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Elliptical Ratings

Want to see our proprietary elliptical rating algorithm in action? We spend hours rating each elliptical to help you find the perfect one, and this page is kept up to date with every model we have ever reviewed, sorted by rating.

Curious about our ratings? Here’s how we rate each elliptical:

  1. Research specs, features, warranties, user reviews and expert reviews
  2. Compile all data from personal tests, retailers, reviewers and manufacturers to minimize bias
  3. Enter data to determine fairly-weighted expected values for Reviews, Specs & Features, and Quality
  4. Compute an overall rating using our custom-written algorithm to summarize all results in simple form (0-100%)
  5. Give you the easy-to-read rating so you don’t have to spend hours researching like we do!

Check out the ratings for every elliptical we have reviewed so far: