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Diamondback 910ic Review

Quick Summary

The Diamondback 910ic is Diamondback’s top-spec indoor cycle for 2020. If you prefer a road-bike feel and have a budget of just under $1,000, the 910ic could be the model for you. Updated for 2020, the 910ic works with computer-controlled magnetic resistance and a heavy-duty 40-lb. flywheel. It delivers an intense workout through its 32 resistance levels and variety of workout programs. Sized at 42″ long by 23″ wide, and weighing 135 lbs., the 910ic is a compact, lightweight cycle that will work well in most home gyms. A special feature that stands out to us is the self-generating electronic resistance system. This gives you the freedom to work out anywhere, be that in your garden in the summer, or your garage during winter. Ready to learn more about the Diamondback 910ic? Read our detailed review below.


Model 910ic

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The flywheel in an exercise bike is what creates resistance. You can choose the level of resistance to increase your workout intensity.

32 Levels
Resistance Type

The type of resistance shows what kind of flywheel is being used (if any), and its weight if the manufacturer provides it.

Computer-Controlled Magnetic Resistance

Type refers to the style of the ride: Recumbent bikes allow you to lay back, while Upright bikes are more like road bikes (lean forward).

Drive System

The bike's drive system is how your pedaling interacts with the rest of the bike (flywheel) to give you a good workout.

40 lb. Flywheel

It's important to choose an exercise bike that will last, and the material of the frame determines how durable the bike is.


The most important part for comfortability during your workout, the seat should be adjustable and have ample cushioning.


Pedals are the driving force for an exercise bike, and should be comfortable, adjustable, and easy to control without slipping.


Bike Programs allow you to complete a workout with changing speeds and inclines, without changing anything manually.

Heart Rate

Heart Rate programs allow you to track how many times your heart is beating per minute (bpm), and some control the workout for you.

Polar compatible, wireless heart-rate receiver

Display refers to the screen you'll look at to monitor workouts. LED and LCD displays are similar to TV screens.

Max. Weight

Max. User Weight is the amount of weight, in pounds (lbs), that the bike can safely support, which can represent durability.


Dimensions are included to help you figure out if this treadmill will fit properly (Length x Width x Height and Height x Depth).

42″L x 23″W x 46″H
Weight: 135 lbs
Accessory Tray

Some bikes include an accessory tray for holding items such as water bottles, wallets, keys, or MP3 players like iPods.


Cooling Fans


Some exercise bikes can fold up and/or have wheels that make it easy to roll them around for convenience and to save space.


The warranty is a very important part of your investment. The longer the warranty, the longer you can get free/discounted repairs by the manufacturer.

Frame: Lifetime Limited (5 years)
Brake: Lifetime Limited (5 years)
Parts: 3 Years
Electronics: 3 Years
Labor: 1 Year
Wear Items: 90 Days

Rating: 90.75%

Our Rating

Rating: 90.75/100.

The Diamondback 910ic features 32 levels of computer-controlled magnetic resistance from a heavy-duty 40-lb. flywheel. It’s a sturdy model with a road-bike feel. It’s appealing for its compact and strong frame. The wheel is smooth and quiet, despite it being heavy enough to offer multiple challenge levels. You can adjust the resistance by the push of a button on the display, much like like changing gears on a street bike. It also offers plenty of adjustability, allowing each user to find their perfect fit. That said, the recommended height for riders using this bike is between 5’3” to 6’5”. It can hold up to 325 lbs., so it will accommodate most users. Assembled, the Diamondback 910ic bike is 42″L x 23″W x 46″H and weighs 135 lbs.


The 910ic features a basic LCD display. If you’re looking for connected interactive training, then this isn’t the bike for you. But if you aren’t that fussed about working out with the latest and greatest tech, the 910ic is a solid choice. The console still tracks and displays everything you need for an intense workout. You’ll be able to keep tabs on all your essential rider data including miles traveled, calories burned, speed, and time. What’s more, it has a Polar compatible wireless heart-rate receiver which you can use with your own wireless chest strap (not included). This is ideal for using alongside the heart-rate-controlled programs. The 910ic supports wireless heart-rate-controlled resistance which helps you remain in your target heart-rate zone throughout workouts. This works wonders for making your workouts more efficient, as the bike does all the automatic resistance changes for you to help you get the most out of your session. As for workout variety, like the 510ic, the 910ic comes with 12 onboard workout programs. It also features 4 heart-rate-controlled programs, as well as manual and custom user settings. These offer a good enough variety for riders to mix up their training regime.


The Diamondback 910ic isn’t a high-tech bike, but it still promises intense workouts without the difficult setup, maintenance, or ongoing fitness app subscription costs. When compared to other cycles in its price range, additions such as the wireless heart-rate receiver and self-generating electronic resistance system help this bike stand out from the crowd. Get the pros and cons of the Diamondback 910ic indoor cycle below.


Pros & Cons


  • Flywheel: The 910ic’s impressive heavy-duty 40 lb. flywheel is very sturdy.
  • Frame: The durable steel frame can handle any workout you throw at it.
  • Resistance: 32 levels of whisper-quiet, computer-controlled magnetic resistance allow you to ramp up the challenge of your workouts as you progress.
  • Wireless Heart-Rate Monitoring: Polar compatible wireless heart-rate receiver allows you to monitor your heart rate for use in heart-rate-controlled workouts.
  • Wireless Heart-Rate-Controlled Resistance: Automatic resistance changes in heart-rate-controlled programs allow for optimal training sessions.
  • Workout Variety: Good selection of workout programs to keep you challenged.
  • Self-Generating Power: The 910ic’s self-generating electronic resistance system gives you the freedom to use your cycle anywhere, from your deck to your garage.
  • Workout feedback: The 910ic provides ample rider feedback such as miles traveled, calories burned, speed, and time.
  • Storage: Keep your water within arm’s reach and your phone in front of you by putting them in the 910ic’s front-mounted water bottle cage and storage compartment.
  • Adjustability: Whatever your body type, you can adjust the 910ic’s handlebars and seat to find a comfortable fit.
  • Transport Wheel: The front-mounted wheel makes it easy to move your cycle round from room to room after workouts.
  • Warranty: The 910ic offers five years of coverage for the frame and braking, three years for the parts and electronics, and a year of labor. Wear and tear items are only covered for 90 days. Overall, this is a good enough warranty for the bike’s price point.
  • Military Discount: Diamondback offers 10% military discount.
  • Shipping: Residents of the 48 contiguous United States get free curbside shipping.



