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LifeSpan Fitness TR1200i Review

Quick Summary

The Lifespan TR1200i is a folding treadmill sale priced at $999 (full price $1,499).

This budget-friendly fitness machine has long earned positive customer reviews and was updated for the 2016 model year.

Its 56″ track has a ramp and is cushioned with six shock absorbers, the console has speakers for your MP3s, and there’s a USB port for transferring your exercise stats to a Lifespan Club account.

See below for our complete Lifespan TR1200i review.


Model LifeSpan Fitness TR1200i

Our custom rating considers all of the treadmill's features, specs, warranties, and 100's of user & expert reviews, to save you time!

List Price

Suggested retail price, typically higher than the price you'll pay with our recommended retailers.

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Treadmill Speed is measured in Miles Per Hour (mph). Average running speed is 5-9 mph.

0.5 - 11 mph

Treadmill Incline measures the angle of the deck, and how steep it is relative to the floor (0% is flat, and 15% is like a steep hill).

15 Levels

The Treadmill Motor is what turns the belt as you run. We recommend at least 2 HP (Horsepower) motors, 2.5+ HP for jogging, and 3.0+ HP for running.

2.5 CHP

Treadmill Deck dimensions are measured in inches: Width x Length. The wider and longer the deck, the safer it is (55-60 inches long recommended for running).

20" x 56"

The Treadmill Belt is the surface you run on. The thicker the belt, the less impact on your joints. At least 2-ply (1 inch) recommended.

(3/4" Phenolic)

Some treadmills are designed to conserve space by folding up. This is a convenient option, but some features might be reduced.


Treadmill Programs allow you to complete a workout with changing speeds and inclines, without changing anything manually.

Pre-Defined: 17
User-Defined: 2
Max. Weight

Treadmill Max User Weight is the amount of weight, in pounds (lbs), that it can safely support, which can represent durability.

300 lbs
Heart Rate

Heart Rate programs allow you to track how many times your heart is beating per minute (bpm), and some control the workout for you.

My Zone Heart Rate
(2 Programs)

Dimensions are included to help you figure out if this treadmill will fit properly (Length x Width x Height and Height x Depth).

70" x 33" x 54"
Folded: 39" x 33" x 66"
Rollers: 2.5" Front, 2" Rear

Treadmill Display refers to the screen you'll look at to monitor workouts. LED and LCD displays are similar to TV screens.

Multi-Color LCD
Cooling Fans

Treadmill Cooling Fans are designed to help keep you cool during an intense workout.

Accessory Tray

Some treadmills include an accessory tray for holding items such as water bottles, wallets, keys, or MP3 players like iPods.


Treadmills that include a sound system allow you to listen to your MP3 player/iPod through built-in speakers (no headphones).

Quick Controls

Quick Controls allow you to select speed, incline and even workout programs with the touch of a button (usually on the handles).


The warranty is a very important part of your investment. The longer the warranty, the longer you can get free/discounted repairs by the manufacturer.

Frame: Lifetime
Motor: Lifetime
Parts: 3 Years
Labor: 1 Year

Rating: 77.5%

Our Rating

Rating: 77.5/100. The well-built Lifespan TR1200i is the most economical of several treadmills in its series. It normally costs $1,499 but is now sale priced online at $999 with shipping included. Its three-year parts warranty is a good match for the overall quality and benefits. The TR1200i has a two-ply track, a maximum 15% incline, a 2.5 CHP motor with lifetime warranty, and plenty of built-in workout programs including two with heart rate control. You can also save two customized workout programs and download additional workouts from the private Lifespan Club website. After treadmill time you can reclaim floor space by easily folding the deck upward. A hydraulic system does the work.

The TR1200i is sized for convenient home use. This Lifespan treadmill isn’t too large when in use; it has a 70.25″ x 33″ footprint and is 55″ high. When folded its dimensions are 39″ L x 33″ W x 63″ H. Here are other factors to consider…


  • Foldable (Hydraulic system)
  • 56″ x 20″ belt
  • 15% power incline
  • Foldable to 39″ L x 33″ W
  • 2.5 CHP motor (Lifetime warranty)
  • Two-ply belt (Durable, quiet)
  • Large rollers (2.5″)
  • 11 mph top speed
  • 21 workout programs
  • Pedometer
  • USB port for online tracking and program downloads
  • iPod compatible (Speakers and jack)
  • Handlebar-based controls for speed and incline
  • Holds up to 300 pounds
  • Robust (Weighs 197 pounds)
  • Competitive warranty


  • No workout fan
  • Short arm rails
  • Lifespan Club membership is only free for a limited time (But costs little – $69/lifetime at last check)
  • The 56-inch belt is long enough for many people’s sprinting strides. Some people will need longer tracks like those on higher treadmills in this series (the TR4000i and above).


The Lifespan TR1200i is a high quality entry-level treadmill. It’s foldable yet sturdy and has good power for trainees up to 250 pounds whether they walk, jog or run. The automated incline helps people avoid plateaus (literally!) and keeps exercise interesting. You can use manual mode to control the incline and speed or choose from programs for sports training, weight loss and other fitness goals. Each preset program has levels for beginners, intermediate and advanced trainees. Here are details about the preset workout programs, other features and the TR1200i warranty.

Workout Programs

Owners of the TR1200i keep fit with help from 21 built-in program modes. Extra preset workouts are available with a LifeSpan Fitness Club membership. These can be transferred to the treadmill via a USB port.

The built-in programs include 17 preset routines: five for weight management, five for healthy living and seven for sports training. These have three overall challenge levels each and can draw from 15 incline levels and speeds up to 11 mph. Additionally two programs are controlled by your heart rate and two are user-designed.

LifeSpan Fitness TR1200i Features

A key feature of the TR1200i is its foldable frame. The EZfold™ system uses hydraulics to make folding easy.

A power incline adds variety, calorie burn and targeted muscle toning to your workouts. Its maximum tilt is 15%.

The audio center includes speakers and a headphone jack for listening to MP3s.

The display for the TR1200i is a multicolor LCD. It shows multiple readouts at once, built-in programs and info from the USB port. The session readouts are Time, Calories, Distance, Steps, Heart Rate, Speed and Incline. This is one of few treadmills that has a pedometer.

Heart rate monitoring can be accomplished with integrated touch sensors or wireless telemetry. Wireless chest straps are sold separately.

Warranty & Guarantee

The Lifespan TR1200i warranty includes:

– Frame: Lifetime

– Motor: Lifetime

– Parts: 3 Years

– Labor: 1 year

Extended warranties are available too. Lifespan customers also get free shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee.


The Lifespan TR1200i is the most affordable member of a high quality home treadmill collection. It’s not a typical cheap folding treadmill; it has a two-ply track, a motor under lifetime warranty, good cushioning and advanced workout programming. The power incline is a highlight too; it can rev up your calorie burn and help sculpt your muscles.

Unless you’re a tall runner or carry a lot of weight, the TR1200i will fit you well. For a longer track see the Lifespan TR4000i.

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