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Kettler Coach M Rower Review

Quick Take

The Kettler Coach M Rower resembles the popular Coach E, but offers less programming and uses manual resistance control. It features a quiet magnetic braking system with resistance options to suit beginners through to stronger rowers. Although it does not offer preset workout programs, its console displays a wide range of exercise data and supports wireless heart-rate monitoring. It is also shipped with a Quick Attach backboard and front footplate to support 16 different exercises. Measuring 81” long by 21” wide, it’s a medium sized rowing machine. It does not fold, but it can be stored upright or moved into another room for storage with the help of the attached caster wheels.


Smooth Resistance
Bonus Exercises


No Programs
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Our Review

Kettler rowing machines are made in Germany from high-quality components. The Kettler Coach M Rower features a center-pull oar and 10 manual resistance settings (with a magnetic brake system). It’s a sturdy machine, with a high carbon, powder-coated steel frame. Its durability is also demonstrated by its lifetime frame warranty and three-year residential warranty for all other parts. At 81″ long by 21″ wide, it’s a medium sized rowing machine. Although not foldable, the Kettler Coach M Rower features caster wheels so you can easily wheel it into another room after use. It also stores upright. It’s a cordless machine (the console uses batteries) so you don’t need to worry about where you place it around the house.


Unlike the pricier Coach E, the Kettler Coach M rower does not offer preset workout programs. However, its LCD monitor still displays all your essential rider data. This includes time, energy consumed, strokes, pulse rate, and frequency. It does however offer a recovery feature; this provides a cardio wellness grading indexed from 1 to 6 allowing you to track your progress. A wireless chest strap and receiver are included with this rower so you can make the most of this feature. Additionally, Kettler rowing machines are unique for providing additional exercise options. This rower is shipped with a Quick Attach backboard and front step plate. These open the doors to 16 different exercises for you to try. Comfort features include footplates that support a natural pivoting motion for rowing, and a padded seat.



  • Data Monitor: The rower’s easy-to-read LCD display shows data in English and German. A scan function lets you keep a favorite field prominently displayed.
  • Cardio Wellness Feature: The computer has a recovery feature that measures your heart rate after exercise and provides a cardio wellness score.
  • Smooth Resistance: The Coach M rowing machine uses quiet magnetic braking. The resistance is manually controlled via a tension knob which is marked from 1 to 10. The Coach E, in contrast, uses electronic controls.
  • Comfortable Design: The rower gives your upper body a full range of motion. Its footplates support a natural pivoting motion and the seat has comfortable padding and glides smoothly along a chrome-plate rail.
  • Low Maintenance: The Coach M’s seat glides with sealed ball bearings. These make the machine low-maintenance with no lubrication required.
  • Stores Upright: The Kettler Coach M Rower can be stored vertically. Although the frame is robust, it’s easy to move with the attached wheels.
  • Durable Frame: The frame features chrome-plated steel rails and has a lifetime warranty.
  • Bonus Exercises: The Kettler Coach M includes two easy-to-attach plates for the front and back of the machine. These support 16 additional exercises, making the rower a mini gym.
  • Warranty: The parts warranty is for three years, which is a nice match for a $999 rowing machine.


  • No Programs: The console doesn’t feature any preset workout programs.
  • Weight Limit: The weight limit of 285 pounds is rather light for a rowing machine.

Our Conclusion

The Kettler Coach M Rower is built for longevity. It’s very simple in terms of programming, but supports 16 different exercises on top of being a solid rowing machine. The rower offers good value for people who will actually use the attachments. For those uninterested in the additional exercise options, a different rowing machine with built-in programming such as the Coach E model might offer better value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does the Kettler Coach M Rower weigh?
A: The Kettler Coach M Rower weighs 96 pounds.
Q: Does the Kettler Coach M Rower fold?
A: The Kettler Coach M Rower does not fold. You can only store it vertically.
Q: How large is the Kettler Coach M Rower?
A: The Kettler Coach M Rower is 81" long by 21" wide by 27" high.

Rating: 78%

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Resistance Level


Dimensions (inches)

81" L x 21" W x 27" H

Maximum User Weight Capacity

285 lbs

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