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ProForm Carbon R7 Rower

This model has been discontinued.


ProForm is taking home workouts “Back to the Future” with its new Carbon R7 Rower. In addition to the high-quality inertia-enhanced flywheel rower, users interact with live trainers and receive real-time data feedback via an included iFit tablet. Part of the growing iFit community, users can allow their trainers to not only lead workouts, but actually control resistance and speed settings on the machine itself from a remote, studio location. And with every workout tracked and logged, users can monitor their progress and work toward real long-term goals.


Integrated tablet included
Live trainers can control your machine
Very reasonable price


Requires high-speed Internet connection
Privacy and Internet security a concern
Requires space in an area with Internet connectivity

The 250-pound unit was designed with lift-and-fold mobility in mind. Utilizing a spacer-saver concept, the machine’s frame can be unhitched and lifted up from the middle suit-case style and rolled on front-mounted transport wheels around the home, into a closet, or outside to the patio for a row in the sunshine. The rower itself is 22 inches wide, 86.5 inches deep, and 47.1 inches high, and comes with a 10-year frame, two-year parts, and one-year labor and tablet warranty. iFit Bluetooth Smart enabled, the purchase comes with a three-year family membership as well as the 5-inch backlit display, and 10-inch tablet. An integrated tablet holder and audio auxiliary port are also part of the deal, allowing for users to plug in for better audio. Dual 2-inch speakers allow users to communicate with their trainers without complication. The rower utilizes an inertia-enhanced flywheel for resistance with 26 digital resistance levels, an ergonomic, molded seat with oversized steel seat rails. The handlebars are multi-position and adjustable with oversized pivoting pedals also adjustable and complete with nylon foot straps. The interactive training sessions are quite novel and can be customized to suit. Or, the iFit package also comes a virtual library of pre-made workouts to fit any age, stage, goal, or body.

An internet connection is required and after the initial three-year subscription has elapsed, users can elect to renew, or simply keep the high-grade rower.

Working out with the Carbon R7 Rower

There’s no questioning the value of rowing as an exercise. A Harvard Health Study has demonstrated that a 125-pound person can burn up to 255 calories in just 30 minutes with a vigorous rowing workout, while a 155-pound person burns 316, and an 185-pounder burns 377. The key word of course is “vigorous.” The challenge for home fitness fans is motivation, and the iFit partnership is the answer. With trainer-controlled settings and a library of pre-sorted workouts designed, motivation is made much easier. The presence of the integrated tablet and back-lit interface with real-time feedback also eliminates the potential of boredom setting in, which is another enemy of the at-home cardio fan. And 85% of the body’s muscles are used with every stroke, meaning it’s a total body exercise combining both strength and cardio. Meanwhile, the act of rowing requires a concentric muscle movement, not eccentric, meaning the muscle tensions as it shortens, as opposed to while lengthening, such as occurs under a load. This allows for more training frequency without injury or muscle breakdown. Folks of any age or stage, whether seeking fat loss or strength-building, would be able to find out a workout they’d like with this unit.

Designed with front-loaded roller wheels, the Carbon R7 Rower can be moved outside if weather permits, perhaps even taken along with on a vacation. The iFit package contains workouts which can aim for strength-building, cardiovascular conditioning, fat loss, or a combination of all the above.

Our Assessment

Total payments for the purchase are $1,403.00, or $39 per month over 36 months with $0 down and 0% APR financing. That seems a darn good deal when considering monthly gym memberships cost anywhere from $40 to $100 per month, and many folks simply go for the cardio equipment. If a cardio/strength workout is what you’re shooting for, the Carbon R7 Rower could easily do the job as part of a home gym set-up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is an Internet connection required?
A: Yes, and signal strength must be sufficient for streaming.
Q: Can I just use the rower without the live trainers?
A: Yes, the rower can be operated independently.
Q: Can I move the rower easily?
A: The rower can be folded in half and rolled about on front-side wheels.


ProForm 750R Rower

Rating: 85%

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