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Best Inversion Table Comparison Buying Guide

Ok, I admit it, when I first heard about inversion tables, I was a bit skeptical. The idea that hanging or lying upside down could have any real health benefits had me laughing. Well, I’m not laughing anymore, because after extensive research I’ve discovered that inversion tables have several health benefits, making them a great addition to any home.

These tables, when used correctly, can help alleviate pressure on your spine, lengthen ligaments and muscles and effectively improve post-workout recovery time. They can combat serious medical conditions, improve daily conditioning and provide relaxation therapy but there’re a few things you need to know before buying one.

My best inversion table review will give you an up-close look at how these tables work, how to use them, what features to look for and a rundown of the top 5 models. I’ll help you figure out what works best for you, all at a price you can afford.

Inversion Tables: Setting the Story Straight

You may think you know what inversion tables are all about, but there is a lot of misleading information out there, so let’s set the record straight with a clear definition of what they are and what their purpose is.

In the simplest terms, an inversion table is a table that can flip you upside down at varying angles to reduce spinal pressure and rejuvenate your discs, relieve joint pressure and elongate muscles. These tables have a padded upper portion, with lower bars to hook your legs onto or ankle straps to keep you in place as you invert.

The idea behind these devices is that by laying upside down, or at an angle, you decompress your spine, allowing spinal fluids to return and your discs to return to their natural size. Your spine naturally compresses over time, with strenuous activities, sports activities and everyday lifting adding to the problem.

Inversion tables work to reverse these spinal issues, restoring balance along your spinal column. They also use gravity to alleviate pressure on joints and muscles, for pain management and prevention in your neck, back and knees.

Finally, besides stretching and elongating, you can also perform a series of exercises on them, and some models even use heat and vibrations, for overall relaxation and body healing.

The Best Inversion Tables: My Top 5 Picks

Below, you’ll find my list of the top 5 inversion tables. Each pick has something different to offer and I included models in varying price ranges, so there truly is something for everyone.

IRONMAN Gravity 4000 Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table (Best Inversion-Table for the Year)

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For those with lower back pain due to work or illness and overweight users, this inversion table is a good choice at right around $200. It’s mix of steel and PVC materials allows it to be lightweight, yet hold up to 350 pounds.

The steel frame lends stability to the unit, as do the rubber stoppers, so you never have to worry about falling over as you invert, even if you are on the heavy side. It is also powder coated, so it won’t scratch over time and will look new after years of use.

Made to promote circulation and alleviate lower back stress from sitting too long at work, arthritis or overextending during exercise, it has memory foam padding on the table and ergonomic foam padding on the ankle holders. That means no metal digging into your legs or discomfort while lying down.

Finally, this model has extra-long handles, allowing you to grip it from any angle without straining or stretching. The elongated handles also help perform a wider range of exercise.
It’s a good pick for those with backaches or anyone stuck at a desk all day.

Innova ITX9700 Memory Foam Inversion Table with Lumbar Pad for Hot and Cold Compress (Best Value for Money)

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This model works great for those needing relief after strenuous exercise or whose job requires a lot of lifting and physical activity.

The entire backrest is padded in thick memory foam, so it will support and provide a soft, but firm area to lay and it will adjust as you move. This is important, as it will not sag or lose elasticity as it is continually moved.

It also has lower lumbar support that can be filled with hot or cold compresses. This means you can ice sore muscles while inverted, or apply heat to tight muscles as you invert, which is a big advantage after a tough workout.

With the ability to hold a max weight of 300 pounds, it is a great model to help those who are overweight combat joint stress, do light exercise, construction workers, or those in fields with high levels of activity.

Ironman LX300 Inversion Therapy Table

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For those looking for pain relief and improved blood flow, this budget-friendly model tops the list. The LX300 is a solidly built unit, and holds a max weight of 275 pounds, making it perfect for most users, especially women.

Covered in foam vinyl, the backrest provides comfort while stretching, so it is great for post-workout relief and increased circulation for those suffering from muscle spasms and stiffness.

The padded roller ankle rests let you safely and securely flip or exercise. You can move side-to-side, or up and down to do reverse crunches, targeting your core, with no pinching or harsh rubbing.

Easy to clean and use, it can help manage most types of lower back pain and is great for those looking for an inexpensive, but a quality unit.

Innova ITM4800 Advanced Heat and Massage Therapeutic Inversion Therapy Table

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For those in need of all over relief from aches and pains, as well as those seeking in-home therapy, this advanced model is a steal.

This unit holds up to 300 pounds and features a movable lumbar support rest, energy foam padding, multi-massage settings and isolated heat and vibration options for customized and controlled inversion therapy.

The energy foam padding on the backrest and arm grips eliminates any discomfort and lets the unit conform to you for the ultimate in support. You sink in, allowing your muscles and joints to relax at any angle.

