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ProForm Smart Strider 935 CSE Review

This product has been discontinued

Quick Summary

The ProForm Smart Strider 935 CSE is one of ProForm Fitness’ most feature-rich and affordable elliptical trainers with a rear drive.

It shows off the brand’s latest console technology (enabled for iFit, full color touch screen, and more) and carries a three-year standard parts warranty.

But how does it perform?

Learn from the full ProForm Smart Strider 935 CSE elliptical review below.

Our Rating

Rating: 84.6/100. ProForm Smart Striders are lighter duty elliptical trainers for home gyms. The Smart Strider 935 has an iFit-enabled console, an 18-pound drive and an 18” stride. Some extras are a wireless chest strap, a 10 degree power ramp and 30 preloaded workout programs. This elliptical trainer has an online sale price of $1499 (MSRP $1999).

Given its stride length and power, the Smart Strider 935 offers the best value to smaller trainees. People who are taller than about 5’3” or carry more weight can get smoother workouts from the front drive ProForm ellipticals, which have longer strides and stronger resistance.

Here are other points to consider about the ProForm Smart Strider 935 CSE elliptical trainer.


  • Rear drive (Easiest for your balance)
  • Quick and easy assembly (30 minutes or less)
  • Commercial steel frame
  • Automated ramp (10 degrees)
  • Full color 7” touch screen
  • 30 workout apps
  • iFit-enabled
  • Smartphone-compatible (2” speakers)
  • Grip pulse sensors and wireless receiver (Chest strap included)
  • Two-speed fan
  • SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance
  • Resistance and incline controls on handlebars
  • Water bottle holder
  • High capacity (325 pounds)


  • Noisy despite having quiet resistance (Wobbles)
  • Adults of average and taller heights might prefer a longer stride
  • Light drive (18 pounds)
  • Although a SpaceSaver, not easy to store (Heavy)
  • ProForm customer service gets poor reviews


The $1499 ProForm Smart Strider 935 is tops in its series, but that’s a lightweight collection. This model’s highlights are its comfortable rear drive design, full color touch screen, Android browser and 10 degree power incline. Components that help explain its relatively low price are the 18” stride — which is actually perfect for shorter trainees — and an 18-pound flywheel, which is rather light for heavier adults. (The heaviest ProForm elliptical drive weighs 32 pounds.)

Below are details about the Smart Strider 935’s workouts and other features.

Workout Programs

ProForm Smart Striders add the expertise of a personal trainer to your home workouts. The Smart Strider 935 CSE arrives with 30 professionally designed elliptical workouts to help you burn calories and improve your overall performance. Each workout has a preset time and automatically controls the elliptical machine’s resistance.

In addition to the built-in programs, iFit programs can be used with this model. The console is iFit-enabled so you can download new workouts using its 7” touch screen (or your own device). With an iFit membership up to four users per subscription can download new and personalized workouts any time, virtually train with pros on iFit’s HD videos, and enjoy interactive Google Maps™ workouts. With Google Maps™ your elliptical workout can include a Google Street View and provide a virtual feel of the landscape as the machine’s 10 degree ramp automatically adjusts to copy the mapped route.

ProForm Smart Strider 935 CSE Features

The most eye-catching feature on this elliptical is its full color touch screen. This 7” display is used for preloaded programs, iFit programs and browsing the web.

ProForm Smart Striders have 18” elliptical paths. That’s on the shorter end of industry standards and is best for people with shorter inseams.

The Smart Strider 935 has an 18-pound flywheel. This can provide a good amount of resistance for newcomers to elliptical training. For extra challenge there’s an automated incline with 10 degree maximum. You can control the resistance and incline using convenient controls on the handlebars.

A chest strap is included for wireless heart rate monitoring. Pulse sensors are included too but the wireless option is most accurate; ProForm’s handlebar pulse sensors are often inaccurate by up to +/- 10 bpm.

Warranty & Guarantee

The ProForm Smart Strider 935 warranty package includes:

– Frame: Lifetime
– Parts: 3 Years
– Labor: 1 Year

ProForm also offers a 30-day money back guarantee.


The ProForm Smart Strider 935 CSE Elliptical looks pretty good on paper, but for most shoppers it isn’t one of ProForm’s best deals. Other ProForm ellipticals operate more smoothly despite having front drives. Considering the customer reviews that call Smart Striders noisy and wobbly, it seems wise to instead choose from ProForm’s Endurance Series or Pro Series Ellipticals. A specific model to check out is the ProForm 920 E, which has a $1499 sale price.

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