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Bowflex Series 7 vs Sole F80

Torn between the Bowflex Series 7 and the Sole F80? Both of these treadmills are excellent choices, but hopefully our comparison table and in-depth buying guide will make your decision easier!

Treadmill Sole F80 Bowflex Series 7
Photo sole f80 treadmill Bowflex Series 7

List Price

$2,699 Discontinued
Full Review

This table compares » Bowflex Series 7 vs Sole F80. Read their full reviews to learn more.

Sole F80 Review Bowflex Series 7 Review

0.5 - 12 mph 0.5 - 11 mph

0 - 15% 0 - 12%


22" x 60" 20" x 60"

3.5 CHP 3.0 CHP

10 Pre-Defined: 15
User-Defined: 2
Max Weight

375 lbs 300 lbs
Cooling Fans

iPod Dock


Frame: Lifetime
Motor: Lifetime
Deck: Lifetime
Electronics/Parts: 5 Years
Labor: 2 Years (In-Home)
Frame: 15 Years
Motor: 10 Years
Parts: 2 Years
Electronics: 1 Year
Labor: 1 Year
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Buying Guide: Bowflex Series 7 vs Sole F80

These two treadmills are a close matchup! The major differences are…

Sole F80 Pros:

  • 15% max. incline (+3%)
  • 350lbs max. weight (+50lbs)
  • iPod Dock (MP3 compatible)
  • Lifetime warranties

Bowflex Series 7 Pros:

  • $200 cheaper
  • 12 mph max. speed (+1 mph)
  • 15 Programs (+9 pre-defined)

Both the Sole F80 and the Bowflex Series 7 have excellent decks (20″ x 60″), strong motors (3.0 HP) and the ability to fold-up to save space.

Conclusion: Bowflex Series 7 or Sole F80?

If you’re looking for more pre-defined programs and a lower price tag, go with the Bowflex Series 7.

If you’d rather be able to listen to your iPod through speakers on your treadmill, you want a more durable machine protected by lifetime warranties, and you don’t mind paying a little extra for these perks, the Sole F80 is your best bet.