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People running on treadmillsSince the most popular piece of fitness equipment (and arguably the best for overall fitness) is the treadmill, we decided we would begin our quest to find the best equipment with this timeless product line.

Treadmills are fantastic investments because they can improve cardiovascular health and burn significant calories, all from home. This allows you to save money in the long run compared to gym memberships, and gives you more privacy and convenience.

We have reviewed and compared dozens of popular treadmills from the world’s biggest brands to save you time & money finding the right treadmill. Compare the best treadmills to find yours today.


EllipticalsAnother very popular piece of fitness equipment, Ellipticals are an excellent option for cardiovascular exercise, providing decreased stress on joints and in turn a lower chance for injuries.

Ellipticals are also fantastic investments due to their convenience for getting a great in-home workout even when the weather outside is less than ideal. Plus, now that the industry has had time to mature, they are quite affordable compared to a gym membership.

We have reviewed and compared dozens of popular ellipticals from the world’s biggest brands to save you time & money finding the right elliptical. Compare the best ellipticals to find yours now.

Exercise Bikes

Exercise BikesAnother classic piece of fitness equipment is the Exercise Bike. Emulating the incredible workout provided by a bicycle, exercise bikes are a great option for a home gym.

Some of the benefits of exercise bikes are that they are very affordable, they are much quieter than other types of equipment, and Recumbent models allow for better posture than a traditional bicycle with most of the intensity retained.

We have reviewed and compared dozens of the most popular exercise bikes to save you time & money on the best model for you. Compare the best Exercise Bikes to find yours today.

Home Gyms

Home GymsThe ultimate replacement for an expensive and time-consuming gym membership, home gyms have become extremely popular due to their convenience and decreasing prices.

New technologies have also pushed the home gym market to blur the line between affordability and quality, causing more and more fitness enthusiasts to invest in a home gym to save time and money in the long run compared to driving to their local gym.

We have reviewed and compared the most popular home gyms available to save you time & money picking the best option. Compare the best Home Gyms to find yours now.


TreadClimbersA unique line of cardio fitness equipment, the TreadClimber is a hybrid design between a Treadmill, an Elliptical and a Stairclimber, to maximize calories burned with minimal joint impact.

TreadClimbers consist of two separate treadmill-style belts that rise to a high incline with each step. The belts still move as you walk, creating motion similar to the way an elliptical works. This allows you to burn more calories, even at lower speeds.

We have reviewed and compared all of the TreadClimber machines from Bowflex and Nautilus to save you time & money picking the right model. Compare the best TreadClimbers to find yours now.

Max Trainers

Max TrainersThe latest innovation from Bowflex, Max Trainers are another hybrid line of cardio equipment, combining ellipticals’ zero-impact motion with the intensity and calories burned of a stair stepper.

An independent university study found that people (testing beginners and fitness pros) burned up to 2.5x the calories with a Max Trainer than on an elliptical for the same time, because of the motion, resistance, and interval training workout program.

We have reviewed and compared both of the Max Trainer machines from Bowflex to save you time & money choosing the right model for you. Check out our Max Trainer reviews to see if it’s right for you.