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First Degree Fitness E820 Fitness UBE Review

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The Evolution E820 Fitness UBE is a commercial grade water ergometer for upper body exercise. This compact model features a comfortable seat with high back. The seat rotates for especially easy mounting/dismounting by people with limited mobility. It can also be removed entirely, letting a person use the machine while standing.

The E820 UBE features the patented variable resistance system from First Degree Fitness. Users can choose from 20 challenge levels, and the arm pedals work in forward and reverse motion to engage different muscles. Adjustments to the tension can be made directly on the water flywheel, which has a bright yellow control lever.

This upper body ergometer has the First Degree Fitness computer, the Interactive Performance Monitor. The monitor features a pacer and displays elapsed time, speed, distance, RPM, calories per hour, watts and level. Additionally the E820 has a USB port. The USB port lets trainees connect with First Degree Fitness apps for preset workouts and for virtual races against other trainees. First Degree Fitness also has an app that lets people watch video and listen to music while keeping track of workout data, all on one screen.

Durability is ensured with high quality components such as stainless steel blades for the water flywheel, a polycarbonate tank, and a metal frame with 330-pound user weight capacity. The E820 Fitness UBE is priced at over $2000 and has a commercial warranty.


  • Commercial Strength: The E820 Fitness UBE has a commercial warranty. If chosen as a luxury option for a home gym, it could be expected to provide trouble-free workouts for many years.
  • Water Resistance: Water is one of the smoothest options for resistance on a fitness machine. The E820 Fitness UBE provides 20 levels of fluid resistance, and the range is advertised as being the widest on the market.
  • Dual Direction: The arm paddles can be rotated toward the body or away from the body, letting a trainee isolate different muscles. Additionally, a person can use the ergometer at different heights for different effects. A lower height concentrates on core muscles. A higher setting focuses on the pectoral muscles, traps, biceps and triceps.
  • Data and Entertainment: The Interactive Performance Monitor is used on all water trainers by First Degree Fitness. It displays a helpful pacer and shows elapsed time, speed, distance, RPM, calories per hour, watts and the 1-20 resistance level. It can also show heart rate if the user wears a chest strap (sold separately). Six workouts are saved automatically, which allows for quick starts. The USB port offers advanced options from First Degree Fitness apps; just connect the E820 to a computer. One of the most popular apps lets trainees virtually race against each other.
  • Heart Rate Monitor: The E820 Fitness UBE has a wireless heart rate receiver. Chest straps are sold separately.
  • Movable Seating: Seating for the Evolution E820 looks much like an office chair in terms of height and back support. It can turn; easy-on, easy-off. It can move forward and back to accommodate different leg lengths. The seat can also be removed for training while standing.
  • Compact Footprint: This machine measures just 49″ long x 39″ wide (125 x 99 cm).
  • High Capacity: The maximum user weight capacity is 330 pounds (150 kg).
  • Good Warranty: The Evolution E820 UBE is backed by a 10-year frame warranty and a three-year warranty for the water tank and seals. The computer and main wear parts are under warranty for two years. Wear parts are covered for one year.


  • Price: Selling for more than $2000, First Degree Fitness upper body ergometers are among the more expensive upper body trainers.
  • Short Wear Warranty: Unlike the cheaper E620, this model has a short wear parts warranty. Possibly this is because synthetic bolts (rather than metal bolts) are used.

Our Conclusion

The E820 Fitness UBE is a high quality upper body trainer. Unlike most fitness machines, it can easily be used while the trainee is seated or standing. It offers smooth water resistance and gives helpful feedback including wireless pulse readouts. The E820 also has a USB port for trainees who’d like to use fitness apps. Overall, it supports effective workouts and can accommodate a wide range of exercisers.

Rating: 85%

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