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Force USA G12 All-In-One Trainer


Considered the king of the Force USA all-in-one family of workout products, the G12 was designed for high-performance athletes, coaches, personal trainers, and commercial gyms with heavy usage. If the lifter knows their lifting, they could easily park themselves at the G12 for an hour and come away with any workout they want.

A heavy-duty, commercialized upgrade from the Force USA G6, the G12 offers nine exercise stations and 300 different exercises in one unit, available in three gray, blue, or red. The purchase comes equipped with two 201-pound weight stacks and six Olympic weight plate holders as well as additional racks for barbell storage. Also included in the kit are the leg press plates, core trainer, knee support for pull-down bar, both a T-bar and V-bar attachment, barbell lock collars, multi-grip dip handles, J-Hooks, and safety spotting arms with rubberized inserts. When assembled, the Force USA G12 stands 79 inches wide by 49 inches deep and 90 inches high, with an interior working space of 43 inches wide by 34 inches deep and 89 inches high. Slightly shorter than other models, the G12 is designed to fit into a wider variety of spaces irrespective of ceiling height. In terms of weight ratings, the unit itself is certified for 992 pounds, with 771 pounds on the Smith Machine and up to 2,000 pounds on the cables, which have a 1:1 ratio, meaning 100 pounds loaded equals 100 pounds of resistance.


More than 300 exercises in one machine
Heavy, commercial-grade structure
Numerous safety features


The price might be an issue for some
The machine will be tough to move once assembled
Some instruction required

Working Out With The G12

The base unit of the G12 is the power rack itself, for bench pressing, squatting deadlifting. Adjustable J-Hooks move up and down for different heights, and rubberized safety arms attach at various heights, which means rack pulls and curls are also easy to perform. Inside the rack is contained a functional trainer system, with dual pulleys each connected to a 201-pound weight stack. The cables are certified aircraft grade with a 2,000-pound rating, meaning triceps press-downs and cable curls shouldn’t be a problem even for the most advanced lifter. The G12 also features a counter-balanced Smith Machine and commercial-grade guide rails for smooth action. The safe lock-and-release allows for work without a spotter, and also affords the opportunity to perform negatives – or eccentric motions – in any of the exercises. Force USA models are also unique in their design which incorporates the vertical leg press into the functional trainer, with an attachment that can be used with a bench or the floor. The multi-grip chin-up/pull-up station features a 771-pound weight rating, meaning weighted pull-ups with either vest or chains will work for even large-framed lifters. This station offers the classic grip, hammer grip, wide, narrow, and pronated grips. A core trainer includes an attached landmine station into which a barbell can be placed at one end, suited for all types of rotational torso training. A suspension trainer stirrup compatible with resistance band packages such as those offered by both Force USA and TRX also attaches in, and the low row station is one transformation away when the vertical leg press attachment is removed. All combined, these nine different stations can be used in 300 different exercise variations.

A typical leg day with the G12 might include barbell squats, front squats, barbell calf raises, vertical leg press, and landmine rotations, with barbell lunges always an option. The number of variations offered for upper, lower and core body work are very impressive.  Regardless the clientele a gym services, the G12 can satisfy the exercise desires of just about anyone, anytime.

 Our Conclusion

At $4,999.99, the way to look at the G12 is in the number of machines it potentially replaces. Given the substantive 201-pound weight stacks inside the functional trainer, and the variations of exercises, it’s pretty clear that a facility could rely on this one unit to handle a lot of needs. Overall, we’d say this is a top pick for any high-level athlete, coach, or facility, looking to maximize the investment. For those interested in making a buy company direct, keep in mind our discount code FITRATED can knock 5% off orders of $1,500 or greater.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the G12 good for heavy lifters?
A: The G12 is rated at 992 pounds overall, with 771 pounds capacity on the Smith Machine, and up to 2,000 pounds on the cables.
Q: Can I workout without a spotter on this?
A: A number of safety features are included to make exercising solo safer.
Q: Is this just for upper body work?
A: No, actually you can do squats, leg press, deadlifts, calf raises, and just about anything else with it as well.

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Force USA G12 All-In-One Trainer

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