one size. Wander Agio specifies that it fits sizes Medium through XL, but this is difficult to measure since there’s no size chart available. If you like your beach dresses to be loose and oversized, this coverup may fit you perfectly.

It offers far more coverage than a half sarong and is made of cotton and lace polyester, which are among the most breathable fabrics you can find. This is super important for swimsuit coverups, since the last thing you want is something that traps your body heat while you’re laying in the sun. Some of the color options are completely different designs, which gives you a ton of freedom to choose your favorite style.


Stylish lace design
Breathable materials will keep you from overheating
Shoulder coverage offers some sun protection


Only comes in one size, may not fit all. No size chart provided
Not as sun smart as other options on our list

4. Best Versatile – Bsubseach Long Kimono Swimsuit Cover Up

With 36 colors and patterns ranging from tie dye to leopard print, The Bsubseach Kimono Cover Up will keep you cool and protected from the sun. The tie closure cinches your waist and can be tightened for more of a dress style, or kept undone as a traditional kimono or cardigan. It’s made from 100% breathable rayon so you’ll never overheat while laying by the pool or beach. 

This long kimono is also one of the most versatile of our picks – if you want to mix it up a bit, why not lay it on the sand as your beach towel? I’ve purchased a few of these and they’re ideal when you don’t want to lug around a heavy towel (and all you need is something to lay on if you don’t plan to get wet!). It’s important to note that there’s only one size available, but Bsubseach makes up for this by providing a clear size chart to ensure a great fit. It’s recommended to hand wash this kimono and hang to dry for best results.


One of the most versatile on our list – can be worn as a dress, kimono or even laid on as a beach towel
Breathable rayon will keep you cool in the hot sun
Tie closure to adjust to your shape


Only one size available – may not be suitable for petite or plus-size women
Hand-wash only

5. Best Plus Size – Fadalo Plus Size Spaghetti Strap Cover Up

This wouldn’t be a roundup of the best swimsuit coverups without a plus-size option, and you can’t look past this maxi dress from Fadalo. It’s offered in sizes ranging from Small to 5XL, so Fadalo gets brownie points for being inclusive of the many shapes and sizes of all women. This spaghetti-strap dress can be worn as a traditional maxi, but also folded down into a long sarong. It wraps around the whole body and tightens at the waist to suit your preference, and the stretchy yet breathable spandex is perfect for those days in the hot sun.

While suitable for the beach and pool parties, it’s important to mention that sizes do run small, so sizing up is recommended to make sure it fits you perfectly. This kimono is super affordable and comes in a range of fun colors and prints, with standouts being the floral, leopard and snakeskin print.


Breathable yet stretchy fabric
Ideal for plus-size women with sizes up to 5XL
Style is versatile, can double as a sarong


Amazon listing mentions that sizes runs small – sizing up is recommended