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Best Home Gym Equipment of 2018

Like popular cars and trucks, the best home gym equipment gets updated for new model years. What’s new in home gym equipment for 2018? Here we share the latest versions of the best home treadmill and treadmill alternatives, the best home elliptical trainer and exercise bike, and the best home gym based on our detailed reviews. All these winners are low-impact to minimize your chance of soreness, and each has an exceptional mix of features for the sale price.

Best Home Treadmill for 2018

Home treadmill shoppers in 2018 have hundreds of options. Make life easy and see the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 early! For years the Commercial 1750 has been a top treadmill recommendation here at FitRated. For most walkers and runners it’s a best home treadmill for 2018 too. This model is impressive from top to bottom with features like a touchscreen with web browser, a strong motor and a spacious noise-reducing deck. The 2018 sale price is just $1,399 plus iFit Coach membership, and a long warranty is provided for peace of mind.

Getting specific, the Commercial 1750 features a 3.6 CHP motor with lifetime warranty; a 7” touchscreen with Android browser and HD resolution; and a connection to iFit Coach personal training. Unlike most treadmills, it has power incline and decline (-3 to 15 percent) to help tone your muscles and mimic outdoor paths. Yet another perk: For lower impact running, Commercial Series treadmills have the best suspension systems of any NordicTracks. And new for 2018, Commercial Series NordicTracks are enhanced with Bluetooth for connecting your iPod or other MP3 player.

Adaptive personal training is also part of the deal: New 1750 treadmill owners become iFit Coach members, and iFit Coach delivers customized treadmill workouts daily. These aren’t your average treadmill routines! Highly engaging, the workouts from iFit Coach let you virtually escape to paths worldwide. The daily suggestions match your preferences and workout goals in terms of intensity and duration. One option is virtually exercising with a world-class personal trainer on interactive HD video. The coach leads you across scenic terrain and gives motivational exercise tips. iFit Coach also integrates with Google Maps, letting you walk or run with scenic views from almost anywhere. You can draw a map route, then experience the views and the incline/decline on your NordicTrack Commercial 1750.

Beyond supplying daily tailored treadmill workouts, iFit Coach can be a 24/7 fitness helper. The mobile app can help track your daily step count, for example, and makes tailored recipe suggestions. It also provides a library of top-notch video courses in yoga, kickboxing, weightlifting and many other exercise styles.

Purchase includes a five-year parts and electronics warranty, plus there’s a two-year service agreement. Furthermore the treadmill frame and motor have lifetime guarantees, and the whole machine is sold with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Owners get a whole lot for the $1,399 sale price! With a standard iFit Coach membership included, the new Commercial 1750 is a top treadmill deal under $1,500.

Best Home Elliptical for 2018

Elliptical machines are the most popular alternatives to treadmills for in-home training. One big selling point is the total-body toning: With most elliptical machines, you can exercise your arms and legs in one workout. Another attraction is the low-impact motion: With a well-made elliptical machine, exercise is very kind to your joints.

Our “Best Home Elliptical for 2018” nominee is the Sole E95 with a heavy front drive. This machine falls in the middle of Sole’s elliptical lineup, and Sole aptly describes it as a home trainer that competes with “the big boys” or light commercial models. The new Sole E95 sells for $1,599 on a good day, and your purchase is protected by a five-year parts warranty and industry-leading labor warranty.

Sole Fitness is popular primarily for its machines’ ergonomics and smooth performance. The E95 Elliptical supports smooth rides with a 27-pound flywheel, and its resistance range can accommodate all skill levels. This unit has a 20-inch elliptical stride, just like the typical club elliptical, to support the natural gait of most trainees. (The pricier Sole E95s has adjustable stride for shorter and longer steps.) You can also power-adjust the incline to target your calves, hamstrings or quads. And for even more variety, Sole ellipticals work with both forward and reverse motion.

The Sole E95 display screen is about 10” wide to give clear views of your progress and statistics. You can exercise in manual mode, choose from eight preset programs, or use self-designed workout programs. A Bluetooth connection lets you send your workout data (distance, calories, heart rate, etc.) to the Sole Fitness app or a popular alternative like MapMyRun or FitBit.

Amenities include iPod-compatible speakers, a beverage holder, a cooling fan, and room for your tablet computer or smartphone.

In sum the new Sole E95 for 2018 is a top choice for low-impact cross training at home. It’s among the best home ellipticals of 2018 under $2,000 and often sells for $1,599.