  • Basic Display: The 910ic isn’t a high-tech bike. That means no mp3 input, built-in speakers or Bluetooth/WiFi connectivity for interactive training or entertainment.
  • Workout Style: Keep in mind that studio/spinning bikes are not for everyone. They cater to those looking for more vigorous workouts.
  • No Fan: The 910ic doesn’t have a cooling fan.
  • Console Power: Although the self-generating power system has its upsides, there’s also a few things to keep in mind here. The console is powered by the user. When in use, it uses an onboard generator to power the console. This means that your exercise data disappears if you stop pedaling (a minute after inactivity). To get the console back up and running, you must pedal at a rate exceeding 15 revolutions per minute. This may be inconvenient if you have to hop off and on your bike again mid-workout.


The Diamondback 910ic is a heavy-duty bike that can handle high-intensity spin workouts. It features 32 levels of computer-controlled magnetic resistance from a heavy-duty 40 lb. flywheel, and a sturdy steel frame designed for durability. These components contribute to the model’s road-bike feel. A special feature of the 910ic that stands out to us is its self-generating electronic resistance system. This gives you the freedom to work out anywhere, from your garden to your patio. It’s one of the main features that sets the 910ic apart from Diamondback’s other indoor cycle for 2020, the 510ic.


What else makes the 910ic a cut above the 510ic? Spec for spec, the 910ic features a heavier flywheel and more resistance levels, as well as the option to monitor your heart rate wirelessly. Much like the 510ic, the 910ic can be compared to SOLE’s spin bikes. There’s nothing in the way of flashy consoles or displays on these bikes, but that doesn’t detract from their overall quality or durability. And you won’t come across any interactive training options here, but the bikes can still deliver an intense and varied workout. Dig into the details of this easy-to-use bike’s workout programs, features, and buyer protections below.


Workout Programs

Connected interactive training is not supported on this model as there is no WiFi or Bluetooth. That said, the 910ic provides you with enough pre-programmed riding courses, automatic resistance changes, and real-time workout feedback to keep you motivated. It features 12 workout programs and 4 heart-rate-controlled programs. There are also the manual and custom user programs to diversify your training. To get the most out of the 4 heart-rate-controlled programs, you can use your own wireless chest strap with this bike. The 910ic’s Polar compatible wireless heart-rate receiver connects to any Polar T31 or T34 (non-coded) chest strap (purchased separately). What’s more, the 910ic offers wireless heart-rate controlled resistance in these programs. Here, the bike automatically changes the resistance to help you stay in your target heart-rate zone throughout the workout program. Keep in mind that this bike won’t receive heart-rate data from a FitBit.

Diamondback 910ic Features

On a specs level, the Diamondback 910ic has 32 levels of computer-controlled magnetic resistance and a heavy-duty 40 lb. flywheel. This is an impressive range of challenge levels that will suit a variety of riders, whatever their fitness ability. One of the stand-out features of the 910ic is the self-generating electronic resistance system. This allows you to use your cycle anywhere around your home or outside spaces. As the bike generates its own power, Diamondback suggests charging your bike initially overnight and then about every 4 weeks of use. They also advise that you unplug the AC adapter before use so you don’t damage the computer console. The 910ic features a basic LCD display. Although it’s not super flashy, it provides all your essential rider data such as miles traveled, calories burned, speed and time. Aside from the preset workout programs and wireless heart-rate monitoring capability, there isn’t much in the way of entertainment on the 910ic, such as built-in speakers or a modern video screen.


As for comfort, the 910ic allows for up/down and fore/aft adjustments on the seats and handlebars which means you can set up the bike for your body type and size. The max user weight is 325 lbs., so the bike can accommodate most riders. The multi-position handlebars help you target different muscle groups while you ride.


Warranty, Guarantee & Shipping

The Diamondback 910ic home-use warranty includes:

– Frame: Lifetime Limited (5 years)

– Braking: Lifetime Limited (5 years)

– Parts: 3 Years

– Electronics: 3 Years

– Labor: 1 Year

– Wear Items: 90 Days

Diamondback also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on the 910ic bike. If you live in the 48 contiguous United States you will get free curbside shipping to your driveway. Diamondback also offer a 10% military discount.


The Diamondback 910ic is a solid choice for those who want to try vigorous indoor cycling workouts at home. It’s not a high-tech model, and interactive training isn’t part of the package. But that doesn’t detract from its quality and durability. Due to its heavy flywheel and multiple resistance levels, it’s a best buy for serious outdoor cyclists who want an indoor cycle that can handle high-intensity workouts. It has a close enough feel to a road bike for avid road-bike riders to be satisfied. That said, the variety of programs and resistance levels will still suit beginner spinners. They allow provide plenty of room for progress as riders can slowly ramp up the challenge as they go along. As well as suiting various users, the 910ic is also compact enough to suit most home gym spaces. What’s more, because of its self-generating power system, the 910ic allows your home gym space to be your outside patio.