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Best Battle Ropes

The vision of oneself ripped as Hercules, with a battle rope in each hand, mastering the rise and fall of the weight as if driving a chariot pulled by Pegasus, is a grand one indeed. And when it comes to picking the best battle rope for yourself, there are a number of factors to keep in mind. The knock on battle ropes around weightlifting circles these many years has been a concern for shoulder injuries. But much like concerns about barbell squats and knees, the problem is typically either form, or picking the wrong size rope. Instruction and workout drills are available online, and the fact is, battle ropes are not only upper body cardio. They can be used for strength training, lower body drills, core work, fat-blasting, and power-training, among other things. Whether a large commercial gym for group training, or a garage gym for solo drills, knowing what makes the best battle rope for you is the first step toward achieving your vision of fitness.

Best Overall


Rogue Conditioning Rope 50’

Rating: 91%

Best battle ropes









50 Feet of Fitness
Rogue Conditioning Rope 50’



26 Lbs


Mid-sized Monster
AmazonBasics Battle Exercise Training Rope (30-foot x 1.5-inch)



16 Lbs


YZLSPORTS Heavy Weighted Rope (9.55’)



5.2 Lbs


Century 30’ Challenge Rope



14 Lbs


Hyper Rope Battle Rope



15 Lbs

Polyester-coating, Metallic Core

Size Matters

In shopping for battle ropes, consider that shorter ropes aren’t as fluid as longer ones, but they require less space to move. Across the fitness industry, the popular battle rope length is 50 feet, followed by 40, and then 30 feet. That said, with home fitness booming and a more diverse populace getting into the action, the sub-30-foot models are worth a look. A 50-foot rope leaves about 25 feet per arm if halving it for a waving motion and that may just be too much weight and rope for athletes under 5’10. The fact that battle rope exercises are designed to be joint-friendly alternatives to the clanging and banging of barbells, one wants to make sure the activity is safe. Remember, bench press strength isn’t so much as an issue here as is stamina, flexibility, and range of motion. The other question involving rope length would be the number of people using it. One reason the 50-foot’er is so popular is that it can easily double as a tug-of-war piece, or be used in truck-pulling, sled-dragging, or other group exercises. If you’re shopping for a gym piece with multiple potential users, remember that variety is the spice of life.

Exercise Options

The options out there are actually unlimited. Most people are familiar with the popular “wave drills” where the user holds in each hand one end of the rope and creates waves and ripples. Other options include rotational work with the same idea, where a twisting of the torso is the cause of motion. Thruster-style movements where the athletes squats down to throw the rope bring the entire body into play, as do rope burpees, and weighted push-ups, or jumping jacks. To that extent, the ropes can used for bodyweight exercises much like resistance chains and bands for barbells.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are battle ropes bad for my shoulders?
A: Like all exercise, proper technique, and selection of weights is key to safety.
Q: Can I use battle ropes indoors?
A: Different types of rope are better suited for indoors or outside.
Q: Is learning to use battle ropes difficult?
A: There are so many different workouts one can perform it’s only as difficult as one’s desire to learn.


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1. Rogue Conditioning Rope 50’

With a total weight capacity of 500 pounds, the Rogue Conditioning Rope is 50 feet of fun. With a diameter of 1.5 inches, the 50-foot rope is made of a manila fiber, and weighs 26 pounds. The quarter-ton weight capacity means this rope can serve many purposes, from team-based tug-of-war, to climbing, and pulling trucks in strongman classics. The basic battle rope workouts are also very doable both indoors and outside, so long as an anchor is available. In spite of its substantive length, the rope can be coiled easily and carried about to different locations. With heat-sealed endings, the rope is designed to be protected against fraying after heavy use.


Full 50 feet
26-pound rope weight
Multiple uses possible


May be too long for some areas
May be too heavy for some users
May be too much for some users

2. AmazonBasics Battle Exercise Training Rope (30-foot x 1.5-inch)

A high-quality set of ropes made three-strands thick of a durable polyester blend, the AmazonBasics Bttle Exercise Training Rope actually comes in four different sizing options: 344-inches x 1.5-inches; 372 inches x 1.9 inches; 470 inches x 1.5 inches; and 490 inches x 1.9 inches. The 344-inch rope is approximately 30 feet long and weighs laid out nearly 16 pounds, a great weight and length for users of any stage or size. Even large athletes can earn the burn with ropes these size. The ropes are designed to roll up easily into a coil for easy transport. Backed by AmazonBasics limited one-year warranty, the ropes require an anchor of some sort at one end when using, be it a tree or squat rack.


Terrific price
Great mid-size option
Coils well for storage


May be too short for groups
Might require gloves
Requires anchor

3. YZLSPORTS Heavy Weighted Rope (9.55’)

Specially designed for users under 5’10, the 9.5-foot battle rope has a weight of 5.2 pounds, and diameter of 1.5 inches. Made from a durable 1,200-denier polyester blend, three-stands thick, the rope has soft rubber handles for better grip. This shorter rope can be used by athletes of any size, not just for traditional battle rope waves and bursts, but for partner jump rope. Not really designed for climbing or pulling, the advantage here is storage and ease of use for smaller athletes so as to avoid shoulder injury. An anchor will be needed when battle roping, but multiple partners can use the rope of jumping, or skipping drills.


Shorter for smaller athletes
Easier on shoulders
Multiple uses


Not as long
Requires anchor
Might require gloves

4. Century 30’ Challenge Rope

A heavy-duty rope fitted with molded handles on either end for better grip control, the Century 30’ Challenge Rope is made from 1.5-inch thick nylon and includes a durable sleeve for rope protection as well as easy storage. The handles also feature foam padding for extra comfort and reduction of callous build-up. The rope itself weighs 14 pounds and is colored in a bright orange. The rope has a manufacturer’s warranty of 90 days and can be used either indoors or outside, depending on suitable conditions. Some form of anchoring is required for use, although the anchoring can be relatively simple, whether a squat rack or a tree.


Great middle size
Foam-gripped handles
Durable sleeve for protection


Price is high
Only 90-day warranty
Requires anchor

5. Hyper Rope Battle Rope

For tighter spaces where an anchor might not be available, the Hyper Rope Battle Rope comes into play. Just 20 feet long with a diameter of 1.25 inches, each rope weighs in at 15 pounds and features a weighted, flexible metal core, coated by a durable, braided, 100% polyester exterior. The rope comes with gripped handles and only takes up a 6-foot training space foot print, compared to the longer models. The bright blue fiber is to work well inside on floors, with or without partners. Given the shorter length, storage and transport are often a plus for this model. The manufacturer advises this rope should not be used with an anchor kit, nor is it designed as a climbing or pull rope as braided ropes can shrink and expand during use.


Polyester-coated metal
Doesn't require anchor
Smaller space required


Very pricey
Can't be used for pulling or climbing
Large groups wouldn't find enough uses