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Bowflex Max Trainer M3 Review


Quick Summary

The Bowflex M3 is the most affordable in the new Max Trainer product line.

It uses the same technology as the higher-rated premium model, the M6, but they trimmed some of the bells and whistles to get the price down to $999.

Though it has a lower rating than the M5, a shorter warranty, and less of the extra features and programs, it still packs a punch and burns a lot of calories in a short time. So workouts are still very efficient and effective.

Is it right for you? Read our full Bowflex Max Trainer M3 review below…


Model Bowflex M3

Our custom rating considers the Max Trainer's features, specs, warranties, and 100's of user & expert reviews, to save you time!

List Price

Suggested retail price, including shipping. Typically higher than the price you'll pay with promotions.

Best Price

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Resistance is what determines calories burned per stride. The more levels, the more precisely you can control the difficulty.


Resistance levels determine the difficulty of the workout.

8 Resistance Levels

Max Trainer Programs help guide you automatically during your routine so you don't have to change any settings manually.

2 Workout Programs

For each program the Max Trainer allows, you can create a custom user account with saved programs and goal settings.

2 User Profiles
Heart Rate

Heart Rate programs allow you to track how many times your heart is beating per minute (bpm), and some control the workout for you.

Chest Strap
Max Weight

Max User Weight is the amount of weight, in pounds (lbs), that a Max Trainer can safely support, which can represent durability.

300 lbs

Dimensions are included to help you figure out if this Max Trainer will fit properly (Length x Width x Height and Height x Depth).

46" L x 25" W x 63" H
Ceiling: User Height + 15"

The Display refers to the screen you'll look at to monitor workouts. If it is backlit, then will be easier to read in low light.

Standard LCD/LED
Cup Holder

Integrated water bottle holder included in console for easy access.

Media Shelf

Designed to hold iPads/tablets, Kindles, books, magazines, etc. (Note: certain tablets might cover up some of the display.)

Syncs with App

Bowflex created an iPhone app for monitoring your progress on the Max Trainer.

Premium Grips

Softer integrated contact grips to monitor heart rate.


Is the Max Trainer easy to move? Does it have wheels? These can be crucial factors when buying a Max Trainer.


The warranty is an important part of your investment. The longer the warranty, the longer you can get free/discounted repairs.

1 Year
Best Deal

We do not sell Max Trainers; we are a free Max Trainer reviews service. This link goes to our top-rated retailer for the Bowflex Max Trainer M3

Visit Site Max Trainer: The idea behind the M3 is to trim the extra bells and whistles from the M5 to get the price down to $999. It loses some luxury features and has less workout programs and resistance levels, but it still burns a ton of calories (up to 2.5x the calories burned on a traditional elliptical).

Rating: 88%

Our Rating

Rating: 88/100. The M3 is the most affordable option in the Max Trainer line. It doesn’t have all the features and programs of the M6, but it still has zero joint impact and burns a lot of calories in a short workout.

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  • Unique design burns a ton of calories
  • Extremely compact, small footprint
  • Gauge on display is helpful and easy to read
  • Media shelf/tablet holder is convenient
  • Heart rate monitoring chest strap included
  • Get access to Daily Burn with free 8 week subscription and 600 workouts
  • Zero impact on your knees, back, etc.
  • Upper body workout better than ellipticals


  • Full coverage warranty only lasts 1 year
  • No iPod connection or speakers built-in
  • Doesn’t have hear rate contact grips
  • 8 resistance levels (the M5 has 16 levels)
  • 2 workout programs (Manual + Interval)

Max Trainer M3 Introduction

What makes the Max Trainer different? More importantly, what makes it better than a treadmill or elliptical?

The M3 is designed to be extremely compact, with zero impact on your joints, and burn as many calories as possible.

The closest existing piece of equipment is an elliptical. The M3 is made to be a better alternative to an elliptical, and in many respects it achieves that goal. An independent university study found that people working out at the same intensity for the same amount of time burned 2.5x the calories on the Max Trainer than on the elliptical.

If your goal is to train for races (5k, half-marathon, etc.) a treadmill is your best bet since you’ll be sticking to the traditional running form. If you just want an awesome low-impact workout in your home, the Max Trainer is definitely worth considering.

That said, I’d recommend checking out our side-by-side comparison of Max Trainers to see which one is right for you.

Max Trainer M3 Features

The Bowflex M3 comes with 2 workout programs, Manual and Max Interval (for automatic interval training). It’s a small number of programs, but at least they’re the ones that people use the most.

It also allows you to choose from 8 resistance levels to adjust the difficulty of the workout. As you build up your stamina & intensity and get in better shape over time, you can gradually crank up the resistance to keep reaching higher levels.

The display is well-designed, and includes easy to read indicators for calories burned and your burn rate (a good measure for intensity).

You can monitor your heart rate with the included chest strap, though this is less convenient than it automatically measuring it for you through the contact grips on the Bowflex M6.

It’s also important to mention the upper body workout you’ll get. It won’t get the results you would see with strength training, but being able to exercise your arms while you’re doing a cardio workout is another time-saver, which is always nice.

Warranty & Guarantee

The Bowflex Max Trainer M3 comes with a one year warranty that covers the entire machine.

Return Policy: 6 weeks, 100% money-back. If you want your money back, ship back for a refund of the purchase price.


The M3 burns a lot of calories, in a short time, with zero impact on your joints.

It’s a compact machine that will fit just about anywhere, and the industrial design looks cool, which is a nice bonus.

Overall, it’s a good option in this price range, though it’s worth considering the upgrade to the M5 to get even more value from the extra features, more workout programs and resistance levels, and a longer warranty.

To see which model is your best, here’s our side-by-side comparison.

Hopefully this Bowflex M3 review saved you some time researching!

Where to Buy

To get the best deal on an M3, we recommend ordering direct. Bowflex is offering Free Shipping with coupon code: Click here for savings.

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