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ProForm 750R Rower Review

Quick Take

ProForm currently manufactures a handful of rowers, one of them being the 750R. The magnetic rower features 24 digital levels of resistance allowing you to up the challenge as you progress. An easy-to-fold frame means it will suit compact spaces, although it does have a pretty large assembled footprint. It’s a bring-your-own-tech machine, so you’ll have to dock your own tablet for viewing iFit workouts. As its iFit enabled, these levels will be automatically controlled by your iFit trainer during iFit workouts, so it delivers a really immersive workout experience. What’s more, you can currently get the 750R rower for free when you pay for an iFit family membership over 3 years ($39/month for 36 months, totaling $1403). If you are looking for a rower to train interactively with iFit anyway, this is a really good deal. Learn more about the pros and cons of the ProForm 750R below, and whether the rower itself is as impressive as the free deal currently offered.


Free with iFit Membership
Easy to Fold & Store
Preset Workouts


Low Weight Capacity
Bring Your Own Tech
Large Assembled Footprint

Our Review

If you are on the hunt for an indoor rower that you can use with an interactive training program such as iFit, the 750R could be a solid option for you simply for the fact that the machine is free when you pay for an iFit membership across three years. If you were planning to do this anyway, getting the machine for free when you pay for the $39 per month membership is a pretty good deal. iFit connectivity is a huge selling point for NordicTrack and ProForm rowers, and their other home fitness machines in general. iFit gives you to access a near-unlimited library of on-demand (and more recently, live) workouts with world-class personal trainers. It’s much like having a personal trainer by your side, pushing you to the limit through your workouts. iFit is quite unique for the fact that when it is used alongside a machine such as the 750R rower, the resistance is automatically controlled by the iFit trainer or workout you are tuned into. In this case, the trainer will be controlling the 24 levels of resistance. It’s a bring-your-own-tech machine, so you will have to connect your own tablet to train with iFit here. There’s a tablet holder above the 5” high-contrast display (which displays all your basic workout stats) which you can use to dock your device. There are also 20 built-in workouts on the console, which is a huge plus. This means that when your iFit membership is paid up, you will have a handful of workouts at your fingertips which are free for life. These include calorie, time, and interval workouts to help you diversify your training alongside iFit.


Now to look at the actual rower itself. It features 24 levels of silent magnetic resistance. Magnetic rowers are smooth and quiet, so they’re a good match for those who want to work out in the evening or really early in the morning as they won’t disturb the rest of the household. As for comfort, it features a molded seat and an oversized steel seat rail. It has a 90″ pull strap and multi-position, adjustable handlebars as well as comfortable pivoting pedals with adjustable foot straps. Other highlights include an auxiliary music port for you to plug in your phone and listen to your top workout playlists or iFit trainers through the set of speakers.


What we aren’t so happy about is the weight capacity. The rower has a 250-pound maximum weight capacity, which is OK but not great. That said it’s still a sturdy enough machine–with a steel rail–and it makes up for the weight capacity on account of having an easy-to-fold frame. The rower collapses into itself for easy storage, and you can move it with the help of the front-mounted transport wheels. The warranty is pretty average but still competitive, offering 10 years of coverage on the frame, and a year on parts and labor. Dig into the pros and cons of the 750R rower below.



  • Free Machine: You get the machine for free when you commit to a 3-year iFit subscription.
  • Foldable: Although the rower has a relatively large footprint (86.5″ long by 22″ wide) it’s easily foldable and has transport wheels for you to move it around after use.
  • Sleek Design: Its modern design will look good in any home gym.
  • Resistance: The 24 levels of digitally-controlled magnetic resistance allow for a smooth and quiet row. Up the challenge gradually, and work alongside your iFit trainers who can automatically adjust your resistance.
  • Quiet: The ProForm 750R rower features a belt rather than a chain. This allows for a smooth and quiet row, more closely mirroring an on-the-water rowing experience.
  • iFit: iFit gives you access to a huge variety of workouts on and off your machine. The auto-adjust feature is unique to iFit and allows for really motivating workouts.
  • Comfort Features: The ProForm 750R features a comfortable seat to support endurance, as well as adjustable handlebars and pivoting pedals with adjustable foot straps for you to find a comfortable fit.
  • Onboard Workouts: There are 20 preset workouts, so if you ever want to stop your iFit membership after your 3-year period is up, you’ll still have a handful of programs to work out with.



  • Weight Capacity: A 250-pound weight capacity is OK, but not great. There is a sturdy steel rail, but the weight capacity is something to consider if you’re a heavier individual.
  • Bring-Your-Own-Tech machine: Although this is a great call for keeping the overall costs of the machine down (in this case, it’s free), you still have to bring your own tablet to this machine if you want to row with iFit.
  • Large Footprint: Although it folds, the rower initially has a pretty large footprint. Just be sure you have the space to put this rower before you commit.

Our Conclusion

The ProForm 750R is a solid choice for anyone who wants an indoor rower to train interactively with iFit. If you fall into this camp, you would likely be paying for the service over a few years anyway, so getting the machine thrown in for free while you’re paying for this membership is a huge selling point. It has a good enough amount of resistance levels to keep you entertained and challenged, and the preset workout library is a plus for when your iFit payments are up (if you want to cancel iFit). The easily foldable design and wheels mean the 750R will suit most home gyms spaces too, even if the rower does have a large footprint to begin with. Another thing to keep in mind is the lower weight capacity. This rower probably won’t be a good choice for heavier individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many programs does the ProForm 750R rower have?
A: The ProForm 750R rower has 20 preset workout programs for you to enjoy alongside iFit.
Q: Does the 750R have a touchscreen for iFit?
A: The ProForm 750R does not have a touchscreen, you will have to dock your own tablet to watch iFit workouts. It has a 5” high-contrast display.
Q: What is the maximum weight capacity of the ProForm 750R?
A: The 750R rower can hold up to 250 pounds.

Rating: 85%

Resistance Type


Resistance Level






Dimensions (inches)

86.5" L x 22" W x 45.5" H



Maximum User Weight Capacity

250 lbs

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