Best Home Exercise Bike for 2018

Comfort, durability and iFit Coach all walked into a bike: the NordicTrack Commercial VR25. As a well-made recumbent bike, the Commercial VR25 ($899) lets you train with low impact to your joints: You sit with good back support, and you’re positioned to put less pressure on your knees and ankles compared with upright biking. Pedaling is smooth and quiet thanks to a 25-pound resistance system that inspires the VR25’s name. Paired with iFit Coach personal training, this fitness machine is “the whole package” for cardio and lower-body toning at home.

The centerpiece of the VR25 bike console is a 7″ touch screen. It lets you choose from 35 on-board workouts, and with home WiFi it can connect with iFit Coach for unlimited customized workouts. A favorite feature of iFit Coach is Google Maps workouts with ever-moving scenic views. You can virtually roll through the Alps, bike along a tropical coastline, or explore a famous city… all from the comfy seat of your VR25! With iFit Coach membership you can try a new workout program anytime, and you’ll get personalized suggestions every time you ride.

Amenities include a wireless heart rate transmitter, an iPod-compatible sound system, an AutoBreeze workout fan and a bottle holder.

At its low sale price the Commercial VR25 is a best buy exercise bike under $1,000. For 2018 it’s bundled with a three-year parts warranty and a one-year labor warranty.

Best Home Gym for 2018

Taking the trophy for “Best Home Gym of 2018” is the Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE ($1,599). Bowflex home gyms are unique for replacing metal weights with patented Power Rods. Instead of being rigid like a dumbbell or weight stack, a Bowflex Power Rod flexes as it provides resistance. This makes each repetition of exercise lower impact, or less jolting to your frame, so you can strength train with less soreness the day after. You can adjust the resistance for an ideal challenge, starting from five pounds and topping out at 210. For extra challenge you can upgrade the Xtreme 2 SE with Power Rods giving a maximum 410 pounds of resistance.

More than 70 exercises are demonstrated in the Xtreme 2 SE user guide. Power Rods on this Bowflex home gym connect with an upper pulley system, a two-position lat tower, and a four-position lower pulley squat station. You can add more features… but as sold, this gym can help strengthen your legs, tone your glutes, flatten your abs, and sculpt your upper body.

Overall the Xtreme 2 SE is one of the best home gyms of 2018 for gentle yet serious strength training and calorie burn. Bowflex Power Rods carry a lifetime guarantee and the full Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE is protected for seven years.

Best Bowflex TreadClimber for 2018

Slow down for gorgeous results! Bowflex TreadClimbers are treadmill alternatives that let you walk (not run) for weight management and body toning. Calorie burn can be rapid, even at a low training speed like 3 mph, because the Bowflex TreadClimber incline can be very steep. (The steeper your workout surface, the more calories you burn!) You can even cut your usual workout time in half and still enjoy better results: Science says you can burn 2.5 times the calories per minute.

The Bowflex TC200 ($2,999) is the more advanced of two Bowflex TreadClimbers for sale in 2018. Main specifications are an incline range of -6% to 40% and a top speed of 4.5 mph. Also provided are a wireless heart rate transmitter, five preset workouts with adaptive technology, and an app to help you set goals and monitor long-term progress.

In sum the Bowflex TC200 lets you comfortably walk while burning calories at a runner’s rate. This sturdy fitness machine has the feel of a light commercial cardio trainer, and it carries a three-year whole-machine warranty for home use.

Best Bowflex Max Trainer for 2018

Save time and feel fantastic! Bowflex Max Trainers are built for intense yet joint-friendly exercise. Like treadmills, they let you run indoors… but like elliptical trainers, they also provide adjustable resistance and minimize shock to your body. Also like ellipticals, Max Trainers have moving handlebars… but their upper-body exercise is even more effective at blasting calories. These unique fitness machines bring results quickly, letting you cut your exercise time in half. With 14-minute workouts three or four times per week, you can expect to see results in the mirror in under a month.

The Max Trainer M7 ($2,199 on sale) is the best Bowflex Max Trainer for 2018, being the top model in its series. It has the most programming of any Max Trainer, supplying built-in options and having programs available through the Bowflex mobile app. The M7 is also the only Max Trainer to support four user profiles, making it the best choice for shared use. Its programming adapts to each user profile to make customized workout suggestions.

Quality is high from top to bottom on the Bowflex M7, with impressive features such as multi-grip handlebars and stainless steel pedals. The machine is protected by a three year “bumper to bumper” warranty. Factory-direct it also carries a six-week money back guarantee.

In sum, the Bowflex Max Trainer M7 is a favorite match for time-efficient exercise with low strain and customized guidance. It’s a top choice for cross training at home in 2018 and beyond.

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