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ProForm Smart Strider 735 Review

This product has been discontinued

Quick Summary

Posing next to other discount elliptical trainers, the ProForm Smart Strider 735 jumps out as a potential best buy.

On paper it combines durable performance with high tech fun: It has a rear drive design, a competitive warranty and iFit technology.

But priced at just $799, is it a true bargain or actually a hassle waiting to happen?

Get informed with our full ProForm Smart Strider 735 elliptical review below.

Our Rating

Rating: 86/100. To kick off this review let’s place the ProForm Smart Strider 735 in a lineup. ProForm makes three Smart Strider ellipticals: the 535, 735 and 935. Each is meant for light duty. The Smart Strider 735 has the same physical power as the Smart Strider 935 but a simpler console keeps its cost lower. If a more advanced console is desired later on, the Smart Strider 735 can be upgraded with an iFit monitor.

Key points for performance are an 18-pound drive, 18″ stride and 10° automated incline. As for workout support, the console is preloaded with 22 training programs. These are shown on a simple 5″ display. For extra programming (customized and unlimited!) the Smart Strider is iFit-compatible. The full color iFit monitor is sold separately for $99 and includes a one-year iFit subscription.

The ProForm Smart Strider 735 has an online sale price of $799. Is it worth your hard-earned money? Here are pros and cons to consider.


  • Rear drive (Easiest for your balance)
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Commercial steel frame
  • 18″ stride (Good if your stride is short)
  • Automated ramp (10 degrees)
  • 22 preset workouts
  • iFit-compatible (Monitor required)
  • Smartphone-compatible (2″ speakers)
  • Grip pulse sensors
  • Two-speed fan
  • SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance
  • Resistance and incline controls on handlebars
  • Water bottle holder
  • High capacity (325 pounds)


  • No wireless heart rate receiver
  • Some units are noisy and unsteady
  • 18″ stride (Not the best if you’re tall)
  • Light drive (18 pounds)
  • iFit monitor is sold separately ($99)
  • Although a SpaceSaver with wheels, not easy to fold or move
  • Customer service from ProForm is poor


We’d love to recommend a $799 elliptical trainer… but how lucky do you feel? This is a somewhat risky purchase. Although many owners are enthusiastic about the Smart Strider 735, about 25% of customer reviews indicate that quality control is poor. A common complaint is that the machine is noisy and wobbles. Another common complaint is that replacement parts are on backorder for a long time.

Here are two similar yet more durable alternatives:

ProForm Endurance 720 E – Front drive elliptical, $799

NordicTrack SE7i – Rear drive elliptical, $999

Still interested? Our review of the ProForm Smart Strider 735 continues…


When sale priced at $799, the Smart Strider 735 is featured in ProForm’s “discount elliptical” lot. At first glance it stands out in two ways. First, its rear drive design isn’t ProForm’s usual choice for this price class. (That’s because rear drive elliptical trainers are the most expensive to produce — all things being equal, of course.) Second, the Smart Strider 735 is shown with a full color iFit workout monitor. This monitor is sold separately but helps the 735 stand out against crosstrainers that are limited to single-color LED or LCD workout displays.

Here’s a more detailed look at the Smart Strider’s workout programming and other features.

Workout Programs

The popularity of ProForm ellipticals owes a lot to workout programming. The ProForm Smart Strider 735 is no exception; it arrives with 22 workout programs and is also compatible with iFit, which can deliver unlimited personalized workouts.

The 22 preset workouts are categorized as “calorie” and “performance.” Each has a preset duration and automates the elliptical machine’s resistance. Your progress is shown on a backlit 5″ screen.

High tech training can come aboard too. With an iFit monitor the Smart Strider can deliver unlimited workout variety. How’s that? First, you can virtually experience any Google Maps™ route with the elliptical’s auto-incline and a Google Street View. Second, you can download a customized personal training workout at any time. Third, personal trainers have released hundreds of high-def workout videos for iFit and the collection keeps growing. iFit also offers online races, extensive fitness data tracking and other membership benefits.

ProForm Smart Strider 735 Features

ProForm Smart Striders have 18″ elliptical paths. That’s on the shorter end of industry standards and can be perfect for people with shorter inseams.

The default monitor for workout programs is a single-color 5″ display. It shows time, distance, incline and other data along with a racetrack graphic that animates your progress. It can also show your heart rate as measured by pulse sensors on the handlebars. The upgraded display is a larger iFit monitor, which is full color and supports high definition video.

The Smart Strider 735 has an 18-pound flywheel. Its resistance can suit a beginner well, especially when amplified with the power incline. However, the more you weigh, the less smooth the ride will feel.

Warranty & Guarantee

The ProForm Smart Strider 735 warranty package includes:

– Frame: Lifetime

– Parts: 2 Years

– Labor: 1 Year

ProForm also offers a 30-day money back guarantee.


The ProForm Smart Strider 735 Elliptical stands out as a low-priced rear drive elliptical. Even so, a front drive machine could provide more value. In our review ProForm is cutting corners to offer cheap rear drive trainers. Sometimes they get away with it, but sometimes the results are disappointing… If you can afford to spend more, move up to the $1,000 price point. The value jump is significant.

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