Speaking of support, the adjustable lumbar support rest is ideal for relieving strain on any part of your back or neck, cradling exactly where you need it to so you can stretch and move
without restriction.

Best of all though, are the heating and vibration settings with multiple massage options. The various vibration settings allow you to apply light or heavy vibrations in various areas of your back, to combat pain and loosen muscles.

This is great after exercise, a long day of work or for those with disc problems. The heating element adds another layer for therapy and pain management, helping to relieve stiffness in joints, combat spasms and reduce tension and stress.

A great therapeutic table that is good or athletes and therapy patients.

Inversion Table Pro Deluxe Fitness Chiropractic Table Exercise Back Reflexology

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For beginners or those with limited space for a table, this is a solid choice under $100. This table is convenient in terms of use and maintenance, making it ideal in apartments, offices or smaller homes.

The lightweight but durable frame folds up for easy storage, so you can use it and put it away if you don’t have a room to leave it out. It is also super easy to maintain, with removable nylon covers on the back and arms so you can clean it and keep it germ-free.

As for the machine itself, it is great for those starting out, with cushioned ankle holders that can be adjusted to 3 different positions. The different positions help you be proactive, doing arm and lower back exercises to increase strength, flexibility, and movement.

With a max weight of 300 pounds, anyone can effectively use this table to fight compressed discs and elongate muscles for improved posture.

Key Benefits – All you need to know

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Let’s examine how these tables can help you and why you should invest in one:

Combat Injury

For those who are in prime health, an inversion table can help you stay that way. Using these tables to elongate muscles and take pressure off your spines after a workout or hard day at work can prevent arthritis onset and muscle pulls according to the National Arthritis Foundation.

Increases Mobility

For those who cannot workout due to back pain and injury, these tables can help them stay in shape. There are many exercises that can be performed on them, allowing many to maintain a healthy weight and keep fit despite their limitations.

Relieve Pain & Stress

Using these tables daily can alleviate the pain associated with common ailments, like arthritis and muscle spasms, as well as more serious issues, like herniated discs and sports injuries. They can be used as an alternative to medications and even reverse some forms of damage.

Improve Circulation

Inversion encourages blood flow, improving circulation and relieving muscle stiffness.

Alleviate Joint Pain

When you use these tables regularly, you take pressure off key joints, like knees and hips, which reduces pain and increases your range of motion.

What to Consider when Buying one: What You Need and Why

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Before we go over our list of top 5 inversion tables, you need to figure out what you need and why. There are many makes and models, each providing different uses and benefits. To help you choose a table that works best for you, here is a checklist of what to look for:

  • Durability: these tables are meant to last, so you want one that is constructed of quality materials that won’t bend, rust or breakdown from constant use. Look for high-grade steels that can support weights of 250-300 pounds. Also, look for fabrics that are easy to clean and won’t tear from sweat and washing.
  • Stability: Stability is crucial to any unit: since you are flipping your body at various angles you need a model that won’t slide or tip. Plus, you want a model that can be used on various surfaces, so it can go in any room of your home.To prevent these possible problems, find a model with grips along the base, so it can go on rugs, hardwoods, tiles or laminates without moving, so you can use them without worry.
  • Comfort: Since you will be laying and or vibrating on these tables at odd angles, it is important to be comfortable. A good table should have padding just on the table, but on the headrest and ankle rests as well.
  • Versatility: Are you using the table to manage stress? Do you have lower back pain? Why you plan to use it is an important buying factor. If you need to relax muscles after a workout or have a pinched nerve, you may want a model with heat sensors or vibration settings built-in for increased options.

How to Use an Inversion Table

If you’re reading this and have never tried one of these tables, don’t be intimidated. They are not difficult to use, but you do need to understand the basics before beginning.

To start, don’t immediately flip upside down. You want to invert in small degrees, 15 or 20 degrees at a time. You don’t even need to fully invert to maximize results and benefits: even a 15° flip can work, as it is enough to get spinal fluids in motion.

Also, you don’t need to stay long on these tables. 5-10 minute sessions 3 times a day work best, and you can be proactive while using it. Doing bends, arching your back and other movements can help with pain relief and muscle spasms. Just go slowly, and always flip down and up a little at a time.

Is an Inversion Table Right for You?

As my best inversion table guide illustrates, these devices are a real help to anyone who needs to decompress, relax or manage pain. With the ability to fight arthritis, bulging discs and soothe muscle aches, it can make life more bearable.

These tables can really improve your quality of life, increasing movement and mobility in those with chronic back pain with daily use. These tables are meant to help, not hinder, and can extend workout recovery times and soothe after a stressful day. Inversion tables provide medical and personal therapy relief, making them a must for anyone looking to live a pain-free, healthy lifestyle.

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