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First Degree Fitness Titan AR Rower

Quick Take (Discontinued)

The First Degree Fitness Titan AR Rower was the brand’s initial entry-level water rower with adjustable resistance, a model that has since been superseded by the Newport Challenge Rower that makes our best rowers under $1,000 list. Similarly to its new counterpart, the model featured 4 levels of adjustable water resistance, a single rail metal frame design, pivoting footrests, and a very respectable warranty given its price point (5-year frame, 3-year tank and seals, 2-year mechanical and components). All in all this was a solid unit, and thankfully the models that have followed are equally impressive. Should you find an older Titan AR Rower for sale, the details of our review remain available below.



Variable Water Resistance
Pivoting Footplates
Easy Storage


Limited Feedback
Non-Metal Wheels

Our Review

The Titan AR is a single-beamed metal rower from First Degree Fitness. It’s part of their Horizontal Series, which mounts its water tanks horizontally for easier storage. The Titan AR is one of the simplest and cheapest rowers in this series, but performs well for its price. It also carries a competitive warranty package including two years of parts replacement under home use.

Customers often choose indoor water rowers based on their realistic strokes. First Degree Fitness machine strokes are set at preset challenge levels, with each unit in the Horizontal Series offering the same four options. Even the lowest level is powerful enough to keep most trainees challenged for at least a few months. The Titan AR also has pivoting footplates to allow a natural range of motion in the lower body.

This model is slightly smaller than other machines in the collection and has a dramatically stripped down console. Other rowers in the Horizontal Series have seven readouts, interval programming, and USB connections. The Titan AR has just five readouts: time (elapsed or goal), stroke count (cumulative or goal), strokes per minute, tempo signal and calories.

The Titan AR measures about 78” long x 21” wide. It is 20” tall and can hold up to 300 pounds.


  • Variable Water Resistance: Indoor water rowers create low-impact strokes that instantly catch and have no “dead spots.” Thanks to the splash and sight of water, these rowers offer some of the ambiance of outdoor training. First Degree Fitness rowers all user variable water resistance. In this series, the resistance is adjusted with a simple Min/Max dial with four levels. Most riders find that even the first level provides a reasonable challenge.
  • Pivoting Footplates: The footplates pivot to follow a natural motion.
  • Easy to Store: This rowing machine can be easily rolled away and turned upright for storage.
  • High Capacity: The Titan AR has a maximum user weight capacity of 300 pounds.
  • Good Warranty: This model has the same competitive home warranty as the more expensive models from this brand. It provides five years of protection for the frame, three years for the tank, two years for non-wearing mechanical parts, and one year for wearing parts.


  • Limited Feedback: We would prefer a rowing machine that gives pulse feedback and has workout programs. Also, the USB port on other models in this series brought many useful functions, including virtual reality crew races.
  • Bungee: The tension in the Titan’s bungee cord will lose strength over time.
  • Non-Metal Wheels: The wheels for the seat aren’t very high quality and will wear down with heavy use, leading to jerky rides.
  • Water Replacement: Customers have complained that not all of the water can be drained. A full 40% needs to stay in the tank at all times.

Our Conclusion

The Titan AR Rower is an affordable indoor water rower intended for home use. This model is powerful enough to train at any strength level, yet offers little useful programming. It’s a satisfactory choice for those with a limited budget, but far from a special machine. Those who can afford to spend more should seek out a more advanced machine in this series or a rower from WaterRower.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the maximum weight capacity of the Titan AR Rower?
A: The Titan AR Rower can hold up to 300 lbs.
Q: Does the First Degree Fitness Titan AR Rower fold?
A: The Titan AR Rower does not fold but can be stored upright.

Rating: 80%

Resistance Type


Dimensions (inches)

77.8" L x 20.9" W x 20.1" H

Maximum User Weight Capacity

300 lbs

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