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Best Treadmills with iPod Dock of 2021(3)

Buying Guide

Which treadmill brand is best for your household? Sole is a top choice if you’d like a treadmill with iPod compatibility but aren’t interested in having other high tech electronics built into your treadmill. ProForm and NordicTrack are better choices if you’d like more advanced features for workout support and entertainment; the two models shown above include full-color touch-screens, Android web browsers and the option to download unlimited new treadmill workouts.

Treadmills with iPod Docks Buying Guide

Not long ago, adding music to treadmill exercise meant playing the radio or CDs. For the most part these days we have treadmills with iPod docks and speakers — and these are available at every price point.

Treadmills with iPod docks make it easy to scroll through your list of MP3s during workouts; most of these treadmills will show your music list on their LCD or LED display screens and have volume control buttons built into their consoles. Many will also keep your device charged during workouts.

Another perk: You can leave your earbuds behind. For treadmills today, just about every treadmill with iPod compatibility has a speaker set. For example, the ProForm PRO 5000 and NordicTrack Commercial 1750 treadmills each feature a set of high fidelity 3″ speakers. Sole treadmills have speakers too.

Choosing a treadmill with speakers is a wise move. Your music can make the difference between following an effective fitness plan or giving up on your goals.


Life Fitness T3

Rating: 86.8%
Price: $2,599 - Best Price: $2,599

The Life Fitness T3 treadmill is a top Life Fitness option for virtually any trainee. It has some great features like a 3.0 HP motor, a nice 20" x 60" running surface as well as a 15% incline. Read Review »

52 xterra-trx2500-treadmill

Xterra TRX2500

Rating: 86.6%
Price: $1,299 - Best Price: $799

The new XTERRA TRX2500 is an economy-priced treadmill for home use. Designed especially for strolling and power walking, it has a 55” track and provides electronic incline (maximum 10 percent) to enhance your results. Read Review »

53 Life Fitness F1 Smart

Life Fitness F1 Smart

Rating: 86.3%
Price: $2,598 - Best Price:

The F1 Smart Treadmill is a high quality folding treadmill option from Life Fitness. It has a lifetime warranty on its frame and deck, a 2.5 HP motor and a well-balanced built-in workout variety. Read Review »


Matrix TF50

Rating: 86.3%
Price: $2,899 - Best Price: $2,899

A best buy among folding treadmills, the durable Matrix TF50 features custom programming and a two-ply 60” track to accommodate almost any runner or walker. Read Review »

55 Horizon Elite T5

Horizon Elite T5

Rating: 86.3%
Price: discontinue - Best Price: $1,199

The new Horizon Elite T5 treadmill is an entry-level model that's great for walkers and joggers. Plus, it's compatible with a Passport Player for virtual reality workout programs. Read Review »

56 Matrix T75

Matrix T75

Rating: 84.8%
Price: $3,999 - Best Price: $3,999

The Matrix T75 treadmill is a luxury trainer for home use. This fitness machine is meant for home gyms that are high traffic or otherwise call for very durable equipment. Read Review »


Matrix T50

Rating: 84.5%
Price: $2,899 - Best Price: $2,899

The top-scoring T50 is the most affordable non-folding treadmill from Matrix Fitness. This versatile cardio trainer has a thick 60” track, a 15% incline and custom electronics. Read Review »


Matrix T70

Rating: 84.3%
Price: $3,799 - Best Price: $3,799

The T70 leads the Matrix line of customizable home treadmills. This high-end model is the only Matrix home treadmill to house a commercial motor and provide a maintenance-free track. Read Review »

59 schwinn-treadmill-870-power-incline-to-15-percent-heart-rate-controlled-workout-programs-compatible-with-runsocial-virtual-outdoor-paths

Schwinn 870

Rating: 84.2%
Price: $1,099 - Best Price: $1,099

The Schwinn 870 is among the best-equipped treadmills for its price. Read Review »


Life Fitness T5

Rating: 83.5%
Price: $3,999 - Best Price: $3,999

The Life Fitness T5 is a high quality Life Fitness treadmill option. It can support a wide variety of workouts, it has a nice 20" x 60" running surface and a 3.0 HP motor. Read Review »

61 Precor TRM 445

Precor TRM 445

Rating: 83.3%
Price: $5,299 - Best Price: $4836

The TRM 445 is top of its class in Precor's Precision Series. It features a wide variety of workout options, a slick user interface and an impressive warranty. Read Review »

62 Precor TRM 223

Precor TRM 223

Rating: 82.8%
Price: $2,999 - Best Price: $2699

The Precor TRM 223 is a great treadmill with a healthy balance of quality, features and performance. Read Review »

63 schwinn-830-treadmill-shows-12-data points-supports-wireless-heart-rate-monitoring-with-a-wireless-chest-strap

Schwinn 830

Rating: 82.7%
Price: $949 - Best Price: $949

The Schwinn 830 is a cardio trainer that’s data-rich and feels comfortable for walking and jogging Read Review »


LifeSpan Fitness TR7000i

Rating: 80.5%
Price: $4,499 - Best Price: $2999

The LifeSpan TR7000i Light Commercial Treadmill is a high quality choice for fitness centers and elite home workout rooms. With a 400-pound weight capacity, a 3.5 CHP commercial motor and an incline up to 15 percent, it will not disappoint. Read Review »


LifeSpan Fitness TR5000i

Rating: 80.3%
Price: $2,799 - Best Price:

The LifeSpan TR5000i Light Commercial Treadmill is a solid buy for home gym at a solid price point at under $2,000 Read Review »

66 LifeSpan TR1200i treadmill

LifeSpan Fitness TR1200i

Rating: 77.5%
Price: $998 - Best Price: $699

The LifeSpan Fitness TR1200i is an affordable treadmill with iPod dock and USB data storage. The TR1200i treadmill also features heart rate programs and LCD display. Read Review »