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Diamondback 1280ef

Diamondback 1280ef

Rating: 92.5%

Diamondback 1260Ef Review

This product has been discontinued

Quick Summary

The Diamondback 1260Ef is a best buy among high quality ellipticals for home use.

Meant to suit almost anyone, it has excellent biomechanics, a wide range of resistance, and varied workout programming that’s easy to personalize.

Main specs include a 19” elliptical path, power incline settings up to 28 degrees, and 15 program slots.

This Diamondback elliptical has a web sale price of $2299 or less including delivery.

Learn more about this popular cross trainer from FitRated’s full 1260Ef review below.

Our Rating

Rating: 91.5/100. The Diamondback 1260Ef Elliptical is a wonderfully ergonomic fitness machine that sculpts the whole body during cardio training. Priced above $2000, it costs more than the average front drive home elliptical yet is a better value for most families. During daily use you’ll appreciate its mix of comfort and effectiveness. Over time you’ll find that it holds up better than cheap competitors, plus it has enough force to keep you challenged at higher and higher fitness levels.

Diamondback built the 1260Ef with a 19” long stride. This length is just right for most teenagers and adults, plus it can be adjusted for superior muscle toning. The pedals have power incline with ten settings from 7 to 28 degrees. With each adjustment of the incline, the muscles in your lower body work in different ways. At the lowest settings you’ll exert more effort with your calves. As the angle increases, you’ll trigger more muscle fibers higher up in your legs and glutes. You can also choose from a wide range of magnetic resistance with settings from 1 to 20. The choices are appropriate for newcomers through advanced elliptical users.

Workout programming includes five cardio trainer classics such as hill climb and interval training. Additionally the 1260Ef has three unique cross training programs and five interactive heart rate workouts. Including two user-designed workout programs, there are 15 menu items total.

This residential elliptical trainer is hefty and not a portable model. Featuring a welded steel frame and heavy flywheel, it weighs more than 200 pounds. It also requires a good amount of dedicated floor space; this machine doesn’t fold. Get the details below from our list of pros and cons.


  • 19” stride
  • Ten levels of incline up to 28 degrees
  • 15 workout programs
  • 20 resistance levels to suit all trainees
  • Accurate workout data
  • Two user profiles
  • Wireless heart rate receiver & chest strap
  • Grip heart rate monitor
  • 325-pound user weight capacity
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Long track record of reliable performance
  • Military discount available (Save 10%)


  • Assembly instructions aren’t user-friendly
  • Needs at least 77” x 28” of floor space for safe operation and isn’t a folding elliptical
  • Does not support on-board entertainment (no music speakers, media rack or web connection)
  • Uses a power cord; for comparison, some ellipticals harness user energy to be “green”
  • Diamondback customer service is sometimes slow


The 1260Ef is the only front drive elliptical trainer from Diamondback Fitness, a company that also builds recumbent ellipticals and indoor bikes. For years the 1260Ef has satisfied Diamondback customers as a comfortable, durable and effective cross trainer for the whole body. Main qualities to note are a natural-feeling 19” stride, a power incline for extra cardio challenge and muscle sculpting, and above average program variety to support different sorts of workout goals.

Workout Programs

This Diamondback elliptical supports two user profiles. The console arrives with 13 preset workout programs and lets each user add customized workout routines.
The preset workouts include these five gym classics:

  • Manual
  • Interval
  • Hill Climb
  • Sprint
  • Random

Another five preset programs interact with your heart rate to control the machine’s resistance. These programs are named:

  • Target HR
  • HR Interval
  • Fat Burner
  • HR Hill
  • Cardio

Another three programs are grouped as “cross training” although technically all elliptical workouts are cross training (cardio plus strength). These elliptical workout programs are called:

  • Glute Builder
  • Quad Builder
  • Total Trainer

Finally, two users can each save two custom-made programs to the console.

Diamondback 1260Ef Elliptical Features

Diamondback elliptical frames are forged from heavy-duty steel. For stability and low maintenance they have sealed bearings. The frame for the Diamondback in this review has a five-year warranty plus a limited lifetime guarantee.

The handlebars for this trainer move with resistance to allow whole-body cross training. The handgrips are padded for comfort.

To allow natural-feeling striding this Diamondback elliptical has an adjustable 19” long elliptical path. The pedals have very little space between them, which helps ensure hip comfort during exercise.

The footpath has 10 incline settings up to 28 degrees. Using the incline not only helps shape lean muscle, but also triggers a faster metabolic rate to maximize results from your workout time.

Besides changing the workout intensity via incline, you can choose from 20 levels of flywheel resistance. The resistance range ensures that virtually anyone using this trainer will get an ideal challenge.

The workout program display is a classic LED with green dot matrix lighting. Data shown are time, segment time, speed, RPM, distance, watts, level, incline, % of maximum heart rate, calories, calories per minute, and heart rate.

Heart rate can be monitored wirelessly with a chest strap (included) or with sensors built into the handlebars.

Dimensions for the whole machine are 69.5” long x 27.5” wide x 65” high.

Warranty & Guarantee

The Diamondback 1260Ef elliptical warranty includes:

– Frame: Lifetime
– Mechanical parts: 3 Years
– Electronics: 3 Years
– Wear items: 90 days
– Labor: 1 Year

Diamondback Fitness includes a 30-day money back guarantee with their elliptical trainers.


The Diamondback 1260Ef Elliptical performs much like a light commercial trainer and tends to hold up well in home gyms. Its best setting might be a workout room equipped with a TV or sound system, as the 1260Ef is engineered for impressive physical performance and doesn’t add expense with flashy digital extras. Overall this cross trainer is recommended for its ergonomics and durability, its diverse workout guidance, and its ability to train just about anyone at the perfect challenge level.

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