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NordicTrack Vault Review

Quick Take

In a slight departure from their usual types of equipment, the NordicTrack Vault is the latest entrant into the booming segment of fitness mirrors. Fitness mirrors that stream instructor-led video workouts are a relatively new trend in the space, but one that seems to be catching on quite quickly. The idea is simple. Posing as an alternative to in-gym workouts with a personal trainer, the NordicTrack Vault gives its users access to a huge catalogue of training options including strength training, high intensity interval training, yoga, and plenty more. The unit comes with a 30-Day iFIT Family Membership (the provider of all of the aforementioned training), and after this a monthly subscription will cost you $39 per month for a family membership, and $180/year for an individual membership.


So, what is a fitness mirror, you might wonder? At a most basic level, think of it as a massive 32″ iPad with built-in storage. The Nordictrack Vault is built like a 6-foot tall armoire, 14 inches deep, with storage for all of your basic workout gear. When buying the fully loaded “Vault Complete” kit (priced at $2,999 plus delivery), the unit comes with a yoga mat, blocks, three loop bands, three resistance bands, dumbbells (5lb to 30lb pairs), and two kettlebells (20lb and 30lb). Its front panel is a full-sized mirror that hides its HD touchscreen display for when you’re ready for your workouts. This design is quite slick, and one that will appeal to those who love the idea of access to a proper workout without cluttering a room with conventional fitness equipment.


Per our chat with Nordictrack’s PR department, the current lineup of workout includes 158 workout sessions, with the obvious intent to continue expanding as they deliver the Vault to market (currently in Pre-order, with deliveries anticipated in late February). These classes are split up into 4 key categories, including strength, yoga, recovery/mobility/stretching, and HIIT workout types. Within said categories, the workouts are broken down further, by skill level—beginner, beginner/intermediate, intermediate, inter/advanced, and advanced. As the unit comes available for testing, we’ll be taking a closer look at how these classes break down, and how they stack up against things like Mirror and the very similar Tempo Fit units.


For now, what we do know is that the 32-inch screen makes up a good portion of its 60 by 22 inch mirror. We know that it offers Bluetooth connectivity (we assume for heart rate monitoring and/or BT headphones). we also know that it was designed for the mirror to be able to swivel at a significant arc, which is another solid improvement over its competition. Its other competitors are designed to be static, so once you’ve picked a position you’re mostly stuck with it. While Mirror leans up against a wall or gets wall mounted, the A-frame setup of Tempo is a touch more flexible, though also a pain in the butt to move around when it’s loaded with weights and other gear.


The big question for us comes down to cost. An empty Vault will run you $1,999, and a “Complete” version with weights and whatnot is a full thousand dollars more. We went through this exercise when reviewing Fightcamp—the interactive training boxing setup—and found that you could easily acquire your own boxing gear for less money than what the package had on offer. In the case of the NordicTrack Vault, the math is a little closer, but still a little lopsided. Assuming that you currently have no workout gear in the house whatsoever, a similar dumbbell set will run you between $500 and $600. From there, it’s hard to imagine that resistance bands, a yoga mat, and yoga blocks could add up to $400 or more. We’ll admit there’s something to be said for just being able to get everything you need in one fell swoop—we get that—but if you’re up for a brief bit of shopping through Amazon we have no doubt that you could save at least a couple hundred dollars to end up with equal-level equipment.


Compact design
Great instructors
Great for small spaces
Bluetooth connectivity
Reputable brand


Limited courses for now (158 total)

Warranty Details

There is a 10-year warranty for the frame, 2-year warranty for the parts and a 1-year labor warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What sort of workouts are offered on the NordictTrack Vault?
A: Training options include strength training, yoga, recovery, stretching, HIIT, and others.
Q: Where can I buy the Nordictrack Vault?
A: The NordicTrack Vault is available for pre-order on the brand's website, and will start delivering in late February 2021.
Q: Do I have to buy my own weights to use the NordicTrack Vault?
A: You can use your own equipment, or buy the fully loaded Vault Complete, which comes with weights and other goodies.


This is definitely an interesting one, and the jury is still out as to whether or not it will stick. If you’re used to working out with a trainer, and haven’t been able due to COVID or other personal constraints, the Vault offers a pleasant alternative without having to drag yourself to the gym. It’s more cost effective than a personal trainer, and while it doesn’t quite have the same personalized touch, it’s a solid solution that many will appreciate. If you’re outside of this particular niche, or looking to stay on more of a budget, you’re likely better suited looking at iFit enabled treadmills and exercise bikes, as those will also have full-body workouts as part of their programming.

Rating: 88%

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