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Sole SR400 Rower Review

This model has been discontinued.

Quick Take

It makes sense that the Sole SR400 rower has wound up discontinued fairly quickly. It is incredibly close in spec to the SR500, with the same amount and type of resistance, and the same number of built-in programs. Its frame design is slightly different, without the ability to fold up for storage. Aside from construction it also has a lesser warranty than its sibling, and these factors alone easily justify the nominal $100 price difference between the two models. If you’ve come across an SR400 for sale—possibly on clearance at a fitness equipment outlet, or as a used item, read on for more information.


Easy Folding
Smooth Operation


Heart-Rate Monitoring

Our Review

The Sole SR400 Rower is a compact and more inexpensive version of their SR500 rower. The SR400 uses both air and magnetic resistance that generates a smooth, natural pull to create a realistic “on the water” sensation. There are 16 levels of resistance to choose from.


The 5.5” LCD display displays basic readouts like strokes per minute, total strokes, calories burned, time, etc., and is also equipped with 12 built-in workout programs that feature customizable and heart rate based programs. And while there is no chest strap included, the SR400 is compatible with hands-free heart rate monitoring.


The adjustable pedals are designed to fit to different heel angles, and the long aluminum rail allow for varying heights. The folding frame makes it easy to store away, and the belt drive requires no maintenance!



  • Folding design: The SR400 folds for convenience. This feature is especially ideal for in-home use where space can be an issue. In addition to the folding design, this model comes with upfront wheels for greater mobility.
  • High sitting position: Get on and off of your rower easily with a higher seated position than other rowers like this model.
  • Price: The SR400 is hundreds of dollars cheaper than the SR500, and it’s really very affordable in general at jut $699.99.
  • Smooth operation: This model creates a smooth, natural pull using a combination of eddy current magnetic resistance and wind resistance. Magnetic force is used at the higher resistance levels to keep noise to a minimum.
  • Program variety: Choose from 12 different built-in workout programs, with also include a customizable option as well as a heart rate based program.



  • Noise: Because the SR400 uses both air and magnetic resistance, it is slightly noisier than other magnetic resistance indoor rowers.
  • Warranty: Lifetime coverage on the frame is great, but 1 year coverage on parts, labor and electronics is not.
  • Heart rate monitoring: The SR400 is equipped for wireless heart rate monitoring, but it does not come with a chest strap.



The Sole SR400 makes for an excellent indoor rower with its friction-free resistance system and wireless adjustment resistance. Because it uses both magnetic and air resistance, it can be a little noisy but this flaw is not necessarily a deal breaker by any means. Overall, this rower can easily be enjoyed by almost anyone with its long aluminum rail, high weight capacity, and adjustable pedals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does the Sole SR400 Rower weigh?
A: The Sole SR400 indoor rower weighs 75 pounds.
Q: How many resistance levels does the Sole SR400 Rower have?
A: The Sole SR400 rowing machine has 16 resistance levels.


Sole SR500 Rower

Rating: 86%

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