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Best Bowflex Ellipticals of 2021

Low-impact exercise is a Bowflex specialty. Years before ellipticals were invented, Bowflex built home gyms that eliminate harsh impact from strength training. Their next smooth move was making elliptical-inspired fitness machines for walking and running. Now in 2020 Bowflex has standard ellipticals too: the Bowflex Results BFX116 and BFX216. Introductory sale prices are $1,499 and $1,799… and the more we learn, the more they look like best buys.

Comparing the new Bowflex ellipticals with choices from other brands, you’ll see that part-by-part each Bowflex is comparable or superior. The components are high-end and the parts/electronics warranty is effective for five years. For a middle-market sale price, with Bowflex you can get years of club-quality workouts.

Bonuses with new Bowflex ellipticals are trials of popular interactive workout apps (RunSocial and Zwift) and a year of access to Dailyburn videos.

Bowflex Ellipticals Comparison Chart

Comparing the two Bowflex ellipticals for 2019 we see lots of overlap. The most important difference is extra flywheel weight for the BFX216. Here’s a basic comparison chart.

Top 4 Best Rated Bowflex Ellipticals

1 2 3 4
Model Bowflex BXE216

Bowflex BXE216

image of lateralx lx5 a silver elliptical with black handles

Bowflex LateralX LX5

Bowflex BXE116

Bowflex BXE116

Bowflex LateralX LX3


Our custom rating considers all of the elliptical's features, specs, warranties, and 100's of user & expert reviews, to save you time!

Rating: 92 %
Rating: 91.2 %
Rating: 90.3 %
Rating: 89.1 %

Resistance is what determines calories burned per stride. The more levels, the more precisely you can control the difficulty.

25 Levels10 Levels25 Levels10 Levels
Stride Length

Stride Length is important for comfort and smooth strides. A stride length of 18-21 inches is ideal for most heights (5'3 - 6'7).

22"Adjustable18" - 20"Adjustable

Elliptical Programs allow you to complete a workout with changing speeds and inclines, without changing anything manually.


The flywheel controls the smoothness and resistance of your workout. In general, the higher the better.

35 lbsN/A30 lbsN/A

Suggested retail price, typically higher than the price you'll pay with our recommended retailers.


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Bowflex Ellipticals Buying Guide

This guide presents the new Bowflex Results ellipticals of 2020: the BFX216 and BFX116. It gives details about machine performance and programming, and it reviews the Bowflex satisfaction guarantee.

The two machines have identical dimensions: 77″ long x 31″ wide x 70″ high. The ergonomics are exceptional for front drive ellipticals: Each machine has a heavy flywheel, the stride length is 22″, and you can tilt the pedals a degree or two to support your natural gait. You can also adjust the pedals to a maximum 10% incline to add muscle-toning variety to your workouts and enhance calorie burn.

The new Bowflex Results Burn Rate data console has Bluetooth for syncing your data with a free fitness app. Additionally your mobile device can bring very engaging workout programs aboard. To help you get started, each new Bowflex elliptical includes a one-year Dailyburn membership as well as eight-week trials of mixed reality or virtual workout environments with RunSocial and Zwift.

Bowflex Results BFX216 Elliptical

Of the two Bowflex ellipticals, the BFX216 is the premium model. It’s meant for home use but almost seems ready for commercial duty. Just like ellipticals for health clubs, the X216 is useful for all ability levels. Also like club ellipticals, it can hold up to 400 pounds without wobbling. Key to this exceptional performance is a 35-pound flywheel. Thirty-five pounds is rather heavy, and heavy is good! It helps ensure ultra-smooth elliptical motion for trainees of all sizes. It also lets anyone choose a comfortable amount of resistance. You can select from 25 levels of resistance.

Besides toning your heart and lower body, the BFX216 is a star for upper body training. Four grip positions are possible with its premium handlebars. The options not only promote comfort, but let you target-tone muscle groups. Just change your grip to change your workout.

New Bowflex ellipticals feature a Burn Rate console. On this model a 9″ screen shows your progress through built-in workout programs and data. For extra motivation a unique per-minute calorie burn meter shows feedback with color-coded lighting. The screen can also show your heart rate using wireless data. A chest strap for wireless heart rate monitoring is included with both Bowflex ellipticals for 2019.

You can choose from 11 preset workout modes including manual mode and a user-designed workout. Each program is easily accessed with its own button on the console, so getting started is quick and easy. The elliptical workout program names are Manual, Fat Burn, Calorie Burn, Calorie Goal, Heart Rate, 5K, Varied Interval, 8-Minute Interval, 16-Minute Interval, Strength, and Custom. A special feature unique to new Bowflex equipment is the option to build and save a workout as you exercise, not just before you start pedaling.

Bowflex Results BFX116 Elliptical

The BFX116 is the entry-level model in the new Bowflex Results elliptical series. It’s far from “entry level” compared with most home ellipticals in its price class though. For most home gyms it’s a great match. A 30-pound drive helps keep the ride smooth and ideally challenging for all but the heaviest and strongest trainees. You can choose from 20 resistance levels.

As noted above, Bowflex designed its new elliptical pedals with adjustable angle. Taking the angle to its limit, you can maximize the cardio challenge and also target-tone your lower body muscle groups. With the X116 you also get adjustability for upper body training. The handlebars support three grip positions to help diversify your workouts.

This model’s 7.5″ display window works with nine preset workout programs: Manual, Fat Burn, Calorie Burn, Calorie Goal, Heart Rate, 8-Minute Interval, 16-Minute Interval, Strength, and Custom. Like the X216, the X116 also includes generous samples of popular training programs: a one-year subscription to Dailyburn videos, and eight-week trials of RunSocial and Zwift.

The unique Burn Rate console is optimized to give motivating feedback about calorie burn per minute and in total. Constant heart rate data can be streamed with a chest strap (included) for wireless readings. A Bluetooth connection lets you export your data to a fitness app almost effortlessly. All in all, with the X116 you can get high quality workouts and make the most of data.

Bowflex Elliptical Warranties & Satisfaction Guarantee

The new Bowflex elliptical warranties are generous matches for the initial sale prices. Both models have standard 15-year frame warranties, five-year parts and electronics warranties, and two-year labor warranties.

The Bowflex satisfaction guarantee lets you return equipment within six weeks of delivery. Before return shipping your machine, be sure to call Bowflex for a return authorization number.

Bowflex Company Profile

Bowflex is a US-based company with headquarters in Vancouver. The company quickly rose to fame in the 1980’s by advertising its tension-based home gyms in infomercials. Bowflex gained a loyal following and now manufactures elliptical machines, treadmills, hybrid fitness machines and cross-training home gyms. Throughout its history Bowflex has prioritized low impact exercise, efficient results, and making the most of space in home workout rooms.

Bowflex Elliptical Alternatives

Bowflex ellipticals are brand-new, but Bowflex elliptical-treadmill hybrids have been popular for years. You might like a Bowflex TreadClimber for fast weight loss through walking, or a Bowflex Max Trainer for low-impact running.

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