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Best iFit Coach Workouts

iFit Coach workouts have three formats: basic, Google Maps and video. When you build your own programs, the choices are infinite! But considering ready-to-go options, below are some of the best iFit Coach workouts in each style. These favorites work with iFit Coach treadmills, ellipticals and exercise bikes. In this article: Best iFit Coach Workouts… Read More

Fitness Trackers Comparison: iFit vs Fitbit

Comparing Fitness Trackers: iFit vs Fitbit Wearable fitness trackers are tiny computers and a big hit! Wearing a tracker makes it easy to know your daily step total, calorie intake/burn, and other fitness stats anytime. The convenience helps people reach goals more quickly — and the best fitness trackers can sync with personal training apps… Read More

How to Build a Home Gym For Less Than $200

Your Guide To Getting Fit For Less Fitness happens when exercise is convenient. Learn how to build a home gym under $200 for everything from bulking up to slimming down. Home Fitness Goals Even a cheap home gym can support every fitness goal. Goal examples include: Cardiovascular health Endurance Flexibility Physical rehabilitation Speed Strength Stress… Read More

Bike Salmons & Bonking? A Guide to Fun Cycling Slang

Indoor bikes can prep your body for outdoor cycling — but what about your brain?  Serious outdoor riders speak a special language. They mention bike salmons and hubbards. They tell stories of bonking and stomping. In no time at all, their lingo can leave you behind! This FitRated guide to fun cycling slang terms can… Read More

Build a Home Gym You’ll Love To Use

When a great “local gym” is in your home, life is pretty sweet! Below are tips to help you build a home gym that you’ll love to use. Read on for suggestions about space-saving fitness equipment, home gym flooring, wall mirrors, TV setups and more. Choosing the Best Home Gym Location Most homes, even small… Read More

Best Home Gym Equipment of 2017

This year is exciting in home fitness. The best home gym equipment of 2017 shows off new technologies, and our favorites fit a wide range of shopping budgets. Below are introductions to six options including the best home treadmill and treadmill alternatives, the best home elliptical trainer and exercise bike, and the best home gym…. Read More

Cyber Monday Fitness Equipment Deals

Cyber Monday is almost here! The online shopping holiday is ideal for choosing your fitness equipment and other big-ticket items: Discounts are deep, delivery is free despite the products being hefty, and warranties are strong with factory-direct online sales. Here are tips to help you get the best Cyber Monday fitness equipment deals, particularly for… Read More

Black Friday Fitness Equipment Deals 2016

Black Friday is bigger every year. This year, with more retailers staying closed Thanksgiving Day, fitness sales are especially expected to start early online. Starting on Thursday and before, shoppers can save up to 50% on treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes and gyms from the 2016 model year. And for those who stay cutting-edge, new fitness… Read More

Low Carb Diet Round-Up: A Closer Look At The Ways To Go Low Carb

Low carb diets are one of the most popular ways that people choose to go about their weight loss goals. When done properly, low carb dieting can work incredibly well. A reduced carb intake tends to help control hunger, stabilize blood sugar, and helps you maintain that reduced calorie intake more easily than diets of… Read More

A Personal Trainer’s Guide To Shedding Pounds On Cardio Machines

As a personal trainer, there’s no question that one of the most common requests you’ll get from clients who are starting a new workout program with you is how to melt fat and firm up their body. We live in a world where excess body fat is commonplace, so when most people make the decision… Read More