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Best Force USA All-In-One Trainers

All-In-One strength training systems can be a great way to maximize floor space while minimizing risk in both the home and commercial gym. By combining multiple exercise options into one unit, owners reduce the number of machines and accessories needed, all the while increasing the safety afforded lifters with different levels of experience. And with the number of quality Force USA products and systems, there really is something to fit everyone’s budget and space. These types of units simultaneously serve as Power Racks for barbell squats, bench press and deadlift, while doubling as Smith Machines for negatives and safety squats. From chin ups to triceps press-downs, just about any exercise you can imagine can be done here. Cost and quality are always considerations with such investments, and we’ve rounded up four great options that can satisfy any level of fitness.

Best Overall

Force USA G3 All-In-One Trainer

Rating: 95%

Best Force USA All-In-One Trainers



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Best Starter force-usa-g3-trainer
Force USA G3 All-In-One Trainer





1:1 Pulley Setup FORCE-USA-G9
Force USA G9 All-In-One Trainer





Best Value FORCE-US-G6
Force USA G6 All-In-One Trainer





Force USA G12 All-In-One Trainer





When considering an All-In-One system, one of the keys to keep in mind is what all does not come with the unit. If the unit is going to be in a commercial operation, then it’s no problem at all to skip over to the dumbbell rack or another machine if there’s not enough weight. If for home use, or a home studio even, the units requiring plates and bumpers mean extra costs down the road. The big value to an All-In-One system is that there are some exercises that just can’t be replicated as well with dumbbells or barbells, such as the cable tricep push-down. Meanwhile, the basic Power Rack does afford one the ability to perform the Big 4—Bench Press, Squat, Deadlift, Overhead Press—safely. 


Another quick rule of thumb in purchasing units such as this is to consider how you’ll be paying for it. Force USA has a number of financing options in case you’re not wanting to pay cash. Factor in what a monthly gym membership would cost against the cost of the unit, and then add a convenience figure as well. For those gym owners considering such a unit for their operation, one major value is the reduced risk of injury as inexperienced lifters shift away from dumbbells and over to the cable system. For those interested in making a buy company direct, keep in mind our discount code FITRATED can knock 5% off orders of $1,500 or greater. 

1. Force USA G3 All-In-One Trainer

A plate-weight machine, the Force USA G3 is designed for use with plate-weights or bumpers, which are sold separately, and affixed as needed. Designed for non-commercial customers with limited workout space wanting to maximize their home gym, this unit offers five machines in one. The steel Power Rack component includes J-Hooks and safeties adjustable to various height options along a Westside spacing system offering 50 different points for bench press, squat and deadlift. As a Functional Trainer, the cable and pulley component affords at least 75 different exercise options for upper body, lower body and core. As a Smith Machine, this unit allows users to adjust heights and safety locks for exercises where either form or concentric movement is key. The Chin Up station offers an ergonomically designed multi-grip station capable of handling up to 771 pounds under the classic grip, hammer grip, wide grip, narrow grip, or pronated. The fifth component is a Core Trainer with an attached landmine station designed to accommodate a number of rotational exercises with a barbell sold separately.


Best bang for the buck in terms of a homeowner looking to get all the basics covered.
Three to four inches shorter than the other models, this unit takes up less space.


Leg press attachment is optional, not included.
The lack of an integrated plate system in the Functional Trainer means you may have to spend more money on plates and bumpers depending on your desires.

2. Force USA G9 All-In-One Trainer

Another plate-weight machine, the Force USA G9 was designed to serve as the commercial version of the G3. Suitable for in-home use as well as rehabilitation units and personal trainer studios, the Force USA G9 offers eight machines in one, with 300 different exercises possible. In addition to the Power Rack, Functional Trainer, a counterbalanced Smith Machine, Core Trainer and Chin Up station, this unit includes a Vertical Leg Press, Dip Station and Low Row Station. The counterbalanced Smith Machine counteracts the weight of the bar, meaning users know the true weight lifted without any additional figuring. The Vertical Leg Press attachment works on either the floor or bench to allow users to work the quads and hamstrings down by pressing up. Meanwhile, a multi-grip Dip Handle attachment can be conveniently adjusted for the height of the user and used with weight belts and resistance bands. The Low Row Station attachments offer a dynamic upper and lower body exercise also adjustable in terms of height and weight used.


More features, including the Vertical Leg Press, Dip Station, and Low Row components.
With a Pulley Ratio of 1:1, users get the full benefit of the weight utilized. Meaning if 100 pounds is on the attachment, it’s a full 100 pounds of resistance, as opposed to only 50 pounds on a 2:1.


The cost of the extra features has to be weighed against the fact customers will still have to buy bumpers and plates. Those dollars could instead be used for dumbbells to replicate those exercises considering this unit is designed for commercial use.
The height difference may be a negative factor if the unit were to require moving.

3. Force USA G6 All-In-One Trainer

A Stack-Plus-Plate Weight Machine, the Force USA G6 All-In-One Trainer comes with an integrated weight stack included in the Functional Training System, while bumpers and plates can be used for the Power Rack and Smith Machine. Designed for personal training studios and other non-commercial locations, the Functional Trainer component includes two 221-pound weight stacks equipped with commercial grade aircraft cables. The Force USA G6 unit offers nine machines in one. In addition to the Power Rack, Functional Trainer, Smith Machine, Core Trainer, Chin Up station, Vertical Leg Press, Dip Station, and Low Row Station, the Force USA G6 also features a Suspension Trainer ring which is compatible with multiple packages sold separately. This unit is designed to professional trainers whose clients visit their studio, or the serious athlete that needs heavier resistance options.


Comes with two sets of 221-pound weight stacks.
Much better dollar value relative to the other options when considering the included stack weight.


This unit does not offer the counter-balanced Smith Machine design.
The unit is narrower yet much deeper than the other models, which could be a limiting factor in some locations.

4. Force USA G12 All-In-One Trainer

Another Stack-Plus-Plate Weight Machine, the Force USA G12 All-In-One Trainer represents a step up in terms of its potential for commercial, or professional, usage. A full seven inches wider than the G6, this unit brings a bigger work space and more capacity for heavy work. Built with a counterbalanced Smith Machine, the Force USA G12 allows users to lift the true weight of the plates on the bar while still enjoying the safety and positioning of the full mechanism. Nine machines in one, the Force USA G12 sports a Power Rack, as well as a Functional Trainer with dual cable pulley system, each pulley connected to 201 pound weight stacks using aircraft grade cables. The counterbalanced Smith Machine is also included, as well as the Vertical Leg Press, Chin Up Station, Dip Station, Core Trainer, Suspension Trainer and Low Row components. At least 300 different exercises are available through this one system, which comes with an exercise chart including pictures.


The wide frame comes with a shorter depth in terms of size, and this could be beneficial to some locations.
Pro: This system includes the counterbalanced Smith Machine design.


The Functional Trainer weight weigh stacks are only 201 pounds each which might be limiting to some advanced lifters.
The difference in price doesn’t seem to bring a comparable number of options.